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Pioneer Street

Pionerov street is the continuation of Boni Avenue East of Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue in East Manila, the Philippines. The street has four lanes for most of its course beginning at the EDSA junction in Barangka Eli, Mandaluyong, where traffic ...


Roosevelt Avenue, Quezon City

Roosevelt Avenue is the main North–South road, which serves the San Francisco del Monte, Philippines. It is located in Quezon city and runs between Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue to the North and Quezon Avenue to the South. It was named in memory ...


Robynsia glabrata

Robynsia is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the family Rubiaceae. He was described by John Hutchinson and was named in honor of his friend and colleague Walter robyns. The genus contains only one species, Robynsia glabrata, which is loca ...


Samson Road

Samson road is a major East–West street in Baguio, North of Manila, Philippines. The road is a continuation of Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue, linked to it through the monument roundabout to form a single through traffic. These roads are part of R ...


South Avenue

South Avenue is a short extension of Ayala Avenue North of Metropolitan Avenue in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. It forms the boundary between the Manila South cemetery in the Eastern and tropical town of Santa Cruz in the West, ran a few hun ...


Tramo Street

Street traditional campaign is a major local road in Pasay city, Philippines. It runs North to South from the street, Pablo Ocampo, on the border with Manila Avenue Andrews in Maricaban district. He is interrupted by Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue ...


Rua Santos Minho

Rua Santos Minho is a small street in póvoa de Varzim city center in Portugal. The area formerly known as Campo Das COBRAS is a historic venue for theatre, bullfighting and cinema in Povoa de Varzim.


Avenida Vasco da Gama

Avenida Vasco da Gama is a street in the Northern district of Povoa de Varzim, Portugal. This is one of the main streets of the city, hotels, banks, sports grounds, bars and the location in the city with the most buildings. It runs from Avenida d ...


Castle Street, Hay-on-Wye


Catherine Hill (Frome)


Earlham Road

The Earlham road is a road in Norwich, England linking the city centre to the area of Earlham to the West of the city and the Norwich southern bypass beyond.


Elgin Street, Bacup

Elgin Street is one of the shortest streets in the world at 17 feet. It is located in Bacup, Lancashire. He held the British record until November 2006, when it was discovered that Ebenezer place, Wick in Caithness, Scotland, constructed in 1883 ...


Elm Hill, Norwich

Elm hill, Norwich is an historic cobbled lane in Norwich, Norfolk with many buildings Dating back to the Tudor period. It is a famous Norwich appearance and characteristics of the Britons Coffee house hands, strangers club, Pettus house,Tea house ...


Land of Green Ginger

Land of green ginger is a narrow street at the bottom of Whitefriargate Kingston upon hull, England. There are various commercial and residential buildings along the street. Land of green ginger contains what may be a small window of the worlds, ...


Lombard Street, Petworth


Long Street (Tetbury)


Parade, Leamington Spa

Parade-0.51 km long street in the town of Royal Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, England. Runs in a North-South direction, it forms part of a more B4087, which runs from A445 to Leamington Spa in the B4086 to Wellesbourne. The road is the main shopp ...


Stonegate (York)


Walcot Street


Streets in Beeston, Nottinghamshire


Streets in Cumbria


Streets in Merseyside


Streets in Gloucester


Streets in Somerset



Giffordgate street in the town of haddington, East Lothian, Scotland. It runs next to the river Tyne, opposite St Marys Church and the Cathedral of the 12th century Nungate Bridge. Giffordgate connects to the coastal road, Ford road and the narro ...


Wind Street


McIntosh Road

McIntosh road is a historic birthplace of American route in the Northern part of Alabama and Georgia. He was named after a prominent Indian chief tribe of the Creek William McIntosh, head of the Lower city. He helped to improve it in the early 19 ...


Van Buren Street (Arizona)

Van Buren Street is the main street that runs through several municipalities in Maricopa County in Arizona. In one place the road was at the same time the route from highway 60 us 70 us 80 and us 89.


Dickson Street

The West Dickson street commercial historic district, known as Dickson street, the square in the center of the city of Fayetteville, Arkansas near the campus of the University of Arkansas. It is lined with several bars, restaurants and shops in t ...


Charter Oak Place

Charter oak place is a street in the southern part of the city of Hartford, Connecticut. Laid out in the 1860-ies, its residential character, as opposed to commercial development, which prevails around him. Streets, buildings, built between the e ...


Blackstone Avenue

Blackstone Avenue is a major arterial roadway in Fresno, California, USA, running from Stanislaus and o streets near the center of the city on highway 41 North-Eastern part of the city. This street is the venue of many historical buildings, as we ...


Streets in Alameda County, California


Streets in Contra Costa County, California


Streets in Los Angeles County, California


Streets in Marin County, California


Streets in Orange County, California


Streets in Riverside County, California


Streets in Sacramento County, California


Streets in San Bernardino County, California


Streets in San Diego County, California


Streets in San Mateo County, California


Streets in Santa Clara County, California


Streets in Ventura County, California


Chivington Drive

Chivington drive was a street in Longmont, Colorado, USA, which was named in 1977 after Colonel John Chivington the leader responsible for the massacre at sand Creek in 1864. However, the name has caused controversy with proposals to change its n ...


Skyline Drive (Colorado)

Skyline drive scenic roadway in cañon city, Colorado. It was built by prisoners in 1905. The road starts from U.S. highway 50 with a gradual incline up the side of the ridge. When the road crests, it winds, rises and falls like a roller coaster u ...


Beach Boulevard (Jacksonville)

Beach Boulevard East–West road running from Jacksonville, Florida, United States East to Jacksonville beach. A large part of the road is part of route 90 and Unsigned as state road 212, and a small area in the Eastern part of unsigned County road ...


Roads in Miami


Victory Drive (Savannah, Georgia)

Drive Victory street length of about 4.5 km from the water crossing of roads in the Western Savannah, Georgia in the Central part of the zipper where it ends. It is fully part of highway 80 and Georgia state route No. 26.


Cermak Road

Sermak road, also known as 22nd street, is a 19 mile long, major East–West street in Chicagos near South and West sides and the center of the Western suburbs. In the numbering system of the streets of Chicago, Cermak is 2200 South, or twenty-two ...


Western Avenue (Chicago)

Western Avenue is a street in the city of Chicago. Western Avenue extends South as a continuous road to the Dixie highway at Sibley Boulevard in Dixmoor, giving the road a total length of 27.38 miles. Western Avenue, after turning to St. Asbury, ...

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