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Bocke is the westernmost part of Sremska Kamenica, located along the main road which connects Sremska Kamenica with Beocin. It is located between the main part of Sremska Kamenica in the East, Ledinci in the South-West, from the Danube river to t ...



On the South-Eastern borders of Detelinara are street Branka Bajica Branko Bajic street and street brace Popovic street, the North-Eastern boundary Rumenacka street Rumenacka street, North boundary street Oblacica Happy Oblacica Parliament street ...


Gornje Livade, Novi Sad

Klisanski Breg, also known as the horn Sajlovo and Sumice, this is an urban neighborhood of the city of Novi Sad, Serbia.


Grbavica (Novi Sad)

The Northern boundary of the film Grbavica is Futoska street Futoska street, West boundary street Vojvode Knicanina complex vojvoda Knicanin street and the street of the Kola srpskih sestara Kolo srpskih sestara street, the southern border of the ...


Industrial zones in Novi Sad

Maria Snezna Radna Zona Istok. Radna Zona Sever I Industrijska Zona Sever. Victory Radna Zona Istok. Roman Sancevi. (Роман Sancevi) Radna Zona Sever the second pitcher Industrijska Zona. Radna Zona Sever III. Deponija. Radna Zona Sever IZH. Rardn ...



The southern border is Jugovicevo Boulevard Vojvode Steppe apartments vojvoda Stepa Boulevard, the Eastern border is a future new section Suboticki Boulevard Subotica Boulevard, which will be built in 2007, the North-Eastern boundary Rumenacki pu ...


Klisa, Serbia

Its name comes from the Latin word "ekklesia" which means "Church". During Ottoman rule, the Serbian population uses the word "Klis" to denote the place where was located the ruins of Church buildings.



The southern boundary podboka are Bajica street Milos Bajic street, Republic Square, Republic Square, Daniciceva street Danicic street Zlatne grede Zlatna Greda street Pasiceva street Pasic street Matice srpske Matica Srpska street, Sterijina str ...


Ribnjak, Novi Sad

The area is located on the Danube river, in the Syrmian part of Novi Sad, between Liberty bridge and the Petrovaradin fortress, overlooking the beach and estuary near the river. Lanište is located on the hillside between the Miseluk and the surro ...


Rimski Sancevi

Sancevi Roman city neighborhood of the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. It is mainly an industrial area, but it is partially a residential area as well.


Rotkvarija (Zitni Trg)

The southern border of Rotkvarija is Jevrejska street, Jewish street, the South-Eastern border Safarikova street Safarik street and street Jovana Subotica, Jovan Subotic street, the North-Eastern boundary Kisacka street Kisac street, the Northern ...



In 1237, were mentioned to exist in this district two villages named Sajlovo Hungary: Zajol, Don Sajlovo and Gornja Sajlovo. Original name of these settlements was Isailovo. Settlements were named in honor of Isaiah, a monk from a nearby monaster ...


Sajmiste, Novi Sad

The southern border of the Sajmiste is Futoska street Futoska street, the Eastern boundary of the Boulevard oslobodenja the liberation Boulevard, the Northern boundary of Boulevard of kralja Petra and king Peter Boulevard and street brace Popovic ...



The Western and southern border of Salajka is Kisacka street Kisac street, the Eastern border is Temerinska street of Temerin street, the Northern border is Danube-Tisa-Danube canal.



The southern border of Satelit is Futoski put the device of engineering communications in Sombor way, the Western border of the Boulevard St. Prince Milos Knez Milos Boulevard,the Eastern boundary of the Boulevard Slobodana Jovanovica Boulevard S ...


Slana Bara

Its name in Serbian language means "the salty bog". The name refer to the large bog that existed in this area in the past, and whose remains are still visible.


Stari Grad, Novi Sad

Stari Grad is an urban neighborhood of the city of Novi Sad, Serbia. It is the main part of Novi Sad, and it is also known as city center. In Serbian language the name "Stari Grad" means "old town".



The word "Telep" Hungarian: Telep means "settlement" in Hungarian. The first name of the area was Daranyi-Telep Serbian: Daranjijevo Naselje. Between 1927 and 1944, the official name of the settlement was Adamovicevo Arrow this name was actually ...


Veternicka Rampa

The southern border Veternicka rampa is Novosadski put Novi Sad, the Eastern boundary is a street Somborska rampa street, the Northern border is a prolongation of the Boulevard Vojvode Steppe apartments vojvoda Stepa Boulevard, and West of the We ...


Vidovdansko Naselje

The name of the neighborhood derived from Saint Vitus St-view in Serbia - Serbian word "Vidovdan" means "the Day of Saint Vitus", thus the English translation of the names of settlements "settlement of the Holy day." Saint Vitus is also the patro ...


Bayswater, Bloemfontein



Acacia is a complex of suburbs in the North of Pretoria, part of the city of Tshwane Metropolitan municipality. In the surroundings of Akasia largely semi-rural and the acacia is built on former agricultural land.



Colbyn behalf of Colby, Maine, where the developer of the suburbs, Y. B. Ning, was born. He was examined on the Methodist Church of South Africa, who also put the Hatfield, mA Queenswood, and Kilner Park. Original documents, forbidden the sale of ...


Danville, Pretoria

After the suburbs of Westlands, the name was rejected, a competition was held for naming. The suburbs were the Danville name after WW2 Voortrekkerhoogte base commander, General Daniel Hermanus Pienaar, on the outskirts of town proclaimed in Febru ...


Elardus Park

Elardus Park is a residential suburb in Pretoria, South Africa. Located to the South of Waterkloof ridge in the green, developed area that is home for the citys medium expensive real estate.



Kameeldrift is a suburb / agriculture Pretoria. It is located 20 km North-East from the Pretoria CBD. In the center of this small community-a primary school, named Kameeldrift Laerskool. The Kameeldrift police precinct consists of 5 sectors: sect ...


Marabastad, Pretoria

Marabastad is a business area minutes away from city centre, Pretoria, South Africa. The original Maraba village, situated just South of the present Marabastad, was founded and ruled the Ndebele chief Maraba. In Marabastad, the name is an Afrikaa ...



The name of this area, which includes apartment buildings in the North and different sizes of estates in the centre and South, with the local section of the farm Elandspoort has been bought by George Walker, whose family owns an estate in Scotlan ...



Wapadrand is a suburb of Pretoria, South Africa. Located East of Pretoria in a green, developed area, which is home to some of the available real estate. The area was named in honor of the old ruts of the wagon in the area at the suggestion of on ...



Waterkloof is a suburb of Pretoria, South Africa, located to the East of the city centre. It is named after the original farm that stood there when Pretoria was founded in the 19th century. Waterkloof is a highly sought-after area and has some of ...


Waverley, Pretoria

Waverley is in Pretoria, South Africa. Located in the North-East of the CBD in the green, developed area that is home to some well-built residences on large stands. The neighbouring suburbs of Rietfontein and Villieria.


Wingate Park

Park the Wingate is located in the suburbs of Pretoria, South Africa. Located to the South-East of the Pretoria CBD and to the West of Moreleta Park in a green, developed area that is home for the citys medium expensive real estate.


Three Rivers East

Three rivers East is a suburb of Vereeniging, Gauteng. The suburb is located on the Eastern outskirts of the city and bordered by the river of Sugarbush to the South and East and by an ECO property called Summerview property in the West. Three ri ...


Districts and neighbourhoods of Seville

Hotel CASCO antiguo Spanish: ancient shell old quarter of Seville, in the town centre on the East Bank of the Guadalquivir river. Main tourist attractions are located here such as the Cathedral, Alcazar, Torre del Oro, the town Hall, the Palace o ...


El Arenal, Seville

El Arenal is situated in the historic centre of Seville, Seville. It is located on the East Bank of the Guadalquivir river to the West of the old Jewish quarter of Santa Cruz, and southern areas of the city and alfalfa. Its name comes from the sa ...



Fjardingen is a district in the city centre of Uppsala, Sweden, located on the West Bank of the Fyris river. It was the ecclesiastical center of Sweden since the 13th century and contains many historical sites in Uppsala Cathedral, in particular, ...



Gottsunda is a district in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2007, he was 9.474 people, including 4.610 were of foreign origin. Most of the buildings high-rise buildings built under the million programme In the 1960s and 1970s years. The name comes from the fa ...



Al-Nairab is a city in Syria, on the South-East of the city of Aleppo in Northern Syria. With urban development, the village was gradually absorbed by the city of Aleppo, thus, becoming part of the district. Al-Nairab is also an important archaeo ...


New Aleppo Neighborhood

New Aleppo is one of the largest districts in the city of Aleppo in Syria. This residential area has Aleppines classical buildings, which was built of white stones. New Aleppo is the city expansion to the West.


Jdeydeh quarter


Kızılay, Ankara

Kizilay is located in the district of Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey. It is named after kızılay Derneği, the headquarters of which are located at Kizilay square in its center. Güven Park in kızılay has many trees and benches, as well as metro station an ...


Neighbourhoods of Akyurt


Neighbourhoods of Çankaya


Neighbourhoods of Elmadağ


Neighbourhoods of Etimesgut


Neighbourhoods of Golbası, Ankara


Neighbourhoods of Kazan


Neighbourhoods of Keçioren


Neighbourhoods of Yenimahalle, Ankara


Ulus, Ankara

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