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NVI F.K.29

NVI F. K. 29 was a small Dutch biplane transport, carrying two passengers who boarded after the nose, one engine and the fuselage, was opened. It was designed for small local fields to the main airports.


1920s Dutch airliners


1920s Soviet and Russian airliners


1920s Soviet and Russian civil utility aircraft


1920s Australian airliners


1920s British airliners


1920s Czechoslovakian airliners


1920s French airliners


1920s Italian airliners


1920s Japanese airliners


1920s United States airliners


Wackett Widgeon

In the Wackett Widgeon seaplanes were built by the experimental section of the Royal Australian air force in Sydney, New South Wales in the mid - to-late 1920-ies. They were single-engine amphibious biplane of wooden construction. Although it was ...


1920s Australian civil utility aircraft


1920s British helicopters


1920s British sailplanes


1920s British civil utility aircraft


1920s Italian civil utility aircraft


1920s Czechoslovakian civil utility aircraft


1920s French civil utility aircraft


1920s United States civil utility aircraft


1920s Czechoslovakian sailplanes


1920s Czechoslovakian special-purpose aircraft


1920s French sailplanes


Stahlwerk-Mark R.V

In Stahlwerk-mark R. V., Sometimes known as Stahlwerk-mark R. V. / 23 to indicate the year of release, there was a small German ship capable of carrying three passengers. Two were built.


1920s Italian sailplanes


1920s Italian special-purpose aircraft


Skraba S.T.3

S. T. 3 had a duralumin structure and was a sesquiplane, while the lower wing had a wingspan slightly smaller than the top, the chord was reduced to 60%. The lower wing was also aerodynamically thinner than the top. Both wings were in two parts a ...


1920s Polish sailplanes


1920s Spanish helicopters


G.A.C. 102 Aristocrat

A. G. S. 102 generally aristocrat or aristocrat is a single-engine cabin monoplane built in the United States before the great depression. It has proved popular, with more than forty reason, one of the first examples were taken on aerial photogra ...


1920s United States helicopters


1920s United States special-purpose aircraft


1930s Australian airliners


1930s Bulgarian airliners


1930s Canadian airliners


1930s Canadian civil utility aircraft


1930s Dutch airliners


1930s Dutch civil utility aircraft


1930s Dutch special-purpose aircraft


1930s Indonesian civil utility aircraft


1930s Romanian airliners


1930s Soviet airliners


1930s Soviet civil utility aircraft


1930s Soviet sailplanes


1930s Soviet special-purpose aircraft


1930s Swedish civil utility aircraft


1930s Argentine airliners


1930s Belgian airliners


1930s Soviet and Russian airliners


1930s British airliners

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