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Ulrich von Guttingen

Ulrich von Guttingen was the abbot of the Abbey of Saint Gall from 1272 until his death. Ulrich came from a family of barons of Thurgau. He was a relative informed the Abbot Rudolf von Guttingen. He is not mentioned in any surviving sources befor ...


Ulrich von Veringen

Ulrich von Veringen was abbot of the Abbey of Saint Gall from 1199 to 1200. He descended from the counts of Veringen and was probably the son of Count Marquard von Veringen and a brother of Count Heinrich and Count Manegold von Veringen.


Walter von Trauchburg

Walter von Trauchburg was abbot of the abbey of Saint Gall from 1239 until 1244. He is descended from an Allgauer nobel family. His mother came from Guttingen.



Werdo was abbot of the Abbey of Saint Gall in St. Gallen. The diocesan priest Werdo was first mentioned in records in 778. After the resignation of Waldo von Reichenau in 784, was appointed Abbot of the monastery of St. gall, Bishop Egino von Kon ...



Werinher was custos und became the abbot of the Abbey of Saint Gall after 1 May 1133. After the tumultuous decades with elections of counter-abbots, the election processed surprisingly peacefully, as the chronicles emphasise. Werinher directed hi ...


Wilhelm von Montfort

By the end of the abbacy of Berchtold von Falkenstein died 10 June 1272, Count Rudolf of Habsburg began to restrict the influence the abbey had on the region of Thurgau. An election for the successor of Berchtold ended in conflicting results, giv ...



Ymmo succeeded Ekkehart I as dean in 973. Around the middle of January 976, he was elected abbot and invested by Emperor Otto II. In the records, he is mentioned three times as abbot: in 976, on 29 October 980 and in 981. He took sides with Emper ...


Ekkehard III

Ekkehard III was a monk of the Abbey of Saint Gall and a nephew of Ekkehard I and a cousin of Ekkehard II. He shared the educational advantages of his cousin and, at his invitation, accompanied him to Hohentwiel to superintend and direct the stud ...


Prior of Christ Church

Canterbury Cathedral began life as cathedral for its city, diocese and archdiocese, headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and run by a Dean. However, when the cathedral was re-formed as a monastic institution known as Christ Church Priory as wel ...


John of Sittingbourne

John of Sittingbourne was Archbishop of Canterbury-elect in 1232. John was a monk of the monastery of Christ Church, Canterbury, and was selected as the rector of Christ Church in 1222. John was elected to the Archbishopric on 16 March 1232, but ...


Thomas Robertson (priest)

Thomas Robertson was an English clergyman and Dean of Durham in the Tudor era. Robertson was from Yorkshire and scholar. In 1532 he published a grammar book dedicated to the Bishop of Lincoln and was rewarded by being appointed archdeacon of Leic ...


Robert of York

Robert of York was a medieval Bishop of Ely elect. Robert was elected to Ely about 14 April 1215, but his election was cancelled until 11 may 1219 in force until the election of Geoffrey de Burgo. Both elections were cancelled by the Pope Honoriu ...


Bartholomew de Sancto Laurentio


Reginald de Bugwell


Gregory Dodds


Andrew de Kilkenny


Thomas de Lechlade


Stephen Payn


William Peterson (priest)


John Pycot

John Pycot was Dean of Exeter between 1280 and 1283. Involved in the murder of one of the Bishop of Exeters men, Walter lechlade, so, at the end of Exeter Cathedral on 5 November 1283 the following local hostility, he was expelled in Dec 1285 in ...


Henry de Somerset


Roger de Toriz


Stephen Townesend


Ralph Tregrision


Thomas Walkyngton


Henry Webber (priest)


Edward Young (priest)


Hamelinus Decanus (Dean of Lincoln)

Hamelinus established a charter which allowed The order of St. Gilbert of Sempringham the creation of Alvingham Priory during the time of Pope Eugene III, between 1145 and 1153. The Charter also shows that the Church of Alvingham was given to Rob ...


Geoffrey (Dean of Lincoln)

He was appointed Dean of Lincoln between 1181 and 1182. In 1169, although according to some sources, this may be 1176 he was a Prebendary of Aylesbury. Not to be confused with Jeffrey, who was the Bishop of Lincoln and archdeacon of Lincoln. As G ...


Rila Literary School

The Rila Literary School is medieval and Renaissance at the same time, reflecting the transition from Middle Bulgarian to New Bulgarian in modern times. The guardian of the previous literary tradition, it represents and unites at the same time, t ...


Eadbald (bishop of London)

Eadbald was a medieval Bishop of London. Eadbald was consecrated between 793 and 796. He died between 796 and 798.



Theonus has been claimed to be the last British Archbishop of London who "fled to Wales" in 586 prior to the fall of the city of Londinium to the East Saxons during the Anglo-Saxon Invasion of Britain.


Dean of Salisbury

The Dean of Salisbury is the head of the chapter of Salisbury Cathedral in the Church of England. The Dean assists the archdeacon of Sarum and bishop of Ramsbury in the diocese of Salisbury.


Cerasi Chapel

The Cerasi Chapel or Chapel of the Assumption is one of the side chapels in the left transept of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome. It contains significant paintings by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio and Annibale Carracci, two of ...


Cybo-Soderini Chapel (Santa Maria del Popolo)

The Cybo-Soderini Chapel or the Chapel of the Crucifixion is a side chapel of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, Rome. Its most important works of art are the frescos of a Flemish artist, Pieter van Lint from c. 1636-37.


Feoli and Cicada Chapels (Santa Maria del Popolo)

The Chapel of Saint Thomas of Villanova and the Chapel of Saint Rita are two little chapels opening in the right transept of the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo. They are relatively insignificant in terms of artistic value compared to the othe ...


Mellini Chapel (Santa Maria del Popolo)

The Mellini or Saint Nicholas of Tolentino Chapel is the third chapel on the left-hand side of the nave in the Church of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome. The chapel contains several funeral monuments of the members of the Mellini family among them ...


Montemirabile Chapel (Santa Maria del Popolo)

The Montemirabile or Saint John the Baptist Chapel, otherwise the Baptistery is the first side chapel in the left aisle in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo.


Theodoli Chapel (Santa Maria del Popolo)

The Theodoli Chapel or Chapel of Saint Catherine "del Calice" in the Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo in Rome is an important monument of Roman Mannerism. Although less known than some of the other side chapels of the same church it is a major ...


Ralph Barlow (priest)

Ralph Barlow was the Dean of Wells between 1621 and 1631. His will was proved on 7 Nov 1631. Its a long document, starting with a mini-sermon with a listing of his children and his Churchs purpose. Then he laments his nameless extravagance of his ...


Benjamin Heydon


Matthew Brailsford


Thomas Bytton


Nicholas Carent


Samuel Creswicke


Edward of Cnoll


John Goodman (Dean of Wells)


John Herbert (priest)


Henry Husee


John of Carleton

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