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Restore is a generic USB driver provided by Microsoft for operating systems starting with Windows Vista but which is also available for Windows XP. It is aimed at simple devices that have access to only one application at a time. This app gives d ...


Microsoft Windows sample music


Screenshots of Windows 3.x


Screenshots of Windows 7


Screenshots of Windows 8


Screenshots of Windows 10


Radeon Pro

Radeon Pro is AMDS brand of professional-oriented processors. He replaced Mark AMDS series in 2016. Compared to the Radeon brand for the mass consumer / gamer products, the Radeon Pro brand designed for use in workstations running computer-aided ...


Advanced Micro Devices graphics cards ATI brand


Graphics display resolution

The graphics display resolution is the width and height size of the electronic device visual display such as a monitor, in pixels. Certain combinations of width and height are standardized and typically given a name and disadvantages that charact ...


Mode 13h

Mode 13H is a standard 256 color mode on the graphics hardware for VGA introduced in 1987 with IBM PS / 2. It has a resolution of 320×200 pixels. It has been used widely in computer games and art / animation software in the late 1980s and early-m ...


Mode X

Mode X is an alternative graphical display mode of the IBM VGA graphics card, which was popularized by Michael Abrash. It was first published in July 1991 in the journal, Dr. Dobbs, and republished in chapters 47-49 of Abrashs graphics programmin ...


Hudson Soft HuC6280

In the HuC6280 8-bit microprocessor is Japanese company Hudson soft is an improved version of the WDC 65C02 CPU, an upgraded CMOS version of the popular MOS technology Mos 6502 8-bit processor manufactured on the Hudson, approved by Seiko Epson a ...


Nintendo SA-1


WDC 65C02

The Western design Center 65C02 microprocessor is an upgraded CMOS version of the popular NMOS-based 8-bit mos technology 6502. In 65C02 fixed a few issues in the original 6502 and added a few new commands. However, its main feature was the signi ...


WDC 65C134

Western design center W65C134S microcontroller fully static 8-bit computer fabricated on a single chip using CMOS low power. In W65C134S complements the existing and growing line of products 65хх and has a wide range of applications of the microc ...



Control Of Energy Consumption. Available in 3.3 and 5V. 0-16.78 MHz or 0-25.16 MHz. 32 Address Lines, 16 Data Lines. The system integration module incorporates many functions typically relegated to external pals, TTL, and ASIC. 144-pin Ceramic Qu ...


Motorola 68008

Processor Motorola 68008 is 8 / 16 / 32-bit microprocessor made by Motorola. This version of the Motorola 68000 with 8 bit external data bus and lower address bus. The original 68000 introduced in 1979, has 24-bit address bus and 16-bit data bus. ...


Motorola 68020

The Motorola 68020 is a 32-bit microprocessor from Motorola, released in 1984. It is the successor to the Motorola 68010 and comes to the Motorola 68030. Was a lower cost version is also available, known as the 68EC020. In accordance with the pra ...


Motorola 68030

The Motorola 68030 is a 32-bit microprocessor family Motorola 68000. It was released in 1987. On the 68030 was the successor to the Motorola 68020, and was followed by the Motorola 68040. In accordance with General Motorola naming, this CPU is of ...


Motorola 68040

The Motorola 68040 32-bit microprocessor from Motorola, released in 1990. It is the successor to the 68030 and is accompanied by a 68060. No 68050. In compliance with the General naming Motorola, 68040 is often referred to simply as 040. In Apple ...



ARM9 is a group of older 32-bit RISC ARM processor cores licensed by ARM Holdings for use of the microcontroller. In the core of the ARM9 family consists of the ARM9TDMI, ARM940T, ARM9E-s ARM966E-s, in the ARM920T, ARM922T, ARM946E-s ARM9EJ-s pro ...



PWRficient is the name of series of microprocessors designed by P. A. semi where the PA6T-1682M was the only one who became a real product. The PWRficient processors complies with a 64-bit architecture ISA, and is designed to provide high perform ...



In the hyperSPARC, code-named "pinnacle", is a microprocessor that implements version 8 of the SPARC architecture instruction set architecture developed by Ross technology Cypress semiconductor. In hyperSPARC was introduced in 1993, and competed ...



































Despite its small die size and low power-usage made the processor much cheaper to manufacture, it never gained much market share. By winchip C6 was a competitor for Intel Pentium and Pentium MMX processors the performance of the 6x86 and AMD K5 / ...






Replay system

The replay system is a little-known subsystems within the processor of Intel of Pentium 4. Its main function is to catch transactions that had been mistakenly sent for execution by the scheduler processors. Operations intercepted by the playback ...



The UMC green CPU is x86-compatible microprocessor manufactured by UMC, a Taiwanese company producing semiconductor components, in the early - mid 1990-ies. It was proposed in the alternative, the Intel 80486 with which it is compatible at the co ...


Macintosh LC family

The Macintosh LC is a family of personal computers designed, manufactured and sold by Apple computer Corporation. from 1990 to 1997. Embedded Macintosh classic Is and as part of the new wave of cheap computers Macintosh LC offer the same performa ...


PowerBook 140

On the PowerBook 140 was released in the first row of the audiovisual show. It was the middle of the laptop between the low-end 100 and 170. As with the PowerBook 170, and unlike the 100, this PowerBook features an internal floppy drive. Code nam ...


PowerBook 160

On the PowerBook 160 is a portable computer that was released by Apple computer along with the PowerBook 145 and PowerBook 180 in October 1992. At that time he was a model of mid-range replacing the previous PowerBook 140 in processing power. The ...


PowerBook 170

The PowerBook 170 was released by Apple. in 1991 along with the PowerBook 100 and the PowerBook 140. Identical in form factor to the 140, it was the high end of the original PowerBook line with faster 25 MHz Motorola 68030 processor with floating ...


PowerBook 190, PowerBook 190cs

On the PowerBook 190 and its companion 190cs are laptop notebooks Apple computer production under its brand of laptop available on the market in August 1995. These two models differ only in their screen: the 190 had a 9.5" greyscale display, whil ...

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