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Thessaloniki-a city in South-Western Poland with 33.029 residents. It is situated in lower Silesian Voivodeship. It is the seat of oława County and the smaller administrative district of gmina oława.



For similarly named villages, see Olesno, Lesser Poland Voivodeship and Olesno. Gniezno is a town in Opole voivodship, Poland about 42 kilometres North-East of Opole. It is the capital of Olesno County and seat of gmina Olesno.


Buildings and structures in Gorlitz


Hoyerswerda railway station

Train station Hoyerswerda railway station is located in Hoyerswerda, Germany. The station is located in Wegliniec–RoSlau line and operated by station&amp DB services.


Orthodox Church of the Holy Virgin, Hope, Luby and their mother Zofia (Sosnowiec)

The Orthodox Church of STS. Faith, Hope, and Loy and their mother Sophia in Sosnowiec – the only one of the three Orthodox churches in Sosnowiec. It is located on Calle 39 to Jan kilinski. It is the parish Church. It is part of a deacon of the di ...


The District Court and prison in Cieszyn

District court in Cieszyn, built in the style of historicism in 1905, located in Garncarska 8, on the corner of Garncarska street and Brave, Cieszyn, Poland. The courthouse and prison are registered as historical monuments under the registration ...


Saints Peter and Paul Church, Prudnik

Saints Peter and Paul in kraków, Poland, is a brick Church, part of the Roman Catholic diocese of Opole. It is located on Piastowska street. The Church belongs to a religious order of brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God. The architect of the ...


St. Joseph Church, Prudnik

Church. Joseph in Prudnik, Poland, is a brick Church, part of the Roman Catholic diocese of Opole. It is located on Jozefa street Poniatowski. The Church was built in 1866. It was partially destroyed during the battle of Prudnik in 1945. Archbish ...


St. Michaels Church, Prudnik

Church. Michaels in Prudnik, Poland, is a brick Church in Baroque style, part of the Roman Catholic diocese of Opole. It is located in the southern part of the Old town on the Cathedral square.



Hedehusene is a suburban town located on the railway line between Copenhagen and Roskilde in the capital region of Denmark. It has absorbed villages and Baldersbronde Flong and almost merged with the Eastern Trekroner Roskildes district to the We ...




Malling, Denmark

Malling is situated only 5 km 3.1 km from the sea, surrounded by hills, the soil samples and plots of forests and meadows. In the village there is a railway town and the railway station was one of the key elements in Mallings original growth from ...





Tirstrup-a town in Eastern Jutland, Denmark. As of January 1, 2019, the city has a population of 499. Tirstrup is located 44 kilometers from Aarhus and 18 kilometers from Grenaa. The town is home to Aarhus airport. Tirstrup is located in the Sydd ...



Vemb is a little town in West Jutland, Denmark with a population of 1.265. The town is close to nissum fjord and Storå. Vemb also has a station on the railway line between Herning and Holstebro. Nørre of Vosborg, manors, surrounded by a fortified ...



Klitmoller is a Danish town in the municipality of Thisted, Northern Jutland. Klitmoller population of 1.012. The town is situated 11 km southwest of hanstholm and 18 km Northwest of Thisted. Earlier it was a small fishing village, but windy and ...



Lonstrup is a small town in the North of Denmark, vendsyssel, on the coast of Skagerrak. It is located in Northern Jutland, Hjørring municipality and is an old fishing village, with a population of 558. This area is known for its ever-changing co ...








Svenstrup, Aalborg Municipality

Svenstrup is a town in Aalborg municipality with a population of 7.366, region Nordjylland in Denmark. It is located 10 km South of Aalborgs city centre and 3 km South from the southern outskirts of the city. The town has a railway station that w ...



Westberg is a town and a satellite community just outside Aalborg, Denmark. Located approximately 11 km North of Aalborgs city centre, it belongs to the municipality of Aalborg in North Jutland. Westberg the population of 2.896.


Ejby, Lejre Municipality

Ejby is located at the base of Hornsherred, in the South-Western corner of the Peninsula, near the South-Eastern coast of the isefjord between Holbaek and Roskilde.



Headrope a small railway town located on the border between Solrod and Roskilde municipalities, approximately 30 km South-West of Copenhagen, Denmark. Station headrope is just South of the railroad line between Roskilde and køge. Headrope had a p ...



Jyllinge is a town located on the Eastern shore of Roskilde fjord, halfway between Roskilde and Frederikssund, municipality of Roskilde, about 40 km West of Copenhagen, Denmark. Originally a fishing village is surrounded by single-family detached ...



Karise is the main town of Karise parish in the municipality of faxe, region syddanmark in South-Eastern Denmark. Karise town with a population of 2.425) Karise is mentioned in 1261, when Peder Olufsen, a local Lord, in his will donated 12 marks ...



Mern is a village with a population of 1.030 located in Vordingborg municipality, region Zealand in Denmark. The village is a former railway town at the næstved-Præsto-Mern railroad which was closed in 1961.



Rorvig surrounded by water on three sides: in the North-West, in the East channel leading to Isefjord, and to the South is Roskilde. There is a small fishing industry, as well as a Marina for pleasure craft. The pier is great for catching crayfis ...



Stensved is a city with a population of 1.564, located in South Zealand, Denmark. It is a satellite town in Vordingborg. The city is part of the municipality of Vordingborg. Stensved was already inhabited in the iron age, which extended from 1200 ...



Undlose is the main village Undlose parish, located about 17 km South-West of the city centre in the municipality of Holbæk in northernwest Zealand, Denmark. As of January 1, 2019, it has a population of 1.156. The Church Undlose and Baroque prin ...


Almen Kirkegård

The Almen Kirkegård meaning General cemetery at Aalborg, in Denmark is located in a quiet and green area. This is one of three cemeteries in the municipality of the city Aalborg, Hasserisgade street; the other two in the South cemetery in Blomste ...


Architecture of Aarhus

Architecture Aarhus includes many architectural styles and works from the Middle ages to the present day. Aarhus has a well-preserved medieval center of the city with the oldest homes built in the mid-1500s and some Church buildings such as the C ...


Districts of Aarhus


History of Aarhus


Infrastructure in Aarhus


Music in Aarhus


Navigational boxes of Aarhus


Politics in Aarhus



Skibstrup is a village located on the coast between helsingør and Hornbæk in North Zealand, Denmark. In the village, now merged with Hellebæk-Ålsgårde on the East. It is bordered on the West by Hornbæk Plantage.


Buildings and structures in Hjorring


Buildings and structures in Thisted



Paradero is a small town in Valverde Dominican Republic in the North-West of the country. Some 102 miles North-West of Santo Domingo, the capital of the country.


Santo Domingo Metro stations


Principal, Ecuador

Main, Ecuador is a small village located in the furthest reaches of the Canton of chordeleg with, part of the province of Azuay. There is a local government Autonimo Descentralizado or reptile that oversees public relations, information centre an ...


Salinas de Guaranda

Salinas de Guaranda, also known as Salinas de Tomabela is Ecuadorian village at an altitude of 3550 m in the Andes in the province of Bolivar. It is known for its solidarity-based economy and co-operative companies that produce cheese, chocolate, ...


El Angel, Ecuador

Indian settlements were affirmed in connection with the ceramic remains found in the sector of Las Tres Tolas. In 1851, El angel became a ward of the Canton of Tulcan. Of the twentieth century, the new road infrastructure of El angel in the direc ...



During the Spanish conquest of Ecuador, the city was named Sebastian de Belalcazar in San Pedro de Alausi, giving the city the name of the Saint of the day, coinciding with the founding of the city of Quito. Later the founding of the city was leg ...



Pallatanga is a place in Chimborazo, Ecuador. It is the seat of the Canton Pallatanga. The village is located in the foothills of the Andes, in the province of Chimborazo, Ecuador, about 2 and a half hours drive from Guayaquil, about 2 hours from ...




La Mana

La Mans is a city in the province of Cotopaxi in Ecuador. It is the seat of the Canton La Mana.La Mana is one of the seven Canton of the province of Cotopaxi in Ecuador. La Mans is not only Canton, but also the name of the main town. It has a tot ...

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