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Almara is a village in Khost province, Afghanistan. It was the birthplace of the chieftain Zadian Babrak Khan, and the winter home of his son, Mazrak bullied. A report in 1980 described residents Almara as the people who thought it polite to curt ...


Ak Tapa

AK TAP is a village located on the road from Kunda Gazar to Hazrat Imam. It is about 10 miles from Hazrat Imam, and at the turn of the twentieth century, stored 25 Uzbek families.


Baraki Rajan

Baraki Rajan, a town in the district of Baraki Barak Logar province, Afghanistan. Baraki Rajan is located about 3 km South from the town of Baraki Barak, in the capital in the district of Baraki Barak. Baraki Rajan is the largest Bazaar in the di ...


Shamsa Pur

Shamsa PUR is a village in the Surkh-rod district, Nangarhar province, Afghanistan located about 5 km downstream from Zargaran. In the South it is bordered by the Kara Khushkak to wash and Surkh Rod river to the North. The community owns the land ...



Chakhansur is a city in South-West Afghanistan near the Iranian border. It is the center of the Chakhansur district of the province of Nimruz. Chakhansur is a principal town of a Large Khashrud Delta oasis in the North-Eastern province of Sistan.


Gulakai Kot (Shergol Kot)

Gulakai cat is in a remote village in Afghanistan. It is located in the Shwak district, in the Eastern province of Paktia. It belongs to the tribe of the Shin bet Hel, one of the five main tribes rode up.


Qila Niazi

Qila Niyazi is a village located approximately 4 km North of the city of Gardez, capital of Paktia province, Afghanistan. It is approximately 135 kilometers South of Kabul. It was an ancient fortified belonging to Niyazi tribal chiefs who married ...


Gulbahar, Afghanistan

This war-torn area that was the battlefield between different forces in different eras, is located half in the province of Parwan, and the other half in Kapisa province. In the section, which is located in Kapisa province is a major textile compa ...



Istālif is a village about 29 kilometres North-West of Kabul, Afghanistan, located at an altitude of 1.693 meters. It is the center of Istalif district, Kabul province, Afghanistan. The village was destroyed during a long war around Kabul. There ...



Samangan is a provincial town, medieval caravan stop, and the headquarters of the Samangan province in the district of the same name in Northern Afghanistan. As an ancient town and major Buddhist centre on 4th and 5th centuries under the Kushan r ...


Ab Bazan

AB Bazan is a village situated on the right Bank of the river Kokcha in Afghanistan. It is about 15 miles North of Kalafghan and about 20 miles North-West of Casma.



Anjir is a village in Afghanistan, about seven miles South of Chayab. At the turn of the 20th century, there were about 40 families. There are roads there leading to Yang Kala at the Anjirak pass, as well as another road to Daung and Ragh.


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Villages of Berat County


Villages of Diber County


Villages of Durres County


Villages of Elbasan County


Villages of Fier County


Villages of Gjirokaster County





Lliar is a small village in the district of vlorë in southern Albania. In 2015, the reform of local government became part of the municipality of Libohove. Orthodox Church in honor of Prelate Nikolay is located in the village.


Villages of Korçe County




Villages of Kukes County


Villages of Lezhe County


Kodhel, Lezhe

Kodheli is a small village located in the heart of the plain of Zadrima, in the County of Lezha Northwest of Albania. Kodheli is located between the city of lezhë to the South of Shkoder in the North, at the distance of 14 km from first and 20 km ...


Villages of Shkoder County


Villages of Tirana County


Villages of Vlore County



Kallarat-in Kurveleshi Poshtem village, municipality of Himara, district of Vlora, Albania. It is located in South-West Albania, 24 km, near the Ionian sea.


El Menia District


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