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Species listed in the World Register of Marine Species: Other types: Gyrodactylus dorlodoti. Gyrodactylus elegans von Nordmann, 1832. Gyrodactylus turnbulli. Gyrodactylus bios. (БИОС Gyrodactylus) Gyrodactylus benedeni.



Isancistrum is a genus of monogeneans in the family Gyrodactylidae. Unlike most monogeneans which are parasitic on fish or other vertebrates, species of Isancistrum are parasitic on squids.



according to PESI Pseudokuhnia Rohde & Watson, 1985. Pseudanthocotyloides Price, 1959. (Цена Pseudanthocotyloides, 1959) Grubea Diesing, 1858. Mazocraes Hermann, 1782. (Mazocraes Херманн, 1782) Ophicotyle Beneden & Hesse, 1863. Mazocraeoides Pric ...



Mazocraeidea is an order in the subclass Polyopisthocotylea within class Monogenea. Species of this order have different structure in the clamps on their posterior attachments, including additional sclerites in Gastrocotylidae and related familie ...



Triloculotrema. Dictyocotyle. Dasybatotrema. Clemacotyle. Mehracotyle. Cathariotrema. Septesinus. Calicotyle. Heterocotyle. Decacotyle. Heliocotyle. Papillocotyle. Monocotyle. Squalotrema. Myliocotyle. Dendromonocotyle. Mycteronastes. Anoplocotyl ...



Neobenedenia is a genus of monopisthocotylean monogenean flatworm parasites. The most common type, Neobenedenia melleni, causes of problematic disease in public aquariums. It was named in honor of ichthyologist IDA may 1877-1970 Mellen who worked ...



Paradiclybothrium is a genus of monogeneans in the family Diclybothriidae. It consists of one species, Paradiclybothrium pacificum Bychowski & Gusev, 1950.



Polyclithrum alberti Ernst, Whittington & Jones, 2000. Polyclithrum rodgersi Dmitrieva, Gerasev, Gibson, Pronkina & Galli, 2012. Polyclithrum mugilini Rogers, 1967. Polyclithrum boegeri Ernst, Whittington & Jones, 2000. Polyclithrum ponticum Gera ...



Potamotrygonocotyle is a genus of monogeneans that parasitise stingrays of the genus Potamotrygon. From 1981 the genus contained only one member, P. tsalickisi, until four new species were described in 2007.



Brueelia is a genus of lice in the family Philopteridae, containing the following species: Brueelia amandavae Rekasi & Saxena, 2005. Brueelia stenozona Kellogg & Shapman, 1902. Brueelia astrildae Tendeiro & Mendes, 1994. Bureelia cantans Sychra, ...



Campanulotes is a genus of lice in the disputed, probably paraphyletic, family Philopteridae, the chewing lice, or in the family Goniodidae. It is basically a kind of parasite on the birds. Some species in the genus may have been cases of coextin ...


Campanulotes elegans

Campanulotes elegans is a species of lice in the disputed, probably paraphyletic, family Philopteridae, the chewing lice, or in the family Goniodidae. He is a parasite on Phaps elegans, brush bronzewing, species of bird in the pigeon family endem ...



Cephenemyiini is a tribe within the family Oestridae which includes large flies, parasitic on deer and related ungulates. Tribe Cephenemyiini. (Племя Cephenemyiini) Genus Cephenemyia Latreille, 1818. C. apicata Bennett and Sabrosky, 1962. C. kapl ...



The Cuterebrinae, the robust bot flies, are a subfamily of Oestridae which includes large, parasitic flies, this group has historically been treated as a family, but all recent classifications place them firmly within the Oestridae. Both genera s ...



The Gasterophilinae are a subfamily of Oestridae which includes large, parasitic flies, this group has historically been treated as a family, but all recent classifications place them firmly within the Oestridae. Many members of this subfamily sp ...



The genus Haematomyzus includes three species of lice that differ so markedly from all other lice that they have been placed in a suborder of their own. These unusual lice are ectoparasites of elephants and warthogs. Their mouthparts are elongate ...



Hippoboscinae is a subfamily of the fly family Hippoboscidae. All are parasitic, and unlike some other members of the Hippoboscidae, all Hippoboscinae are winged species.



The Hypodermatinae are a subfamily of Oestridae. The Hypodermatinae include large parasitic flies, some of which are known as warble flies. The 9 genera in this subfamily typically spend their larval stages in the skin or soft tissues of mammals, ...



The Laemobothriidae are a family of a larger group Amblycera of the chewing lice. Most commonly they are ectoparasites of birds. The genera are sometimes all united in Laemobothrion.



Genus Lipoptena Nitzsch, 1818. L. capreoli Rondani, 1878. L. binoculus Speiser, 1908. L. depressa. (Л. депрессантов) L. cervi Linnaeus, 1758. L. axis Maa, 1969. L. chalcomleaena Speiser, 1904. L. couturieri Seguy, 1935. L. arianae Maa, 1969. L. d ...



Lusius is a genus of parasitoid wasps in the tribe Phaeogenini Forster, 1869 or Alomyini Forster, 1869, first described by Pierre Jules Tosquinet in 1903, published after his death. The genus is similar in appearance to species in the genus Heter ...


Lusius flummox

Lusius flummox is a parasitoid wasp found in Uganda and possibly Nigeria. The species is similar in appearance to Lusius tenuissimus, and the precise relationship between the species has yet to be determined. The etymology of the specific name is ...



Pediculus is a genus of sucking lice, the sole genus in the family Pediculidae. Pediculus species are ectoparasites of primates. Types include: Pediculus humanus Linnaeus, 1758 – the body louse. Pediculus clavicornis Nitzsch, 1864. Pediculus huma ...



The Philopteridae are a family of Ischnocera, chewing lice mostly parasitic on birds. Taxonomy and systematics of the group need to be revised, the Philopteridae are almost certainly paraphyletic.



The Ricinidae are a family of a larger group Amblycera of the chewing lice. Most commonly they are ectoparasites of birds. The family includes the genus Ricinus.


Trichogramma evanescens

Trichogramma evanescens is a parasitic wasps of Lepidoptera eggs. In the Philippines, this parasitoid has been used to eradicate the Asian Corn Borer, a pest of maize in East Asia. Some companies sell this insect in the pupal stage to be deposite ...


Trichogramma japonicum

Trichograma japonicum is a minute wasp or parasitoid which lays around 100.000 to 120.000 eggs during its life cycle. This is the best biological control method for the rice stem borer, which is the most common pest found in paddy wagons. Trichog ...



The following species are included in the genus, according to the World Register of Marine Species: Acanthogalea palinurichthydis Gibson, 1976. Acanthogalea gibsoni Gaevskaya, 1983.


Acanthotrema (trematode)

Acanthotrema felis Sohn, Han & Chai, 2003. Acanthotrema armatum Lafuente, Roca & Carbonell, 2000. Acanthotrema cursitans Holliman, 1961 Sohn, Han & Chai, 2003. Acanthotrema martini Sogandares-Bernal, 1959 Lafuente, Roca & Carbonell, 2000. Acantho ...



Pseudaephnidiogenes Yamaguti, 1971. (Pseudaephnidiogenes Ямагути 1971) Stegodexamene MacFarlane, 1951. (Stegodexamene Макфарлейн, 1951) Neolepocreadium Thomas, 1960. (Neolepocreadium Томас, 1960) Austroholorchis Bray & Cribb, 1997. Tetracerasta W ...



Allopodocotyle israelensis Fischthal, 1980 Bray, 1987. Allopodocotyle tamame Yamaguti, 1942 Pritchard, 1966. Allopodocotyle plectropomi Manter, 1963 Pritchard, 1966. Allopodocotyle manteri Saoud & Ramadan, 1984 Cribb, 2005. Allopodocotyle lethrin ...



Some species formerly in Anisoporus have been synonymised to other genera. They are: Anisoporus eucinostomi Manter, 1940, synonymised to Opecoeloides eucinostomi Manter, 1940 von Wicklen, 1946. Anisoporus manteri Hunninen & Cable, 1940, synonymis ...



Neosychnocotyle Snyder & Tkach, 2007. Lobatostoma Eckmann, 1932. (Lobatostoma Экмана, 1932) Aspidogaster Baer, 1827. (Aspidogaster Баер, 1827) Multicotyle Dawes, 1941. (Multicotyle Дауэса, 1941) Subfamily Aspidogastrinae Poche, 1907. Sychnocotyle ...



Austroholorchis levis Bray & Cribb, 1997. Austroholorchis procerus Bray, Cribb & Pichelin, 1999. Austroholorchis sprenti Gibson, 1987 Bray & Cribb, 1997.



Bathycreadium elongata Maillard, 1970 Bray, 1973. Bathycreadium biscayense Bray, 1973. Bathycreadium nanaflexicolle Dronen, Rubec & Underwood, 1977 emend. Perez-del-Olmo, Dallares, Carrasson & Kostadinova, 2014. Bathycreadium flexicollis Kabata, ...



Bentholebouria blatta Bray & Justine, 2009 Andres, Pulis & Overstreet, 2014. Bentholebouria colubrosa Andres, Pulis & Overstreet, 2014. Bentholebouria longisaccula Yamaguti, 1970 Andres, Pulis & Overstreet, 2014. Bentholebouria rooseveltiae Yamag ...



Biospeedotrema jolliveti Bray, Waeschenbach, Dyal, Littlewood & Morand, 2014. Biospeedotrema parajolliveti Bray, Waeschenbach, Dyal, Littlewood & Morand, 2014. Biospeedotrema biospeedoi Bray, Waeschenbach, Dyal, Littlewood & Morand, 2014.



Paucivitellosus Coil, Reid & Kuntz, 1965. Treptodemoides Shen & Qiu, 1995. Bivesiculoides Yamaguti, 1938. (Bivesiculoides Ямагути, 1938) Bivesicula Yamaguti, 1934. (Bivesicula Ямагути, 1934) Treptodemus Manter, 1961. (Treptodemus Мантер, 1961)



Brauninidae is a monotypic family of trematodes in the order Diplostomida. It consists of one genus, Braunina Heider, 1900, which consists of one species, Braunina cordiformis Wolf, 1903.



Bucephalidae is a family of trematodes that parasitize fish. They lack suckers, having instead a muscular organ called a "rhynchus" at the front end which they use to attach to their hosts. The characteristics of the rhynchus are used to help def ...



The Bucephaloidea are a superfamily of trematode flatworms, belonging to the large group Digenea. Many species are endoparasites of mollusks and fish. The name Bucephalus meaning "ox head" was originally applied to the genus Bucephalus because of ...



Cainocreadium is a genus of trematodes in the family Opecoelidae. It has been synonymised with Apopodocotyle Pritchard, 1966, Cainocreadoides Nagaty, 1956, and Emmettrema Caballero y Caballero, 1946.



Caudotestis spari Yamaguti, 1951. Caudotestis seychellensis Toman, 1992. Caudotestis opisthorchis Polyanski, 1955 Cribb, 2005. Caudotestis kerguelensis Prudhoe & Bray, 1973 Cribb, 2005. Caudotestis glacialis Zdzitowiecki, 1989 Cribb, 2005. Caudot ...



This family comprises two genera containing of a number of species. Cephalogonimoides. Cephalogonimoides sireni Premvati, 1969. Cephalogonimus brevicirrus Ingles, 1932. Cephalogonimus europaeus Blaizot, 1910. Cephalogonimus vesicaudus Nickerson, ...



Cephalouterina is a genus of trematodes within the family Lecithodendriidae under the order Plagiorchiida. Individuals of this genus are known to use amphibian hosts.



Choerodonicola renko Machida, 2014. Choerodonicola calotomi Yamaguti, 1934 Cribb, 2005. Choerodonicola pacificus Yamaguti, 1938 Cribb, 2005.



Coitocaecum is a genus of trematodes in the family Opecoelidae. It has been synonymised to Ozakia Wisniewski, 1934, Paradactylostomum Zhukov, 1972 nec Toman, 1992, and Pseudocoitocaecum Bilqees, 1972.



Cryptocotyle lingua Creplin, 1825. Cryptocotyle badamshini Kurochkin, 1959. Cryptocotyle delamurei Jurachno, 1987. Cryptocotyle americana Ciurea, 1924. Cryptocotyle concava Creplin, 1825. Cryptocotyle macrorhinis MacCallum, 1916. Cryptocotyle jej ...



Pseudhemistomum Szidat, 1936. Paracoenogonimus Katsurada, 1914. (Paracoenogonimus Отель Katsurada, 1914) Neogogatea Chandler & Rausch, 1947. Mesostephanus Lutz, 1935. (Mesostephanus Лутц 1935) Holostephanus Szidat, 1936. Prohemistomum Odhner, 1913.



The genera are ordered by subfamily. Circumvitellatrema Dronen, Greiner, Ialeggio & Nolan, 2009. Selfcoelum Dronen, Gardner & Jimenez, 2006. Psophiatrema Dronen & Kinsella, 2009. Cyclocoelinae Stossich, 1902. (Stossich Cyclocoelinae, 1902) Cycloc ...

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