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The saddle is a support structure for a rider or other load, fastened to an animal in the back in girth. The most common type is the equestrian saddle designed for a horse. However, specialized saddles have been created for oxen, camels, and othe ...


English saddle

English saddle used in horse riding in English riding disciplines throughout the world. Discipline is not limited to England, the United Kingdom as a whole or other English-speaking countries. This style of saddle used in all Olympic and Internat ...


Girth (tack)

Spacers, sometimes called a cinch, a piece of equipment used to keep a saddle on a horse or other animal. It passes under the barrel of the horse, usually attached to the saddle on both sides two or three leather straps called billets. The girth ...



Riding sidesaddle is a type of equestrian sports, which uses a type of saddle which allows the driver to sit on the sidelines and not on horseback. Sitting aside dates back to antiquity and developed in European countries during the Middle ages a ...




Serta sheep


Blade shearing

The blade shears or hand clippers style sheep shearing and other animals with a fibrous coat with a set of specialized scissors. It is practiced in many parts of the world, as the occupation and sports. Commercial blades shear sheep shear an aver ...


Congregation Beth Israel (Onset, Massachusetts)

Congregation Beth Israel is an Orthodox parish located in onset, Massachusetts, on Cape cod. It is famous as the summer synagogue of Rabbi Joseph B. soloveitchik and some of his students from the 1950s to mid-1960s, when his wife died. The clapbo ...


Adirondack Trust Company

The Adirondack trust company is the largest independent community Bank in Saratoga County, new York, USA. Founded in 1901, Senator Edgar T. Brackett, it played a large role in transforming Saratoga springs from a small "boom and bust" town into a ...


Bancorp Montana Holding Company

Bankorp holding "Montana" was formed from the Montana business capital Corporation and is the holding company for the Bank of Montana. Bankorp holding Montana 6 Directors: Tom Swanson - President, mark Bretz, Tony Crawford, David bell, Ron Taylor ...


Bank of Everglades Building

Bank of Everglades building was a Bank in Everglades city, Florida, USA. It is located at 201 West Broadway. 15 July 1999, it was added to the U.S. national register of historic places.


Bank of Montana

Bank of Montana is an investment-business style Bank in Missoula, Montana. It was founded in 1998 Tom Swenson, as Montana Business capital Corporation. This is subject to funding strategies and packages that use the possibilities of financing suc ...


Chemung Canal Trust Company

Chemung canal trust company is located in the state of new York chartered trust company based in new York, USA. It was founded as a publicly-traded Bank in 1833. In 1857, the Arnot family gained control over the Bank and operated a private family ...


Equity Bank USA

Equity Bank is a community Bank. It is headquartered in Wichita, Kansas in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. The parent company of capital Bank, reserve for possible losses on justice, Inc., based in Wichita. It trades on the NASDAQ under ...


First National Bank of Florida

First national Bank of Florida is a Bank headquartered in Milton, Florida, with branches in Pensacola, pace, Navarre and Destin. It should not be confused with national Bank of Miami which became Southeast banking Corporation, which subsequently ...


Five Star Bank (New York)

Five star Bank is an American commercial Bank. It was founded in 1850-ies in Warsaw, new York Wyoming County Bank Wolcott J. Humphrey. Five star Bank is the reformation of Wyoming County Bank under financial institutions, Inc, along with the Nati ...


Indian Springs State Bank

Indian springs State Bank was an American savings and loan in Kansas city, Kansas. It was noticeable, as the Bank of choice for a number of mobsters, and a pipeline to Iran–Contra. After extending hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured loa ...


Los Angeles Hibernian Bank

Los Angeles Hibernian Bank was in the Los Angeles banking company. In 1988 was offered for sale in Hong Kong-the parent, first Pacific company. Security Pacific agreed to buy Hibernian Bank within the agreed number 0 million, included in the sale ...


State Street Bank and Trust Company

State street Bank and trust company state street is the largest custodian Bank in the world organized in a Massachusetts trust company specializing in services to mutual funds and their advisers, collective investment funds, corporate and public ...


Union State Bank, Alabama

Union state Bank, with headquarters in the city of Pell city, Alabama, United States of America, was established in 1903. In 2010 the Bank had 15 offices in the States of Alabama and Florida.


Union State Bank, Florence

Union state Bank American Bank with headquarters in Florence, Texas. It was established in 1928 with the merger of three local banks. Since 1972, the controlling stake was acquired by the B. M. "Bernie" Beck family. Currently, it is a family busi ...


Union State Bank, Wisconsin

The Union state Bank headquartered in kewaunee, Wisconsin, United States of America, traces its history since 1910, when the farmers and merchants State Bank was established in kewaunee. Union state Bank was established in 1934 after the website ...


Kii Corporation

KII Corporation is a company which provides mobile backend as a service, distribution partnerships, and venture capital. The company has offices in Tokyo, San MATEO, CA, San Francisco, CA and Hong Kong. Key cloud service allows mobile app develop ...


Yahoo! Graffiti

Yahoo! Graffiti is a multiplayer game and a member of the Yahoo! Network games online-computer games. He was like the crocodile or the iSketch that one player drew while the other players guessed what was drawn. He was removed along with several ...


Rocketmen: It Came From Uranus


Original Xbox Live Arcade games


Album Shaper

Album Shaper is cross-platform open source photo organizer, editor and web gallery generator. Based on the Qt produced by Trolltech, album shaper runs on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, FreeBSD, and other X11 systems.


Private road association

Two-thirds of the Swedish road system is run by these organizations, which range in size from several families to tens of thousands of households. Contributions from organizations are evaluated on the basis of legal research of the property size ...


Presidents of NBC


NBC West Coast Presidents


Record producers from Alabama


Record producers from Alaska


Record producers from Arkansas


Record producers from Arizona


Record producers from California


Record producers from Colorado


Record producers from Connecticut


Record producers from Delaware


Record producers from Florida


Record producers from Georgia (U.S. state)


Record producers from Idaho


Record producers from Illinois


Record producers from Indiana


Record producers from Iowa


Record producers from Kansas


Record producers from Kentucky


Record producers from Louisiana


Record producers from Maine


Record producers from Maryland


Record producers from Massachusetts

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