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Prolactin releasers


Selective progesterone receptor modulator

Selective modulator of the progesterone receptor is an agent that acts on the progesterone receptor, a biological target, as the progestin is progesterone. A characteristic that distinguishes such substances from receptor agonists and full antago ...


Sniper rifle

The sniper rifle is a precision long-range rifle. Requirements: precision, reliability, mobility, camouflage, and optics for anti-personnel, anti-materiel and uses observation military sniper. The modern sniper rifle is a portable shoulder-fired ...


Anti-materiel rifle

Anti-sniper rifle is a rifle that is designed for use against military equipment rather than against other combatants.


Ferret 50

The ferret 50 is a high-caliber rifle developed by spider firearms for shooting competitions and far hunting. It is chambered for.50BMG.408 sniper and.338 Lapua. Ferret 50 originally created as convert the AR to its high adaptability and potentia ...


Haskins Rifle

The Haskins rifle, also known as Paradise 300 or Haskins M500 rifle was a bolt-action weapon designed by Jerry Haskins between 1981 and 1982 for snipers in the US army. Unlike most military sniper rifles, in Haskins was specially built for the mi ...


Mauser M59

М59 Mauser and Mauser M67 were rifles produced by Kongsberg arms of Norway and are not licensed products of Mauser. Although they were produced by Kongsberg it has always been called "Mauser" in Norway, so its inclusion in the Mauser.


S&T Motiv K14

For many decades, the South Korean army standard-issue sniper rifle. A small amount of the M1C / D Garands were used until they were obsolete in the late 1970-ies. In the late 1980s, British TRILUX-style sights have been installed on the K2 machi ...


T93 sniper rifle

It was first shown to the public in 2007 Taipei aerospace and defense technology exhibition. The main organization responsible for the development of this rifle is the 205th Armory, with the technical assistance of unspecified domestic and foreig ...


Sniper rifles by country


20mm sniper rifles


Averasboro Battlefield Historic District

Demolition of the battlefield historic district is a national historic district located near Erwin, Harnett County, North Carolina. It covers four troops, buildings, three sections of the army, the troops of the three structures, and makes the ob ...


Glorieta Pass Battlefield

Glorieta pass battlefield was the site of the American Civil war battle that ended Confederate ambitions to cut off the West from the Union. The battle of Glorieta pass took place on March 26-28, 1862, at Glorieta De La Paz, to Santa Fe, between ...


Port Gibson Battlefield

Port Gibson battle site near port Gibson, Mississippi, where the 1863 battle of port Gibson was fought during the American Civil war. The battlefield covers about 3.400 acres of land to the West of the city astride the Rodney road, where the army ...


Preservation efforts of the Fredericksburg battlefield

In March 2006, the Civil war preservation trust - now the Civil war trust has announced a million national campaign to preserve the historic slaughter at the farm pen, a key part of the FREDERICKSBURG battlefield. The 205-acre farm, known locally ...


Battlefields of the Eastern Theater of the American Civil War


Battlefields of the Western Theater of the American Civil War


Conflict sites on the National Register of Historic Places by state


List of Waterloo Battlefield locations

The battlefield of Waterloo is located in the municipalities of Braine-lAlleud and lasne and Waterloo, about 15 kilometers South of Brussels, and about 2 kilometers from the city of Waterloo. The order of the places in the list of North to South ...


Decosters house

The Decosters house was a landmark in the battle of Waterloo. She was standing on the East side of Waterloo to Genappe main road South of the junction with the minor road to Plancenoit. According to Jean-Baptiste Decoster Napoleon had in the begi ...


La Belle Alliance

Alliance La Belle hotel is located a few miles South of Brussels in Belgium, mainly remembered for his importance after the battle of Waterloo. There are two plaques on the building, one "in memory of the French medical corps, who visited the wou ...


Waterloo Elm

Waterloo Elm was located just southwest of the intersection of the flooded land and Kortrijk–Brussels main road. This was the Duke team boots post for more of the battle of Waterloo. The tree was killed by hunters for Souvenirs after the battle. ...


7th Psychological Operations Group

7th psychological operations group is a psychological operations unit of the army reserve. Organized in 1965, he was the successor of the armed forces of the United States broadcasting and visual activity, Pacific. He is currently based in Moffet ...


Shenandoah Plaza National Historic District

The naval air station United States, Sunnyvale historic district, also known as the Shenandoah national Park area, historic district located on 62.48 acres in Moffett field, California. Hangars one, two, and three, and the adjacent Shenandoah Pla ...


First Battle of Narvik


Second Battle of Narvik


D-Day (military term)

In the military, D-Day-the day on which a combat attack or operation is to be started. The most famous is during the Second world war on 6 June 1944 - the day of the Normandy landings - initiating the efforts of the Western allies to liberate Wes ...


North West Europe campaign

Campaign North-West Europe was the campaign of the British armed forces of the Commonwealth in North-West Europe, including sky and adjacent waters during the Second world war. The term Western front is also sometimes used informally. The U.S. mi ...


Western Front command tenures (World War II)

This article is a tabular depiction of the other generals who held the command of the army group echelon or higher on the Western front of world war II in 1944-1945, and is intended for use as a reference, which may be associated with other artic ...


Northern Combat Area Command

Command of the Northern combat area or NACAP was a subcommand of the allied command in Southeast Asia during the Second world war. He oversaw the allied ground operations in Northern Burma. For most of its existence NACAP was under the command of ...


Doolittle Raiders


Battles of the Western Front (World War I)


Western Front films (World War I)


Passage of the Grande Honnelle

The passage of the Grand Honnelle was a battle between troops of the British first and third armies and German Empire forces during the Hundred days offensive of the First world war. The action took place in the Belgian municipality of Honnelles, ...


Armenian Apostolic cathedrals in Iran


INS Kaveri


INS Krisna


INS Bassein


INS Bimlipatan


HMS Bedale (L26)


INS Godavari (D92)


INS Gomati (D93)


INS Ganga (D94)


INS Dunagiri

Ins Dunagiri was a Nilgiri -class frigate of the Indian Navy that served for 33 years between its commissioning on 5 may 1977 and cancellation on 20 October 2010.


INS Ranjit (D209)


INS Rajput (D141)


INS Rana (D115)


HMIS Bengal (K419)


HMIS Hooghly (K330)


PNS Chittagong

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