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Acomo (Amsterdam Commodities)

Amsterdam commodities NV Acomo is an international group of companies with core business is the production and marketing of agricultural products. Principal trading subsidiary companies of the goods, the Amsterdam mattress international B. V. in ...


Netherlands Airport Consultants

Netherlands airport consultants is to advise on the airport and engineering firm. NACO with its headquarters in the Hague, Netherlands and has branches and / or representative offices in South Africa, Mexico, Taiwan and the United Arab Emirates. ...


SPI International

SPI International BV is a privately held international media company based in the Netherlands. It operates 35 television channels in five continents, with 45 million subscribers.


Scott Brothers (locomotive manufacturers)

It was founded in the early 1870s when John Lee Scott and his brother George bought an existing foundry for business on Durham street in Christchurch. In 1876, one acre lot was purchased at 65 Manchester street in the city centre, and built a new ...


Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjorke

Forlagshuset Vigmostad & Bjorke is the fourth largest Publishing house in Norway. The company was started in 1990 Arno Vigmostad and Bjorke Arstein. It publishes literature and textbooks, and has both physical and online bookstores. In the last 1 ...


Tripps Båtservice

Tripov Båtservice as Norwegian passenger ferry operating company, which serves the route from Trondheim to Munkholmen island. It is open Saturday and Sunday 12:30 to 1:30 PM




88DB.com Philippines

88DB.COM in the Philippines portal of Internet advertising, which is a database of individuals, businesses and organizations offering goods and services. From 22 December 2018, the website is no longer in operation. 88DB.com covers eight countrie ...


Express Telecom

Express Telecommunication Company, Inc. is a subsidiary company of VEGA Telecom. It was the first mobile network in the Philippines, telephone operator and operates an analog network amps.


Lodz agglomeration railway


Energy Retail Company of Bashkortostan


Grupo Compas

The group "compass", which trades as sellers of alloy valve, industrial alloy valve stockist and distributor based out of Barcelona, Spain and is recognized as one of the fastest growing service companies in Spain. Their customers come from three ...


Civeta Investment

Civeta investment S. A., Madrid is a company that invests in Internet startups. Civeta was established in March 2013, several Spanish business angels from a variety of industries. In connection with the publication of the 2015 review, the company ...


EQT Ventures

EQUIPMENT enterprises is the venture capital division to the Swedish company EQT partners. In may 2016 EQT enterprises announced its first Fund of € 566m. The Fund makes minority investments in technology stocks of companies with growth potential ...



Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Annex Mentimeter was started by Swedish entrepreneur johnny Warstrom as a response to unproductive meetings. The initial budget was 500.000$, raised by a group of major investors, including Appelgren in 2014, following ...


Seamless Distribution Systems

Seamless distribution system is a technology provider and business solutions. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is publicly listed on Nasdaq first North Premier. Currently, the company operates in more than 30 markets in Africa, Asia, ...



Shootitlive is a Swedish company founded in 2008 by Martin levy and Eivind Vogel-Rodin, providing photo and video services for photographers equipped with cameras to transfer photos and videos wirelessly to the Internet. Shootitlives the main off ...



TRS Travelright services Ab is a Swedish consumer rights Bureau spetsializiruyutsya on helping passengers claim compensation from airlines when their flight was delayed, cancelled or overbooked. According to the EU legal regulation 261 / 2004, al ...


Gruner AG

Gruner AG, with headquarters in Basel, is a Swiss engineering services company. It has 21 branches on 33 sites in Switzerland, Europe and international. Business activities include project development, General planning and consulting tasks in the ...


Banca dello Stato del Cantone Ticino

The Bank Dello stato del Cantone Ticino, a Swiss cantonal Bank which is part of the 24 cantonal banks serving Switzerlands 26 cantons. Founded in 1915, the Bank Dello stato del Cantone Ticino in 2014 21 branches in Ticino with 448 employees, the ...


Aquarion AG

Genesis of aquarion AG with headquarters in Baar, Switzerland, is a company specializing in wastewater treatment and water purification systems for the oil and gas industry, energy sector and other process industries.


Jacobs Holding

Jacobs holding AG is an investment company based in Zurich founded in 1994 by Klaus Johann Jacobs, who evolved from Jacobs Suchard AG. After the sale of 10.1% of SDS in 2014, the emphasis is on 50.1% stake in Barry photo energize and make you smi ...


Manufacturing companies based in New Taipei


Çelikler Holding

Çelikler holding, is a conglomerate in Turkey, with businesses in the construction industry, concrete production, energy and mining services. Because of its coal-fired power plants in Turkeys large private sector sources of greenhouse gas emissio ...


Diler Holding

The dealer is holding, a conglomerate in Turkey with the enterprises of metallurgy, energy, ports, banks and tourism. Because of its large coal-fired power plant in Turkey, is a large private sector sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Turkey.



IÇDAS, is a conglomerate in Turkey, with businesses in the construction industry, concrete production, energy and mining services. Because of its coal-fired power plants in Turkey, is a large private sector sources of greenhouse gas emissions in ...



MentalUP is an online gaming platform for children from 6 to 15 years. It supports children in developing psychological as well as attention, memory, problem solving, logic, visual and verbal skills. The platform contains more than 60 scientific ...


Investment Capital Ukraine

ICU in Kiev financial group, which includes three business areas: retail, investment banking and asset management on the basis of. The group is owned by its top management. Control ICUS are Makar Pasenyuk and Konstantin Stetsenko. For 2007-2014 C ...



Infomir is a Ukrainian company that produces industrial and consumer electronics and software products. The group of companies covering up to 4% of the global IPTV / OTT set-top market window and delivers products in more than 160 countries. Main ...


Companies based in Abbeville, Alabama


Companies based in Albertville, Alabama


Companies based in Alexander City, Alabama


Companies based in Anniston, Alabama


Companies based in Decatur, Alabama


Companies based in Dothan, Alabama


Companies based in Enterprise, Alabama


Companies based in Chandler, Arizona


Companies based in Scottsdale, Arizona


Companies based in Little Rock, Arkansas


Companies based in Agoura Hills, California


Companies based in Aliso Viejo, California


Companies based in Bakersfield, California


Companies based in Berkeley, California


Companies based in Burbank, California


Companies based in Burlingame, California


Companies based in Calabasas, California


Companies based in Carlsbad, California


Companies based in Chico, California


Companies based in Colfax, California


Companies based in Brea, California

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