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City Kickboxing

City kickboxing mixed martial arts gym in Auckland, New Zealand. Gym features professional fighters who have participated in many major promotions such as championship fights without rules, Bellator and one championship.


Deans of Auckland



In Graperide is a Bicycle race held annually near Blenheim, New Zealand. The first launch in 2005, past winners of the race include Robin Reid and Anthony Chapman. The number of participants attempting to enter a trip grapes, growing - due to the ...


Childers Road Reserve

Childers road reserve Gisborne, New Zealand. It was the home ground of Gisborne city AFC and was the venue of several national team and the professional football matches of the club.


Rail transport in Nelson, New Zealand


Hokowhitu Lagoon

Hokowhitu lagoon, also sometimes called the centennial lagoon is a natural OX-bow is located in Palmerston North, New Zealand. Hokowhitu was created from a meander of the river Manawatu. Many features surround the lagoon, including trails, campus ...


The Datsuns

The Datsuns is a hard rock band from Cambridge, New Zealand formed in 2000. To date they have released six albums and several singles, most of which have charted in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Deep sleep, their last album was released in ...


Victoria Bridge, Cambridge, New Zealand

The Victoria bridge is hinged braced arch bridge in New Zealand, linking Cambridge with Leamington Spa and across the river Waikato.


Lawrence lions


Lake Papaitonga

Lake Papaitonga is located in the Horowhenua, the area South Manawatū-Wanganui region in the North island of new Zealand. Part of the Papaitonga scenic reserve, in 135 hectares of forest and wetlands, is the only remaining lake is bordered by und ...


Buildings and structures in Lower Hutt


Ōtaki Health Camp

Ōtaki health camp was new zealands first permanent camp health was founded in 1932. The camp was founded in the North island town of Otaki, New Zealand. The camp closed in June 2018. Temporary health camps were organized during the First World wa ...


State planning in Porirua

In the era of post-war shortage of housing in Wellington has led to increased housing construction. The satellite community of Porirua, 20 km from the capital of New Zealand, Wellington was a collection of planned suburban development to meet thi ...


Buildings and structures in Porirua


Cornerstone Roots

Cornerstone roots are a successful contemporary New Zealand reggae band from Raglan / Whaingaroa in the Waikato. Established in 2001 after a session at the infamous local Raglan musicians club, the original three-piece outfit singer / songwriter ...


Lake Waitamoumou

Brown clay lies in the dunes, which limits the rate of seepage through the dunes, forming lakes, where the pre-dune blocked the valley. The bottom of the lake and stream at Awhitu Sands. Theyre about a million years and consists of pumiceous cros ...



Kaitoke, part of upper Hutt city is a neighborhood in the southern part of the North island of New Zealand. It is located on the Northern end of the Hutt valley, 45 kilometres northeast of Wellington and six kilometers from the Northern tip of th ...


Buildings and structures in Upper Hutt


Buildings and structures in Wellington City


Streets in Wellington City


Cities in Abia State


Cities in Akwa Ibom State


Cities in Anambra State


Cities in Delta State


Cities in Ebonyi State


Cities in Enugu State


Cities in Imo State


Towns in Abia State


Towns in Akwa Ibom State


Towns in Anambra State


Towns in Delta State


Towns in Enugu State


Towns in Imo State



Alayi is a suburban town in bende local government area Abia state, Nigeria. It is approximately 100 kilometres from ABA, a commercial city of Eastern Nigeria, approximately 100 km from airport Owerri, 32 km from Umuahia, capital of Abia, 13 km f ...


Amaba, Isuikwuato

Abama is a community under Isuikwuato local government area in Abia state in southeastern Nigeria. The name ISU-Ikwu-ATO translated from the Igbo as the three of the ISU family or genus, and refers to the three lines that make up Isuikwuato.



Amaozara is a village located in bende local government area in Abia state, Nigeria. It consists of four compounds: Jerzy Ukwu, Egwu Jerzy Okoro and ear.



Amawom is one of the 18 villages of the oboro clan in the local government area of Ikwuano in Abia state. It has 9 hamlets, including Mbakamanu, Agbommiri, Umuobia, Mbachukwu, Umuokom, Mgbaja, yeah, Mbaisara and Amaya. Mbakamanu is the largest of ...


Elemaga, Ibere, Ikwuano, Abia State, Nigeria.

Elemaga a small farming village in Ibere, Ikwuano, Abia, Nigeria. Elemaga is located in the centre Inyila, Isiala-Ibere, Ahijah ori Iberenta, Inyilu, Itunta and Oburo food belt Ibere, about 15 km South-West of Umuahia, the Abia capital. Elemaga i ...



Igbere is one of the main clans of the tribe of Igbo in modern Nigeria. Igbere is a dialect of Igbo language. Igbere town has a land border with the following cities: Alayi, item, Umuhu and all Ozuitem in bende local government area and Abiriba i ...


Udo, Nigeria

UDO not without folklore told to the people by their ancestor and passed down from generation to generation. There are no written records showing the exact date of their ancestors settled in this place. Whatever it was, those who were verse in or ...



Umukabia is a village in the Ohuhu community of Umuahia North local government area, Abia state, Nigeria. There are several other villages in Nigeria with the same name. Umukabia consists of 3 small villages, namely, Okpuala as a senior, then Umu ...


Villages in Abia State



Hildy district is located in the state of Adamawa in Northern Nigeria. Mararaba Mubi is located in the region Hildy. Traditionally, Hildy is also known as the highlands. Hildy tribes speaks the language of marki. Marki Hildy is one of the largest ...


Mararaba Mubi

Mararaba Mubi is a small town under hildi district local government district Hong Kong, the city consists of different tribes and languages, kilbe, marki and Fulanis. It is about 15 kilometers from the city of Mubi, Nigeria. The main economic act ...



Mubi has three universities: Federal Polytechnic, Mubi, College of health technology campus Mubi, Adamawa state University, Mubi.



Ekparakwa the city, and also one of the nine clans, located in Oruk Anam local government area of the state of Akwa Ibom state, the southern region of Nigeria.


Ikot Ibritam

Ikot Ibritam-a rural settlement and the headquarters of the local government Oruk Anam local government area. This clan Inen as one of the nine administrative districts in Oruk Anam


Inen Clan

Inen known as Ekeffe Inen is one of the nine clans in Oruk Anam local government area. And is numbered as one of the nine administrative districts of Anam Oruk with people who speak Annang language in Akwa Ibom state in southern Nigeria.


Ntak Ibesit

Ntak Ibesit is located in a densely populated rural town in the state of Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria. The city was marked on the production and trade of palm oil and kernel. In recognition of its strategic importance, the colonial administration e ...


Obio Akpa

Obio Akpa is a city located in the northeast Central part Oruk Anam local government area. It is also one of the nine administrative regions / districts, known as Obio Akpa clan in the region of Akwa Ibom, southern Nigeria

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