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Zodiac Nautic

Hotel Nautic zodiac is a French company known for its widely used inflatable boats. Hotel Nautic zodiac finds its origins in" Zodiac airships and aircraft of the French company”, specializiruetsya in the production of airships. In the 1930-ies Pi ...


X Shore

X-shore is a Swedish manufacturer of electric boat, which produces all-electric yacht. The company was founded in 1996 by the Swedish entrepreneur K. Bergstrom, and has its roots with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The first prototype was dev ...


Zalyv Shipbuilding yard


Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding Company

Alabama in the dock and shipbuilding company located in mobile, Alabama, was one of the largest marine production facilities in the United States of America in the 20th century. He began his work in 1917, and expanded considerably during the Seco ...


Atlantic Basin Iron Works

Atlantic iron construction of the pool was ship repair and conversion facility, which operated in Brooklyn, new York, from the late 19th to mid-20th century. He converted many ships for military purposes during the Second world war. Founded befor ...


Atlantic Marine

For the marine ecozone of the northwest Atlantic Ocean, see Atlantic Marine Ecozone CEC. Atlantic marine was an American shipbuilding and construction company. She worked two shipyards, one in Mobile, Alabama and the original venue for corporate ...


Bethlehem Atlantic Works

Bethlehem Atlantic construction in East Boston, Massachusetts, was at the plant in the United States from 1853 until 1982. She belonged to the Bethlehem shipbuilding company. It is located directly West of East Boston immigration station.


Bethlehem Hingham Shipyard

The Bethlehem Hingham shipyard of hingham, Massachusetts, was at the plant in the United States from 1941 until 1945. Located on Weymouth back river, it was owned by the Bethlehem shipbuilding company and operated near the river front yard. For t ...


Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock Company

Federal shipbuilding and drydock company was a United States shipyard, active from 1917 to 1948. It was founded during the First world war to build ships for the shipping Board of the United States. During the Second world war, they built ships, ...


General Engineering & Dry Dock Company

General engineering & dry dock company was a shipbuilding company in Alameda, California that was active from the 1920s to 1940s years. Relatively little is known about the history of the plant, but the company built ships for the southern Pacifi ...


Gulfport Shipbuilding Corporation


Lake Torpedo Boat

Founded on the shores of Simon lake in 1912, the company was located in the East end of seaview Avenue in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Most submarines completed by the lake torpedo boat was completed from 1918 to 1922. Firms competed with the electri ...


Monongahela and Ohio Steam Boat Company

Monongahela and Ohio steam boat company was the second company for trading steamer on the rivers West of the Allegheny mountains. The company was founded in 1813 under the leadership of Elisha hunt with headquarters in his store which was located ...


Seattle Construction and Drydock Company

The construction of the Seattle dock company was a shipbuilding company based in Seattle, Washington. Formally established in 1911, the shipyard could trace its history back to 1882, when Robert Moran opened a marine repair shop on Yeslers Wharf. ...


Seattle-Tacoma Shipbuilding Corporation

Seattle-Tacoma shipbuilding Corporation of the United States, which built ships for the U.S. Navy and merchant Navy during the Second world war. The shipyard had existed since 1920-ies as part of the Todd dry Dock and construction company, but wa ...


Victory Destroyer Plant

The destroyer plant Victory became the us naval Shipyard works from 1918 to 1920 in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was then reused as a civilian airport and later a naval air station Squantum. She belonged to the Bethlehem shipbuilding Corporation and ...


W. & A. Fletcher Company

V. & A. Fletcher Co. American manufacturer of marine boilers and steam engines for steamboats on the Hudson river in the Great lakes region, long island, and elsewhere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The company was founded in 1853 and ...


West Bay City Shipbuilding Company

The West Bay city shipbuilding company was founded in 1876 in West Bay city, Michigan Frank W. Wheeler, who was a ship captain on the Great lakes, Shipbuilder and politician. The yard began its life as a Wheeler & crane. In 1880 it was renamed th ...


Green Point Naval Boatyard

Green Point naval shipyard was a shipyard on the South Bank of the PARRAMATTA river in green point, Mortlake, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. During the Second world war, 20 fairmile B launches were assembled from pre-fabricated buildings in ...


H.M. Dockyard (Sydney)

His Majestys docks in Sydney, also known as kings of the shipyard, was built in 1797 on the Western shore of Sydney Cove by order of Governor John hunter. In 1833, the shipyard was closed.


Fore River Shipyard


Sullivan Drydock and Repair Corporation

Sullivan Dock and repair Corporation was a shipyard located in Brooklyn, new York. It was located near 23rd street in the Greenwood heights / sunset Park, in the pool of tebo. Sullivan DD&amp RTS built by hunters for submarines, and rebuilt, repa ...


Lake Washington Shipyard

Lake Washington shipyards was a shipyard in the Northwest United States, located in Houghton, Washington, on the shores of lake Washington, East of Seattle. Today at the shipyard site Carillon point business Park lakeside. In the shipyards built ...


Brooklyn Navy Yard


Asheville-class gunboat

The Asheville -class gunboats were a class of small military ships built for the U.S. Navy in response to the Cuban missile crisis. A class called the city in the Western part of North Carolina and County of buncomb. Most Asheville -class gunboat ...


Peterson Builders

Peterson Builders incorporated was an American designer of small and medium naval, commercial and other ships and boats. The company maintained the shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, spare parts and business organization in Virginia beach, Virg ...


Asheville-class gunboats


SS Caddo (1941)


SS Calusa


SS Catawba


SS Colina


SS Conastoga (1942)


SS Corsicana (1941)


Type T2-A tankers


Type T2-SE-A1 tankers


Type T2-SE-A2 tankers


Type T2-SE-A3 tankers


Type T2 tankers of the United States Navy


S.G. Simpson (sternwheeler)

S. G. Simpson was developed by captain ed Gustafson and built in 1907 at Tacoma, Washington in the shipyard of Crawford and Reid Shelton for the transport company to replace the city of Shelton to Olympia-Shelton route. She was accompanied, 115.2 ...


USS Agile (AMc-111)

USS shifty was a lively -class inshore minesweeper acquired by the U.S. Navy for the dangerous task of removing mines from minefields laid in the water to prevent ships from passing. Agile -- wooden hull inshore minesweeper - was purchased by the ...


USS Great Lakes (AD-30)

USS Great lakes was planned Shenandoah tender destroyer class Navy of the United States. Great lakes was laid down on 16 April 1945 at Todd Pacific shipyards in Seattle. It was canceled on 7 January 1946, when she was about 20% full.


SS Juan de Fuca


Ships built in Houghton, Washington


Ships built in Tacoma, Washington


Ships built in Vancouver, Washington


Steamboats built at Dockton, Washington


Bethlehem Works

Bethlehem works-a 120 hectare site in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, based on land formerly owned by Bethlehem steel. The company ceased operations of steelmaking at the main Bethlehem plant in 1995 after about 140 years of metal production. With the c ...


Hoover-Mason Trestle

Hoover-Mason trestle 1650 feet elevated linear Park in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on reclaimed industrial site of Bethlehem steel. Trestle is 46 feet tall and was originally a narrow gauge elevated railway line on raw, built around 1905. Reclamation ...


McKeesport Connecting Railroad Bridge

In Mckeesport connecting railroad bridge, also known as the Riverton bridge, is a bridge that spans the river Monongahela between mckeesport, and Duquesne, Pennsylvania.


Nassawango Iron Furnace Site

In the Nassawango iron furnace was built in 1830 by the Maryland iron company to produce iron from bog ore deposits in its vicinity. Noteworthy for its innovative use of the "hot blast method" for melting iron, which was developed in England arou ...

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