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Stalin's Funeral

The funeral of Stalin-Soviet 1990 drama film written and directed by the famous poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko. The film starred British actress Vanessa Redgrave.


The Skylarks are Singing

Skylarks sing in 1953, the Belarusian Soviet Comedy directed by Vladimir Kors-Sablin, Constantine Sannikaŭ.


Androcles and the Lion (1952 film)

Androcles and the lion In 1952 RKO film, which was directed by Gabriel Pascal from the George Bernard Shaw play of the same name. He was PAs last film, made two years after the death of Shaw, his longtime friend and mentor, and two years before P ...


Macao (film)

Macao is a 1952 black-and-white film Noir adventure film Director Josef von Sternberg and Nicholas ray. The drama features Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, William Bendix, and Gloria Grahame.


Alexander Popov (film)

Alexander Popov is a 1949 biographical film about the life and work of Alexander Stepanovich Popov, who was the notable physicist and electrical engineer and early developer of radio communications.


Mad City (film)

Mad city 1997 American Thriller film Directed by Costa-Gavras, the author, Tom Matthews, based on a story by Matthews and Eric Williams, starring Dustin Hoffman and John Travolta, with a supporting cast involving MIA Kirshner, Alan Alda, Blythe D ...


Far from Moscow

Far from Moscow-Soviet drama film War 1951 Director Alexander Stolper starring Nikolai Okhlopkov, Lev Sverdlin, Pavel Kadochnikov. It is based on Basil Azhayevs the 1948 novel of the same name. Large-scale production Mosfilm, he was awarded the S ...


The Turkey (film)

Turkey is a French Comedy film from 1951, directed by Claude Barma starring Nadine Alari and Louis de funès. It is an adaptation of the 1896 Georges Feydeaus play Le Dindon.


The Csardas Princess (1951 film)

On the Czardas Princess-German musical film of 1951 directed by: Georg Jacoby cast: Marika Rokk as Johannes Heesters and Hubert Marischka. It was founded in 1915 operetta the Gipsy Princess and is part of the tradition of operetta films. Movies s ...


Dr. Knock

Dr. Knock is a French Comedy film from 1951, directed by guy Lefran, written by Georges neveux, starring Louis Jouvet. It also has the credits the emergence of Louis de Funes. The film is based on a 1923 theater knock OU Le Triomphe de La medicin ...


Orpheus (film)

Orpheus-1950 French film directed by Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais in the lead roles. It is a Central part of Cocteaus trilogy of the orphics, which consists of the blood of a poet, Orpheus and Testament of Orpheus.


Rocky Marciano (film)

Rocky Marciano is the TV movie 1999, directed by Charles Winkler and presented by MGM. He tells of the rise to fame of legendary boxer rocky Marciano.


Yasmin (disambiguation)

Yasmin may refer to: Yasmin the singer, a female Belgian singer, presenter and broadcaster. Yasmin musician, a female British DJ and singer. Yasmin, a Bratz doll fashion line doll. Yasmin drug, name, marketing birth control pills. Yasmin given na ...


To Joy (film)

The joy of 1950 Swedish film Director Ingmar Bergman about a young married couple who play together in a Swedish orchestra.


The Little Kidnappers (1990 film)

The little kidnappers 1990 canadian / American television film, shot a test productions, Margellos-Resnick and Jones of the 21st century for the canadian broadcasting Corporation and Disney. It tells the story of orphans Harry and Davy Mackenzie ...


The Cisco Kid (1994 film)

Cisco kid is an American 1994 TV movie which updated the successful 1950s years Comedy Western television series and 1940s movie serial. The film was written by Michael Kane and directed by Luis Valdez. Jimmy Smits played the Chinese, the role pr ...


Rio Grande (film)

Rio Grande 1950 Western Directed by John Ford starring John Wayne and Maureen ohara. The picture is the third installment of Fords "cavalry trilogy," following two RKO pictures releases: Fort Apache and she wore a yellow ribbon. John Wayne plays ...


The Pearl (film)

The hotel La Perla is a 1947 Mexican-American film Director Emilio Fernandez, based on the novel the Pearl by John Steinbeck, who also co-wrote the script. In 2002, the film was selected for preservation in the National registry of films at the L ...


Helter Skelter (1949 film)

Helter skelter is a 1949 British romantic Comedy directed by Ralph Thomas and starring Carol Marsh, David Tomlinson and Mervyn Johns. A radio star becomes involved with a wealthy heiress. The recurring English comic characters charters and Caldic ...


The Heiress

The heiress 1949 American drama film produced and directed by William Wyler and starring Olivia de Havilland as Catherine Sloper, Montgomery Clift Morris Townsend, and Ralph Richardson as Dr. Sloper. Written by Ruth and Augustus Goetz, adapted fr ...


The Eagle with Two Heads

The eagle with two heads is a French film directed by Jean Cocteau released in 1948. It was taken from his own play and LAigle à deux têtes which was first staged in 1946, and it has kept the main actors from the first Paris production.



Krakatit 1948 Czechoslovak science fiction mystery film directed by Otakar vávra cast Karel Hoger, as a chemist who suffers from delirium and regret after inventing a powerful explosive. The film is based on the novel by Karel Čapeks of the same ...


Pirogov (film)

Pirogov is a 1947 Soviet biographical film directed by Grigori Kozintsev, based on the life of Russian scientist and doctor Nikolay Ivanovich Pirogov. Pirogov known as the founder of military field surgery.


Shoeshine (film)

Shoeshine is a 1946 Italian film directed by Vittorio De sica. Sometimes regarded as his first masterpiece, the film follows two shoeshine boys who get in trouble with the police after trying to find the money to buy a horse.


The Great Glinka

The great Glinka in 1946, Soviet biographical film directed by Lev Arnshtam. A film about Mikhail Glinka, Russian composer of the 19th century. The film was awarded the Stalin prize II degree, and he was entered in the Cannes film festival in 1946.


For Those Who Are at Sea

Stepan Krylov as Gudkov. George Kurowski. as Shubin. Alexander Trishko as Sofia Petrovna. Elvira Lutsenko as an actress Elena Gorelova E. Lutsenko. Michael Dubrava, as Opanasenko. Ninel Myshkova as Olga Shabunina. Dmitry Pavlov, Maksimov. (Дмитри ...


Lady in the Lake

The lady in the lake is an American film Noir in 1947 marked the directorial debut of Robert Montgomery, who also stars in the film. The picture also features Audrey totter, Lloyd Nolan, Tom Tully, Leon Ames, Jayne meadows. The murder mystery was ...


Quai des Orfevres

Quay Orfevres is a 1947 French police procedural drama Movie based on the book Legitime defense Stanislas-andré Steeman. Director Henri-Georges Clouzot the film stars suzy Delair as Jenny Lamour, Bernard Blier as Maurice Martineau, Louis Jouvet a ...


Jour de fête

Jour de fête is a 1949 French Comedy starring Jacques Tati in his feature directional debut film as inept and easily distracted postman in the backward French village. Largely filmed in and around Sainte-severe-sur-Indre, where the Tachi lived du ...


Cynthia (film)

Cynthia 1947 American Comedy-drama film starring Mary Astor, Elizabeth Taylor and George Murphy. The film is based on the play the rich, full life, Vina Delmar and was adapted by screenwriters Harold Buchman and Charles Kaufman.


Nuremberg Trials (film)

The Nuremberg trials is a 1947 Soviet production of a documentary film about the trials of the Nazi leadership. It was created by Roman Karmen, and was an English version of the Russian language film the peoples Court. Most of the film describes ...


Dark Passage (film)

Dark passage 1947 American crime Thriller film Directed by Delmer daves starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. The film is based on the novel of the same name in 1946 David Goodis. It was the third of four films real-life couple Bacall and B ...


La Symphonie pastorale (film)

La Pastoral Symphony is a 1946 French drama film Directed by me and starring michèle Morgan and Pierre Blanchard. The film is based on the novel La Pastoral Symphony Andre Gide and adapted to the screen by Jean Aurenche. The soundtrack to the fil ...


The Last Turning

The latest turn in the 1939 French film directed by Pierre Chenal, written by Charles Spaak and Henri Torres, based on the novel the Postman always rings twice James M. Cain.


San Antonio (film)

San Antonio 1945 Western film, "Technicolor", starring Errol Flynn, Alexis Smith. The picture was painted by W. R. Burnett and Alan Le may, and directed by David Butler, and also in the credits Robert Florey and Raoul Walsh. The film was nominate ...


Sumuru (2003 film)

Sumuru or Sax Rohmers Sumuru, cellulose 2003 science fiction film directed by Darrell Roodt cast: Alexandra Kamp and Michael shanks. This update Sumuru character created by pulp writer sax Rohmer.


Kolberg (film)

Kolberg 1945 German historical film directed by Veit Harlan. One of the last films of the Third Reich, it was intended as a Nazi propaganda piece to shore up the will of the German population to resist the allies. The film is based on the autobio ...


David Bek (film)

David Beck is a 1944 Soviet biographical adventure drama film directed by Hamo Beknazaryans film starring: Hrachya Nersesyan, Avet Avetisyan, and Hasmik film about David Beck Armenian nobleman and revolutionary and is based on the novel David Bek ...


Nebo Moskvy

The skies of Moscow, 1944 Soviet drama film directed by Yuli Raizman. The film is Soviet wartime film depicting the defense of Moscow in 1941.


For Whom the Bell Tolls (film)

For whom the bell tolls 1943 is an American war film produced and directed by Sam wood starring Gary Cooper, Ingrid Bergman, akim Tamiroff, and Katina Paxinou, Joseph Calleia. Screenwriter Dudley Nichols based his script for the 1940 novel for wh ...


The White Ship (1941 film)

The white ship 1941 Italian war film directed by Roberto Rossellini. Its membership is composed entirely of Amateur actors, a real crew of a hospital ship of the Italian Navy. The production was a work of propaganda intended for military purposes ...


Joan of Paris

Joan of Paris-1942 war film about five Royal air force pilots shot down over Nazi-occupied France during the Second World War and their attempt to escape to England. It stars michèle Morgan and Paul Henreid, Thomas Mitchell, Laird Cregar, and may ...


Munchhausen (film)

Its Munchhausen 1943 fantasy Comedy film Directed by Josef von Baku. Science fiction author David Wingrove noted that this work "sidesteps immediate political issues, and come up with marvellous visual images of an ageless pastoral Germany."



Missing the 2009 film, in 2009 South Korean film Director Kim Seong-Hun. Missing movie 1982, Costa-Gavras film starring Jack Lemmon and sissy Spacek. Missing the 2007 Film Dutch: Vermist, a Belgian film that was in 2007. the box office number one ...


Rosenstrasse (film)

RosenstraSe is a 2003 film directed Margarethe von Trotta starring Maria Schrader and Katja Riemann the. This applies to the Rosenstrasse protest of 1943.


Northern Pursuit

Northern pursuit 1943, American world war II film directed by Raoul Walsh starring: Errol Flynn as a member of the Royal canadian mounted police who tries to uncover a Nazi plot against the allied forces of the war. The film was created in Canada ...


Keeper of the Flame (film)

Guardian of the flame is a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 1943 drama film Directed by George cukor starring Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. The script by Donald Ogden Stewart, adapted from the novel Keeper of the flame I. A. R. Wylie. Hepburn plays the ...


In This Our Life

In this our life 1942 American drama film, the second directed by John Houston. Screenplay by Howard Koch based on the 1941 Pulitzer prize-winning novel of the same name, Ellen Glasgow. The cast included the established stars Bette Davis and Oliv ...


The Great King

Great King, 1942 German drama film Directed by Veit Harlan, starring Otto Gebuhr. It depicts the life of Frederick the Great, who ruled Prussia from 1740 to 1786. He received the rare "film of the nation" distinction. It was part of a popular cyc ...


The Red Terror (film)

The red terror is a 1942 German film Director Karl Ritter. Released after the collapse of the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact, notably, gross, oppressive image of the Communists.

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