Топ-100 ★ Free online encyclopedia. Did you know? page 223

★ Free online encyclopedia. Did you know? page 223


Xenoconger fryeri


Zanclistius elevatus








Blue marlin


Blue Marlin


Deep-sea dragonfish


Galzins garden eel


Galzins Garden Eel


Grenadier (fish)


Grenadier fish


Herring smelt




Pike conger


Pike eel




Priapium fish


Priapum fish






Rattail Fish




Redhorse sucker




Southern smelt


Spadenose guitarfish


Spotted headstander


Yellow croaker


Yellow-flanked fairy wrasse




Galtonia (archosaur)




Tiliqua gigas evanescens


Arnolds giant tortoise


Arnolds Giant Tortoise


Large-scaled girdled lizard


Neotropical ground lizard


Thamnophis sauritus nitae


Adipokinetic hormone

Adipokinetic hormone is a short peptide hormone that has been studied in insects. It is a lipid mobilising hormone and is responsible for regulating fuel transport in the haemolymph, for redirecting energy to other processes as required by the in ...



The molecular structure of the hormone has been characterized rather recently. Bursicon is a 30 kDa neurohormone heterodimeric protein which is encoded by CG13419 gene and made of two cysteine knot subunits, Burs-α and Burs-β. It is nondialyzable ...


Insect diuretic hormones

Insect diuretic hormones are hormones that regulate water balance through diuretic action. Excretory system of insects, is responsible for regulating water balance in the cells of insects are malpighian tubules and intestine ileum and rectum. Mal ...


Prothoracicotropic hormone

Prothoracicotropic hormone was the first insect hormone to be discovered. It was originally described simply as "brain hormone" by early workers such as Stefan Kopec and Vincent Wigglesworth, who realized that ligation of the head of immature ins ...



Cristozoa is a grouping of animals possessing a neural crest and derivatives. It includes Haikouella and Yunnanozoon, and all Craniata.


Archeterokrohnia docrickettsae

Archeterokrohnia docrickettsae is a type of deep-sea marine arrow worm. It is the largest species in the Archeterokrohnia genus and the first to be found alive. Additionally this species displays an unusual color pattern of orange on its head and ...



Parasagitta is a genus of arrow worms in the family Sagittidae. At one time these arrow worms were classified in the genus Sagitta.



Paraspadella is a genus of chaetognaths in the family Spadellidae. Paraspadella was originally considered as Spadella before a revision separated that genus into three genera: Spadella, Paraspadella, and Gephyrospadella, the last of which is now ...


Sagitta (arrowworm)

Sagitta is a genus of Chaetognatha, a phylum commonly known as arrowworms or arrow worms. Phylum Chaetognatha comprises small marine worms. This genus is characterized by the distribution of cilia on the body, thick rays in fins, and hooks that a ...



Cornulites is a genus of cornulitid tubeworms. Their shells have vesicular wall structure, and are both externally and internally annulated. They usually occur as encrusters on various shelly fossils. Their fossils are known from the Middle Ordov ...



Helicoconchus is a microconchid genus that occurs in the Lower Permian of Texas. It forms small reef-like bodies of tubes branching from a common origin. The impunctate tubes are greatly elongated for microconchids and have occasional diaphragms ...

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