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Wolfsberg (Calenberg Land)

In Wolfsberg is located just 1 kilometre North-North-East from Sullberg is located to the East of the ridge of the Deister in Central Germany uplands. It rises about 13 miles South-South-West from the centre of Hanover, in the town of Springe and ...


Kleiner Wurzelnberg

Kleiner Wurzelnberg rises to a height of 610 m above NN in the Harz mountains of Germany, 3.7 km northeast of Cyber in the district of göttingen, in Lower Saxony. It forms a rounded top on one of the ridges to the South of the Acker, which is the ...



In Bakelberg, 18 metres above sea level, is the highest point on the Fischland. It is located in Ahrenshoop, in the County of Vorpommern-rügen in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


Diedrichshagener Berg

In Diedrichshagener Berg, at 129.8 meters, is the highest point on the forest ridge Kuhlung in the northeastern German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is located in the district of Rostock, only about South-East from the Bay of Mecklenburg, Sout ...


Aschberg (Schleswig-Holstein)

On the Aschberg hill, 98 m above sea level, in the natural Park Hutten Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. In good weather the view reaches the Baltic sea. Nature Park path that connects the five nature parks in Schleswig-Holstein for vagrants, run by A ...



In Bungsberg is the highest point in the Northern German land Schleswig-Holstein). It is located in the region known as Holstein Switzerland in the municipality of Schonwalde I am Bungsberg between Scheelholz and Monchsneversdorf. In Bungsberg te ...


Segeberger Kalkberg

How kalkberg is a 91-metre-high rock in the centre of bad Segeberg. The name is a misnomer as it is not made of limestone, and gypsum.


Stollberg (North Frisia)

At 43.4 metres above sea level, the Stollberg is the fourth highest hill in the district of North Frisia in Northern Germany, after Sandesberg near K. ostenfeld in the Uwe dune in Kampen Auf Sylt and Rantzauhohe in the Langenberg South of the vil ...


Birkenberg (Ohm Hills)

In Birkenberg, to 533.4 m above sea level, is the highest point in th mountains. It is located in the County of Eichsfeld, North of Thuringia, Germany.


Heydauer Berg

In Heydaer Berg between Ilmenau and Plaue in Thuringia district ILM-Kreis hill ridge Reinsberge, which reaches its high point in Halskappe which 605.4 m above sea level, shortly before the more famous Reinsburg.


Hopfenberg (Waltershausen)

In hopfenberg is a wooded hill near winterstein in the district offices in Munich, in the County of Gotha in the German state of Thuringia. With a height of 536.1 m above NN in hopfenberg is forms the Eastern boundary of the EMS valley in the mun ...



In Hulfensberg 448 m high, heavily wooded mountain in the municipality Geismar in the district of Eichsfeld, Thuringia, Germany. The mountain was a place of pilgrimage since the late middle Ages, and on top of a Church containing a 12th-century c ...


Poppenberg (Harz)

In poppenberg is no tree on the hill East of Ilfeld in the Harz mountains in Germany, with a height of 601 meters. Since 1897, there has been a 33 metre steel lattice observation tower on the top. The tower was built in the Nordhausen branch of t ...


Manghopir Hills

Manghopir hills are between Sindh Karachi district and Lasbela district of Balochistan in Pakistan. The hills in Karachi are the creations of the kirthar range. The highest point of these hills in Karachi is about 528m in the far North. All these ...


Cerkno Hills


Jabal Buhays


English mountains and hills navigational boxes


Northern Ireland mountains and hills navigational boxes


Carnedd Gwenllian

Carnedd Gwenllian is a minor peak Carneddau in Snowdonia, Wales and is the Welsh 3000-AMI. From the top views of the North may spread as far as Ireland and the Isle of man, and to the South as far as the Berwyn ranges. It lies between foel FRAS a ...


Crib Goch

Crib Goch is described as a knife-edged’ arete in the Snowdonia National Park in Gwynedd, Wales. The name means red ridge in the Welsh language. The highest point on the arête is 923 metres 3.028 feet above sea level. All trails that allow you to ...


Elidir Fawr

Elidir Fawr is a mountain in Snowdonia, North Wales, the northernmost peaks of the Glyderau. To the North of the summit is a small lake, Marchlyn MAWR, the upper reservoir for Dinorwig power station, a pump-storage power station hidden inside the ...



Foel-FRAS is a mountain in the range Carneddau, about 10 km East of Bethesda in North Wales. It is located on the border between the counties of Suffolk and Conwy. With a growth height of at 944m it is officially the eleventh highest summit in Wa ...


Glyder Fach

Sedan Glyder is a mountain in Snowdonia, North West Wales, and is the second largest of the Glyderau and the sixth place in Wales. Routes to the summit lead from Tryfan and bristly ridge to the North, via Glyder Fawr from Pen-y-pass to the South, ...


Pen yr Ole Wen

Pen yr OLE Wen is the seventh highest mountain in Snowdonia in Wales. It is the southernmost of a series of Carneddau. The mountain is located to the North of Indala cottage hostel on the A5 road, from where it has a pyramidal appearance. It can ...


Y Garn (Glyderau)

From Garnier is a mountain in Snowdonia, North Wales, part of the Glyderau. This is one of the Welsh 3000 - s - 15 summits in Wales over 3.000 feet in height. This is the tenth highest peak in Wales. Moderate snow accumulations can take place on ...


Yr Elen

G. Elen is a mountain in the range Carneddau in Snowdonia, Wales. This is the ninth highest mountain in Snowdonia. The average annual temperature peak is around 4 Celsius. It is located on a short ridge pH from the North-East to South-West ridge ...


Beacon Hill, Leicestershire

Beacon hill, near Loughborough in Leicestershire, England, is a popular country Park. It is one of several beacon hills in the United Kingdom. It is part of beacon hill, Hangingstone and the Outwoods site of special scientific interest.



Cleehill is a village in South Shropshire, England. It is sometimes written as the village of clee hill, to avoid confusion. It is located in the parish of Caynham. The market town of Ludlow and Cleobury Mortimer are within 5.5 miles of Ludlow to ...


Lickey Hills

Dinner ridge of hills in Worcestershire, England, 11 miles South-West from the centre of Birmingham near the villages of Faces, Cofton Hackett and barnt green. The hills are a popular Country Park area and they have a panoramic view over much of ...


Islands of British Crown Dependencies


Islands of British Overseas Territories


Islands of the Collectivity of Saint Martin


Outlying Islands, Hong Kong

The outlying Islands refers to all the Islands that make up the territory of Hong Kong except Hong Kong island. There are 263 Islands over 500 m 2 in Hong Kong, the vast majority of which are located within the boundaries of the new territories a ...


Tai Lei

Tai-lei, also known as tai lei Chau is a small island located near the island of Peng Chau in Hong Kong. The island is connected to Peng Chau bridge. The bridge leading to the island is a popular fishing spot for residents of Peng Chau.


Tai Tau Chau (Southern District)

Tai Tau Chau is an island in southern district, Hong Kong. Geographically, it is located in the southern part of Hong Kong island. It is connected to Shea on the Cape bridge and gravelbar below it. The island itself is uninhabited.


Hei Ling Chau


Po Toi Islands


Turneffe Atoll

Turneffe Atoll is located to the South-East of the island of ambergris Caye and Caye caulker sand volleyball court, off the coast of Belize in Central America, 20 miles from Belize city. This is one of the atolls of the Belize Barrier reef, along ...



Suvorov Atoll-an island in the Northern group of the cook Islands in the South Pacific ocean. It is about 1.300 km South of the equator and 930 km North-North-West of the capital Rarotonga.


And Atoll


St. François Atoll

The Arctic and small island takes its name from the French word bijoutier, meaning "jeweller". The island area is 0.03 square miles 0.01 square miles. The island can only be reached by boat during high tide. The island is small enough that it onl ...


Islands of Lake Argyle

Islands in lake Argyle is an extensive group of Islands in lake Argyle, created by damming the ord river on the ORD river in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. There are about 70 Islands with official names, including most of the large Is ...


Lake islands of Alberta


Lake islands of British Columbia


Lake islands of Manitoba


Lake islands of Ontario


Lake islands of Quebec


Lake islands of Saskatchewan


Kamuishu Island


Usingo Island

This island is still uninhabited, unlike its neighbor, the densely populated island of Migingo. The island is home to goats and egrets that live as cimarrones. Only one family lives on the island in recent years because of overcrowding on the nei ...

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