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Rural Districts of Tehran Province


Ardabil Province

The province of Ardabil is one of the thirty one provinces of Iran. It is located on the North-West of the country, near 3, on the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan, the provinces of Zanjan and Gilan. Its administrative center is the city of ...


East Azerbaijan Province

Province of East Azerbaijan is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. It is located in Iranian Azerbaijan, on the border with Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Ardabil province, West Azerbaijan province, and Zanjan province. The Capital Of East Azerbaij ...


Politics of East Azerbaijan Province


Nowruz Khani

Nowruz Khani, or singing at the Nowruz tradition Gilani, which in the last days before the Persian New year, people walk in the doors of their neighbors and sing songs about the impending coming of spring. According to this tradition, people hold ...


Politics of Gilan Province


Three Golden Lines


Zanjan Province

In Zanjan province is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. Located in Iranian Azerbaijan with a predominantly Azerbaijani population. it is part of Irans regions 3. Its capital is the city of Zanjan. In Zanjan province with an area 36.400 km2 has a m ...


Choman District

Choman is a district in the province of Erbil. Its administrative center is also called Choman. Choman district lies on the Iraqi-Iranian border. The district consists of four districts of galala, Haji Omeran, Samilan and Qasre, and about 166 vil ...


Koy Sinjaq District

Koy Sanjaq district is a district in Iraq, this area encommpass five subareas Shorash, Ashti, Segrdkan and Taqtaq, which is adjacent to the East and South by lesser Zab river, which separates it from the governorate of Kirkuk and Sulaymaniyah, an ...


Mergasor District

Mergasor district is a district in the Northern province of Erbil in North Iraqi Kurdistan. The administrative center is the city of Mergasor. The district includes five subdistricts Barzan, Goratu, bled, Piran and Shirawan Mezn, With a total of ...


Rawanduz District


Shaqlawa District

Shaqlawa district is a district in the province of Erbil, Iraq. This area includes three sub-districts Hiran, Salahaddinin and Hareer, and 210 villages. It is 50 km from Erbil city


Soran District

Soran is a district of the province of Erbil, Kurdistan region in Iraq, bordering Iran and Turkey. Its main town is Diana, which is also called Soran. The Kurdish settlement in the region before the establishment of the Sassanid Empire. King Arda ...


Dohuk District

Dohuk district-a district in the Central governorates of Dahuk in Kurdistan in Northern Iraq. The administrative center is the city of Dohuk.


Zakho District

Zakho district is a district in the northwestern province of Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan. Zakho city is the administrative centre.


Al-Hindiya District

Al hindiya district-district of the governorate of Karbala, Iraq. The largest city al-al hindiya, East of Karbala, Iraq. The Hindiya barrage on the North of the district controls flooding and diverts water from the Euphrates to the irrigation cha ...


Sinjar District

Sinjar district is a district of the Ninawa province. District location town of Sinjar. The district has two subdistricts, al-Shemal, and al-Caravane. The district is one of the two main settlements of Yezidis, another Shekhan district.


Dohuk Governorate


Halabja Governorate


Sulaymaniyah Governorate


2020 Iranian attack on U.S. forces in Iraq

8 Jan 2020, in the framework of the military operation, codenamed Operation Martyr Soleimani, Iran, the Islamic revolutionary guards Corps launched numerous ballistic missiles in the ain al-Asad airbase in Anbar province, Western Iraq, as well as ...


Piran, Iraq


Segrdkan, Iraq

Segrdkan is a town in the province of Erbil in Iraq. It is located 75 km South-East of Erbil and is located 60 km South-West of the town of Koy Sinjaq.


Warte, Iraq

Warta is a town in Erbil governorate, Kurdistan in Iraq. It is located 36 km from the town of Rawanduz is located 30 km from the town of wounding.


Townlands of County Galway


Townlands of County Kilkenny


Townlands of County Limerick


Balrothery East


Balrothery West


Castleknock (barony)




Newcastle (County Dublin barony)


Rathdown, County Dublin



Cruagh is a parish in the Barony of Uppercross in South Dublin, Ireland. It contains the townlands of Cruagh, Killakee, Tibradden, Glendoo, Newtown, Jamestown, Woodtown and Orlagh. It is situated South of Ballyboden on the r116 regional roads.





Palmerstown is a civil parish and suburb in South Dublin, Ireland. It is located about 8 km West of Dublin city centre. The area is bounded on the North by the Liffey, to the West of Lucan, to the South Ballyfermot and to the East of the village ...


Taney, Dublin


Civil parishes of Newcastle, County Dublin


Civil parishes of Rathdown, County Dublin


Civil parishes of Uppercross


Civil parishes of the barony of Castleknock


Civil parishes of the barony of Coolock


Places in Dun Laoghaire–Rathdown


Places in Fingal


Places in South Dublin (county)



Ballsbridge is a thriving district of the city of Dublin, capital of Ireland. The plot is situated mainly to the North and West of three-arch stone bridge over the river dodder on the South side of the city. The sign on the bridge still proclaims ...



Ballygall foreigners") is a small suburban area located between Glasnevin and Finglas on the Northside of Dublin city, Ireland. It is also a townland is divided between the civil parish of Finglas and Glasnevin parish. It was settled by Vikings i ...


Beggars Bush, Dublin

Beggars Bush the former beggars Bush barracks on Haddington road in the inner southern suburbs of Dublin, in Ireland, and also in the vicinity and in the nearby pub. The barracks was bounded to the East by Shelbourne road, which used to be West B ...



Poppintree, is in the area of the large outer suburb of ballymun, Dublin, Ireland. It is bordered by glasnevin and Finglas. The area includes Poppintree Park. in Poppintree sports complex and Ireland only IKEA store is located to the East in the ...

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