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Macrouroides inflaticeps

Macrouroides inflaticeps inflated real view of rattail found in the oceans at a depth of 747 to 4.000 meters on the continental slopes. This species grows to a length of 48 cm TL.



Stylophthalmus was the name used for what was previously considered a kind of fish with eyes perched on the periscope stalks, known in some cases, almost a third of the length of the animals actual body. It is now recognised that all species of t ...


Marine fish families


Marine fish genera


Air Proving Ground Command

In March 1946, the army Center, the air force was renamed the Air Force of the army of the polygon command, adding the duties of the same organization in June, when he moved to Eglin field, Florida. He became the Air force command of the initial ...


Flight test flights of the United States Air Force


Flight test squadrons of the United States Air Force


Test and evaluation units of the United States Air Force


Test wings of the United States Air Force


Aircraft component manufacturers of France


Aircraft component manufacturers of the United Kingdom


Thrust vectoring for higher maneuverability


Retractable conventional landing gear



In А244-S-Italian lightweight, fire-and-forget "torpedo" used to fight submarines. You can launch from surface ships or from aircraft, and finds the target using acoustic homing.


Bliss-Leavitt Mark 7 torpedo

Bliss-Leavitt mark 7 torpedo was a bliss-Leavitt torpedo developed and produced in the company E. W. bliss and the naval Torpedo station in Newport, Rhode island in 1911. Mark 7 was a major step in the evolution of the modern torpedo. This innova ...


Chung Sang Eo

In K745 Chung sang EO torpedo is a light anti-submarine torpedo developed for the Navy of the Republic of Korea in 2004. The blue shark torpedo can be deployed from surface ships, ASW helicopters and Maritime patrol aircraft. The production cost ...


GT-1 (missile)

GT-1 was an early form of standoff weapons developed by the Air Forces of the US army during the Second world war. Designed to deliver torpedoes at a safe range from the launch aircraft weapons proved to be quite successful in testing to be appro ...


Mark 24 mine

Mark 24 my air for anti-submarine weapon of the war, including passive acoustic homing system of the torpedo and integration. It has been used in the United States, British and canadian forces during the Second World War and entered service in Ma ...


Mark 44 torpedo

The mark 44 torpedo is a now obsolete air launched and ship-launched lightweight torpedo production in the United States and under license in Canada, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom with 10.500 produced for the United States. He was r ...


Mark 46 torpedo

The mark 46 torpedo is the Foundation of the United States equipped the Navys lightweight ASW torpedo inventory and is the NATO standard. These aerial torpedoes designed to defeat high-performance submarines. In 1989, the improvement program for ...


Mark 50 torpedo

The mark 50 torpedo of the Navy of the US lightweight torpedo for use against fast, deep-water submarines. MK 50 can be launched from all ASW aircraft and torpedo tubes aboard surface ships. MK 50 was intended to replace the MK 46 as the fleet li ...


MU90 Impact

In MU90 Impact is an advanced lightweight anti-submarine torpedo 3rd generation, developed by France and Italy for the navies of France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Australia and Poland. It is designed to compete with and outperform the US-built mar ...


Short Mark 7 torpedo

Short mark 7 torpedo was a variant of the bliss-Leavitt Mark 7 torpedo, developed on the basis of the Navy in Washington in order to fit a specific torpedo tubes of a submarine in 1917. Short mark 7 and place a torpedo type D, had a flask, the ai ...


Type 97 light weight torpedo (G-RX4)

Type 97 torpedo is a short-range torpedo designed and built by Mitsubishi heavy industries for the Japanese Maritime self defense Force. This type of "torpedo", like many other modern Japanese weapon system, is not exported.


Yu-7 torpedo

Yu-7 is a lightweight torpedo developed by China. He entered service in the 1990-ies as a principle anti-submarine weapon major the liberation of the peoples army Navy warships. Yu-7 is derived from Whitehead Alenia system Subacquei А244 / s torpedo.



RP-3 was a British rocket projectile used during and after the Second world war. Although primarily air-to-ground weapon, it saw limited use in other roles. Its 60 kg warhead gave rise to the alternative name "a 60-pound missiles," the 25-pound s ...


Air-to-ground rockets of the Soviet Union


Air-to-ground rockets of the United States










Gun pod

Gun under a removable capsule or a package of machine guns, aircraft or rotary guns and accessories mounted externally on a vehicle such as a military aircraft, which may or may not also have their own weapons.


Karabin maszynowy obserwatora wz.37

The carbine obserwatora maszynowy WZ successfully.37 is a Polish version of the Browning problem.1928. It was a flexible machine gun used in the some Polish airplanes in the beginning of the Second world war.


M1926 machine gun

In Fabbrica Italiana automobile Torino in Turin, Italy, car factory, one of Europes largest automotive industry, and it was in the First World war Italy one of the main suppliers of ground and air guns, mostly Revell designs. After the First worl ...


MAC 1934

In 1934 the manufacture dArmes de Chatellerault company for the production of weapons, abbreviated as MAC completed development of the Mac 1934 machine gun to replace the Darne mod. 1933 machine gun aboard aircraft of the army de lair. Essentiall ...


Aircraft gun turret


Type 92 machine gun

Type 92 7.7 mm machine gun was developed for aerial use for the Imperial Japanese Navy in 1932. Type 92 is a light machine gun and is not to be confused with the similarly-named Type 92 heavy machine gun.


Vickers K machine gun

Not to be confused with the Vickers machine gun Vickers K machine gun, known as the Vickers gas operated Vickers G. O. in the British service, was a rapid-fire machine gun developed and manufactured for use in aircraft Vickers-Armstrong. High rat ...


Aerotechnik WGM.21

RGM.21 is an open cockpit quadcopter. Four rotors are mounted at the end of the four tubular supports is located in the X form. Cyclic and collective controls are mixed into a single yoke control. Pitch is controlled by foot pedals. The second mo ...




Donnet-Denhaut DD-10


Gotha WD.22


Sikorsky Bolshoi Baltisky


Farman F.50 (flying boat)


Farner HF Colibri 1 SL

In Farner KV Colibri 1 SL had an unusual canard motor glider with a unique control system, designed and built in Switzerland in the late 1970-ies. Was built only one, heavily modified in the 1980-ies, he was still flying in 1990.


Marganski & Myslowski EM-11 Orka

EM-11 was designed by Edward Marganski from Marganski & Myslowski Zaklady employees Marganski & Myslowski aircraft, known for the world class glider design the swift s-1, MDM-1 Fox. Work on a new inexpensive, light transport aircraft, of unorthod ...


Softex-Aero V-24

In V-24 T-tail twin-engine mixed construction of pusher aircraft with a retractable tricycle landing gear. The aircraft will be powered both by the Rotax 912 or 160 HP Lycoming IO-320. The aircraft has a Galaxy GRS 1200 system to integrate a para ...

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