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Transportation on the National Register of Historic Places in North Carolina


Transportation buildings and structures in North Carolina


Rail transportation in North Carolina


Tunnels in North Carolina


Water transportation in North Carolina


North Carolina transportation stubs


African Americans in North Carolina

African American North Carolinians residents of North Carolina who is of African origin. According to the U.S. census 2010, African Americans were 22% of the population of the state.


Core Creek (Neuse River)


Core Creek (Newport River)

The primal scream is the name of a Bay in the County of Carteret, North Carolina. This is the mouth of Adams Creek channel that leads from the river news estuary to the mouth of the Newport river.


Courthouse Bay

The Bay court is a subdivision of marine corps base camp Lejeune, and is home to the engineer of marine Academy 2nd engineer battalion and 2nd assault amphibian battalion. Located close to camp Lejeunes southwest Sneads ferry gate and 6 km from m ...


Johnston United Soccer Association

Association Johnston organization Soccer is a football League located in Johnston County, North Carolina. League youth teams, from entertainment to challenge to classic teams in the Eastern part of the area of the triangle. The League was founded ...


Morehead Township, Guilford County, North Carolina

Morehead country village, not connected with the operation unit of the district established in 1868 in Guilford County, North Carolina, USA. The population census of 2010 was 195.218.


National Gypsum

National gypsum company based in Charlotte, North Carolina, which produces dry gypsum Board in the United States. It has 17 gypsum Board plants in the United States and is a fully integrated manufacturer of building products. This is a private co ...


New Hanover County Courthouse

The new courthouse Hanover County. located in the historic courthouse located in Wilmington, North Carolina and is the seat of new Hanover County. It was designed by Alfred Eichberg. The courthouse was built in 1892 on the corner of 3rd street an ...


Sharon Memorial Park, North Carolina

Memorial Park Sharon is a crematorium and cemetery located at 5716 Monroe road in Charlotte, North Carolina. Notable people buried there include baseball players Bob Porterfield and Ben Paschal.


Wilmington Township, New Hanover County, North Carolina


Local government in Anderson County, South Carolina


Henrys Knob

Handle Henrys is a mountain and recommended an alternative site in York County, South Carolina 1120 m above sea level. It is located near the border of North Carolina and the town of clover, South Carolina. The mountain was the place of the pit k ...


Lake Bowen

Lake Bowen or lake William C. Bowen in 1534 acre reservoir in the Northern district Spartanburg, South Carolina six miles from the border of North Carolina. The interstate 26 bridge crosses lake Bowen between five and 10 of the 26. The lake runs ...


Lake Blalock

Lake Blalock is a reservoir in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, located on the Pacolet river about five miles North of Spartanburg. After its creation was approved in 1976, the Commissioners of Spartanburg water, of Blalock dam was constructed ...


Lake Murray (South Carolina)

The lake Murray reservoir in the U.S. state of South Carolina. It is approximately 50.000 acres, and has approximately 500 kilometres of coastline. He was arrested in late 1920-ies, to provide hydroelectric power in South Carolina. Lake Murray se ...


National Natural Landmarks in South Carolina


Skyscrapers in South Carolina


South Carolina Army National Guard

The southern army National guard Carolina is part of the U.S. army and the National guard of the United States. Nationwide, the army National guard comprises approximately half of the US Armys available combat forces and approximately one third o ...


Military equipment of South Carolina


United States Navy South Carolina-related ships


Beaver Creek Indian Tribe

Tribe beaver Creek Indians is a small state recognized American Indian tribe located in the County of orangeburg, South Carolina. They received state recognition on January 27, 2006, and have already begun the process of searching for Federal rec ...



Chiquola may refer to: Native Americans living along the southern coast in the 17th century. The Chiquola people gathered in large numbers along the coast in what is today Pawleys island to direct the Spaniards to come ashore. In the Chiquola hot ...


Eastern Cherokee, Southern Iroquois, and United Tribes of South Carolina

Eastern Cherokee, southern Iroquois and United tribes of South Carolina, Inc. or ECSIUT is a state sample of American Indians in the South Carolina section of the RF IC 1-31-40, authorised the head of administration 139 and received this status o ...


Ittiwan people

In Ittiwan people American Indian tribe lived near modern goose Creek. Today Etiwan tribe of the Wassamasaw Indian nation claims SK, occurred from the original Ittiwan people and is located about 30 miles Northwest of Charleston. South Carolina.



In Winyaw were American Indian tribe living near Winyah Bay, Black River and the lower reaches of the river Dee PI in South Carolina. In Winyaw people have disappeared as a separate entity after 1720 and is believed to have merged with waccamaw.


Astronomical observatories in South Carolina


Covered bridges in South Carolina


Trans Carolina corridor


Transportation on the National Register of Historic Places in South Carolina


Transportation buildings and structures in South Carolina


Rail trails in South Carolina


Rail transportation in South Carolina


Water transportation in South Carolina


South Carolina transportation stubs


Ariel Crossroad, South Carolina

Ariel Crossroad is an unincorporated community in Marion County, South Carolina, United States, located at the intersection of us 501 and SC 41, 9 km South-East from Marion. To the West of the river, little Pee Dee, the area is predominantly agra ...


Atlanticville, South Carolina

Atlanticville historic community in the County of Charleston, South Carolina. Its post office operated sporadically from 1903-24, 1925-37, and 1938-42.


Bristow, South Carolina


Cashion Crossroads, South Carolina

Cashion crossroads is a small unincorporated community located in the Northern part of Cherokee County, South Carolina, United States of America. The community is named for the Cashion family, who settled in the area in the first place. The commu ...


Centenary, South Carolina

Centennial is an unincorporated community in Marion County, South Carolina, USA. Located along SC 41 ALT, 10.5 km South of Marion. Along the air line CSX in Pomerania, the area is predominantly agrarian community. The community got its name from ...


Cross Keys, South Carolina

The cross keys is an unincorporated community in Union County, South Carolina. Historically, it was the site of a "Large and prosperous" cross keys plantation. A post office was established in 1809 and operated until 1909. Cross keys House, plant ...


Drake, South Carolina


Dunbar, Georgetown County, South Carolina


Dunbar, South Carolina


Effingham, South Carolina

Effingham is an unincorporated community in Florence County, South Carolina, United States of America. Located at the intersection of us 52, US 301 and SC 327, it is a farming community along the Northern banks of the Lynches river. McCall farms ...

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