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FKP Architects

FKP architects is a large American architectural firm based in Houston, Texas. She specializiruetsya on the design of major academic, research, scientific, and medical projects.


Omniplan (architects)

Drafting of production plans, founded by George Harrell and EG Hamilton, was established in 1956 to provide services and design in the field of architecture, interior design and planning. Much of their work has focused on large retail, corporate ...


C. H. Page & Brother


PBK Architects

PBK is a full service architectural design firm with headquarters in Houston, Texas. The firm provides clients with all services related to Architecture, design, interior Design, planning, technology, services and consulting. Although PBC has a l ...


Rottet Studio

He Studio is an international architecture and design firm based in Houston, Texas. The firm was founded by Lauren, he in 2008 and has offices in Los Angeles, California, new York, new York, and a presence in Asia, in Hong Kong and Shanghai, Chin ...


Sanguinet, Staats & Hedrick


Urban Design Group

Group urban design is a professional activity in the field of architecture, interiors, planning and urban design, with Studios in Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas.


Chappell & Burke


Chappell & Smith


Packard & Tyrie


Miller & Mahood


Daniels & Cook


Miller Hull

Miller hull partnership architectural firm based in Seattle, Washington, founded by David Miller and Robert hull. Firms, major works in the field of municipal, commercial and residential architecture reflects the modernist aesthetics and focus on ...


Link & Rasque


MG2 (company)

Мг2 architectural firm based in Seattle, Washington, USA. Мг2 is among the 50 largest architectural firms and the top two retail designers in the world. Firm design retail stores and centers, corporate offices and interiors, as well as multi-purp ...


Olson Kundig Architects

Olson Kundig, an American architectural firm based in Seattle, was founded by architect Jim Olson in 1967. The current principal owners include Jim Olson, faia, Tom Kundig, faia Kirsten R. Murray, AIA and Alan Maskin and Kevin M. Kudo-King. The O ...


Claude and Starck

Claude and Starck was an architectural firm in Madison, Wisconsin, at the turn of the twentieth century. Firm partnership Louis W. Claude and Edward F. Starck. Founded in 1896, the firm dissolved in 1928. The company has developed more than 175 w ...


Ferry & Clas

Ferry & Clas were architectural firms in Wisconsin. He designed many buildings that are listed on the National register of historic places. George Bowman ferry and Alfred Charles Clas were partners.


Johnsen Schmaling Architects

Johnsen Schmaling architects-architecture firm located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, where it was founded in 2003, Brian Johnsen and Sebastian Schmaling. The office is located in a former Shoe factory on Brady street area of Milwaukee. Participan ...


Kirchoff & Rose

Kirchoff and rose, was an architectural firm in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The partnership started in 1894 between Charles Kirchhoff, Jr. and Thomas Leslie rose. Some of them are listed on the National register of historic places.


Koch & Hess


Arnold F. Meyer & Co.

Arnold F. Meyer and / or his firm the Arnold F. Meyer & Co. was a Builder in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The firm was registered in 1924. Meyer and his firm built a number of buildings by the architect Ernest Flagg that are listed on the National regis ...


Van Ryn & DeGelleke

Van Ryn & DeGelleke was an architectural firm in Wisconsin. This partnership Henry George. Van Ryn and Gerrit Jacob DeGelleke, both of whom grew up in Milwaukee. A number of his works are listed on the U.S. national register of historic places. W ...


Filmtec Corporation

FilmTec Corporation, USA the company was founded in Minnesota in 1977, which specializiruetsya on the production of new thin-film composite membranes used in water treatment. In August 1984, the company was acquired by the Dow chemical company th ...


Texas Dow Employees Credit Union

Texas Dow employees credit Union is a credit Union based in lake Jackson, Texas, 40 additional branches in Texas. TDECU is the largest Houston-area credit Union and the fourth largest in Texas, more than 263.000 members and assets.05 billion as a ...


DuPont Village Historic District

DuPont village historic district is a historic district and close to DuPont, Washington. It is roughly bounded Brandywine St., DuPont St., Santa Cruz, and Penniman Saint the village was initially built by chemical company DuPont in the framework ...


Harmony (RealNetworks)




Angel Rifles

The angel M80 rifle 7.62×51mm single shot target rifle designed and made in New South Wales in Australia bill an angel in the 1980-ies. The actions of the angel was one of the first solid cylindrical target type actions in this country. It follow ...


Schultz & Larsen

Schultz & Larsen is a Danish rifle and silencer manufacturing company, which was founded in 1919 in Otterup. In 1994 it was acquired by jørgen Nielsen, and plants divided between Otterup and Rask MOLLE near Horsens. Currently, the company owns Mo ...



The machine is a trademark used Chapuis Armes beginning in 1998, and located in Saint-bonnet-Le-Chateau, France to designate the Manurhin MR73 plant family revolver. The machine is also used to assign the manufacture de machines Du Haut-Rhine, th ...


Spice (bomb)

"Spice" is an Israeli developer, EO / GPS-guided guidance kit for converting air drop unguided bombs into precision guided bombs. A derivative of Popeye AGM-142 is a dream "air-surface" missile, the "spice" is a product of Israeli company Rafael ...


Spike (ATGM)

The Israeli spike is fire and forget anti-tank and anti-personnel missile with a tandem-charge heat warhead, currently in its fourth generation. It was developed by the Israeli company Rafael advanced defense system. It is available on portable, ...



The cradle was in the Soviet aircraft engine design Bureau and manufacturer from 1938 until the 1990s, when manufacturing and design elements were merged into NPO Saturn based at Rybinsk. OKB imeni Bassinet had its roots in the "Kharkiv aviation ...


General Dynamics land vehicles


General Dynamics Mission Systems


Direct Attack Guided Rocket

Direct attack missile weapon system under development "Lockheed Martin". The goal of the program is to provide a low cost 2.75 inch precision guided rocket which is compatible with existing Hellfire II systems and launchers in service. The system ...


Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories

Lockheed Martin advanced technology laboratories Department of Lockheed Martin with headquarters in cherry hill, new Jersey, which specializiruetsya in the field of applied research and development. Additional services located in Eagan, Minnesota ...


Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

The Lockheed Martin missiles and fire control is one of the four major Lockheed Martin business areas. MFC provides air and missile defense systems, tactical missiles and missiles air-to-ground precision strike weapon systems, logistics, fire con ...


Lockheed Martin Orincon

Corporation Lockheed Martin Orincon is a system integration and information technology company that supports the position of Lockheed Martins in the intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance industry.


Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems

Lockheed Martin rotary and the mission system, formerly known as system and mission sensors and mission system and training, a business segment of Lockheed Martin, with headquarters in Washington, DC. Until October 2008, MST has been with the hea ...


Lockheed Martin Systems Integration – Owego

Lockheed Martin systems integration – Owego was a subsidiary of Lockheed-Martin, in the field of electronic systems, located in owego, new York, about 4.000 people. It was known as the Federal systems Lockheed Martin. Founded as IBM Federal syste ...


Lockheed Martin Transportation & Security Solutions

Lockheed Martin transportation and security solutions is a division of Lockheed Martin, made up of a combination control unit air conditioning Lockheed Martins traffic with several other systems integration business units. LMTSS focuses on air tr ...


Texas State Highway Spur 341


Former Lockheed Martin companies


Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services

Raytheon intelligence, information and services-a business unit of Raytheon company headquartered in DULLES, Virginia. IIS specializiruetsya in the field of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, advanced solutions in the field of cyber s ...


XCOR/ULA rocket engine


SSM-N-9 Regulus II

In SSM-N-9 cruise missile Regulus II was a supersonic guided missile armed with a nuclear warhead, intended for launching from surface ships and submarines of the U.S. Navy.




Jay Turser

Jay Turser guitars is an American manufacturer of musical instruments, currently mark DeWitt & Ganser, a division of jam industries. Since its inception, Jay Turser produces electric and acoustic guitars. In 2008 Jay Turser signed a contract with ...

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