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Lancaster Memorial (Luxembourg)

The Lancaster Memorial is a memorial in the northern Luxembourg locality of Weiswampach, which was erected 60 years after World War II in memory of 14 allied airmen, 13 of whom died on the spot and one who was made prisoner by the Germans. During ...


Mersch Castle

Mersch Castle in central Luxembourg is one of the castles belonging to the Valley of the Seven Castles. Located in the centre of Mersch, its history goes back to the 13th century. Today the castle houses the administrative offices of the local co ...


Meysembourg Castle

Meysembourg Castle is located some 2 km south-west of Larochette in central Luxembourg. While the site has a history dating back to the 12th century, todays castle was built in 1880 in Neo-Renaissance style and is privately owned.


Schuttbourg Castle

Schuttbourg is a castle in Luxembourg. It is located near the town of Kautenbach, above the left bank of the Clerve. Since 1997, It has been owned by Ferdinand Feltgen, who has plans to restore the grounds.


Senningen Castle

Senningen Castle is a revival-style castle, located in the town of Senningen, in the west of the commune of Niederanven, in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Today it is used by the State for official meetings.


Septfontaines Castle

Septfontaines Castle in central Luxembourg is one of the castles belonging to the Valley of the Seven Castles. Located high above the village of Septfontaines, the medieval castle is now privately owned.


Useldange Castle

Useldange Castle is a medieval castle, now mainly in ruin, located in the village of Useldange in western Luxembourg. The site can be visited throughout the year with special arrangements for poorly sighted visitors.


Walferdange Castle

Walferdange Castle, located in the small town of Walferdange in central Luxembourg, dates from 1824 when William I of the Netherlands who was also Grand Duke of Luxembourg built it as a stud farm. It is now part of the University of Luxembourg.


Airport Tetovo

Airport Tetovo was a military airport of YPA, most sophisticated on the Balkan Peninsula in that time. It was situated 8 km south from Tetovo, in the present Republic of North Macedonia, by the Tetovo-Gostivar highway and near the village of Zher ...


ASNOM Memorial Center

The ASNOM memorial center is a building located in the village of Pelince, in the northern part of North Macedonia. It was built in 2004 and is a replica of the original building where the first plenary session of the antifascist Assembly of the ...


Cerje, Skopje

Cerje is an archaeological site dating from neolithic times. Its unique finds include the figurine known as Adam of Macedonia, one of the earliest prehistoric male figurines. Cerje is located near Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.


Cevahir Towers

Cevahir Towers is a tallest-to-be building complex in Skopje, as well as on the whole territory of North Macedonia. The construction of the complex started in 2011 and is expected to finish in 2020. The investor of the towers of the Turkish compa ...


Church of Resurrection of Christ, Kumanovo

Church of Resurrection of Christ is an Orthodox church building under construction in Kumanovo, North Macedonia. Construction started on 25 of April 2014.


Čifte Hammam

Cifte hammam is a hammam in the Old Bazaar of Skopje, Macedonia. It was built in the mid-15th century by Bosnian general Isa-Beg Ishakovic in order to provide a regular source of income for his endowment.


Halit Efendi Mosque

The Halit Efendi Mosque was built in 1415 at a time when the North Macedonia was a part of the Ottoman Empire. It was reconstructed in 1936, 1969, 1987 and the last at 1994.


Jusuf Efendi Mosque

The Jusuf Efendi Mosque was built in 1773 at a time when the North Macedonia was a part of the Ottoman Empire. It was partially damaged in the 1963 earthquake and reconstructed in 1967.


Kicevo Monastery

The Monastery of St. Bogorodica Precista is a Macedonian Orthodox monastery situated near the city of Kicevo, Republic of Macedonia. It is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, Mother of God. In 1924 Dositej, later the first Archbishop of the Macedonian ...


Pella Square

The Pella Square is one of the main squares of Skopje, the capital city of the Republic of Macedonia. It is located in the municipality of Centar, near the citys main square, Macedonia square. The square is named after the city of Pella, in the c ...


Saint Cyril and Methodius Church (Petralinci)

Saint Cyril and Methodius Church is a Greek Catholic church located in Petralinci, Bosilovo Municipality, North Macedonia.


Saint Erasmus, Ohrid

Saint Erasmus Sveti Erazmo) is an ancient Christian basilica and necropolis located near Ohrid, North Macedonia, along the Ohrid-Struga freeway. Archaeological excavations have uncovered a three-part basilica and a necropolis with 124 graves dati ...


Soravia Center

The Soravia Center, also known as World Trade Center Skopje is a building in Skopje, North Macedonia. Previously twelve floors and thirty meters high, the new building has fifteen floors and a height of thirty-seven meters.


Suma Kumanovo

SUMA Tower building is the highest building in Kumanovo Republic of Macedonia. The building has 18 floors of residential space, plus 2 floors of retail space, where a modern shopping centre located near the offices of engineering companies, organ ...


Towers Karpos IV Tower I

Towers Karpos IV Tower I is a building, tied for second tallest building in Macedonia. It is located in the Karpos municipality of Skopje. Towers Karpos IV Tower I stands at 19 storeys.


Towers Karpos IV Tower II

Towers Karpos IV Tower II is a building, tied for second tallest building in Macedonia. It is located in the Karpos municipality of Skopje. Towers Karpos IV Tower II stands at 19 stories.


Towers Karpos IV Tower III

Towers Karpos IV Tower III is a building, tied for second tallest building in Macedonia. It is located in the Karpos municipality of Skopje. Towers Karpos IV Tower III stands at 19 storeys.


Treskavec Monastery

The Monastery of Treskavec, or St. Bogorodica, is a monastery situated on the rocky Mount Zlatovrv, 8 km north of Prilep, in the Republic of North Macedonia. Built in the 12th century, it currently has only one monk. The monastery has a large col ...


Amfi Vågsbygd

Amfi Vågsbygd is a shopping mall in the centrum of the borough of Vågsbygd in the city of Kristiansand in Vest-Agder county, Norway. The mall has around 46 stores and occupies the same building as Vågsbygd Culture House and Vågsbygd High School.



Antanomigården is located at Christiania Torv, in an area in Oslos old city center known as Kvadraturen. It is one of the few remaining houses in Oslo built with the timber framing method. It is in an area where about 50% of the buildings were ha ...



Ankertorget was a market square located in the city centre of Oslo, Norway. The property site lies between Torggata, Storgata, Hausmannsgate and the Akerselva. Ankertorget was developed between 1880-1882 and named after the 18th-century merchant, ...


Apoteket Hjorten

Apoteket Hjorten was a pharmacy located at Gronland in Oslo, Norway. The name "Apoteket Hjorten" is used for a number of pharmacies in several Norwegian cities such as Fredrikstad and Trondheim. The pharmacy is now renamed to Vitusapotek Hjorten, ...


Bergen Storsenter

The first shopping centre on this location opened on 11 March 1988 and was called Bystasjonen. On 19 March 1999 Bergen Storsenter opened, owned by the Olav Thon Group. The new shopping centre was built by joining together Bystasjonen shopping cen ...


Borgestad Manor

Borgestad Manor is an estate and manor house in the municipality of Skien in Telemark. Norway. It is located in the former parish of Gjerpen near Porsgrunn. It is one of the largest estates in the region. It was originally Church property and was ...


Buskerud Storsenter

Buskerud Storsenter is a shopping center in Nedre Eiker, on European route E134. It is located 15 minutes west of Drammen and 20 minutes east of Kongsberg. The shopping centre is a leading mall in Buskerud and is owned by Citycon. It is home to 9 ...


CC Vest

CC Vest is a Norwegian shopping centre in Lilleaker, Oslo. It has 78 outlets, and mainly serves western Oslo as well as eastern Bærum. It was opened in 1989. The localities were previously used for industrial production from the company O. Mustad ...



Centralteatret is a theatre on Akersgata in the city centre of Oslo, Norway. Centralteatret was created by husband and wife acting team Fallstrom Johan and Alma Fallstrom in 1897. The theater was especially famous in the repertoire of the light g ...


Chateau Neuf

Chateau Neuf is a building in Oslo, Norway that houses Det Norske Studentersamfund, including cafes, bars, performance centers, and other facilities for student assembly. It is situated at Slemdalsveien 15 near Majorstuen just south of the main c ...


Christiania Norwegian Theatre

Christiania Norwegian Theatre was founded in 1852 under the name of Norwegian Dramatic School, and later renamed Christiania Norwegian Theatre. The initiative came from lieutenant engineer Johannes Benedictus Klingenberg after he had been disappo ...


Christiansholm Fortress

The fortress was finished in 1672 and formed a part of King Christian IVs plan for defense of Kristiansand when the city was founded in 1641. The architect of the fortress was quartermaster general Willem Coucheron. It was built on an islet, abou ...



Citadellet was a 19th-century Norwegian fortress. The last day of military activity was in 1970. The fort was demolished in 1971. Citadellet was intended to protect the Royal Norwegian Navy equipped Karljohansvern naval base in Horten. Karjohansv ...


Digerudgrunnen Lighthouse

Digerudgrunnen Lighthouse was a coastal lighthouse in the inner Oslofjord, in the municipality of Frogn in Akershus, Norway. It was established in 1871, and closed in 1975. The lighthouse is demolished.


Guldbergaunet Stadion

Gulbergaunet stadion is an association football venue in Steinkjer, Norway. Record attendance through all times 13.997, when the owners, bodø FK played against Lyn and lost 1-0 in Norwegian football championship semi-final 1970. In the exhibition ...


Huseby Leir

Huseby Leir is the base of the Norwegian Hans Majestet Kongens Garde. Huseby Leir is located on the old Oslo farm, Nordre Huseby gård, which was acquired by the Norwegian government in the late 19th century. It is a modern base, but has decayed d ...


Lagunen Storsenter

Lagunen Storsenter is a shopping center located in the borough Fana in Bergen, Norway. It is one of the largest shopping centres in Norway and in 2002, it was the fifth largest shopping facility in Scandinavia, with a turnover of 2.540 billion No ...



Munch/Stenersen is an upcoming building in Bjorvika, Oslo scheduled for completion in 2020. The building is designed by Juan Herreros. There has been a lot of conflict around the building, considering both its design, functionality and height. Th ...


Norske Love Fortress

Norske Love which translated as Norwegian Lion is a reference to the lion on the Coat of Arms of Norway. The fort is still a military area, but is today only used as an administration building for the Norwegian naval officers training school. Thi ...



Oasen Storsenter is a shopping centre on Norheim in Karmoy, Norway. In 2014 it had a turnover of 688 million Norwegian kroner. It has 65 stores, on 33.000 m² of building space. In addition to this there are 28 services within health and well-being.


Oslo City

Oslo City is one of the largest shopping centres in central Oslo, Norway. The shopping centre was built in 1988, and is visited by c. 50.000 people a day – 16 million a year. It generated gross revenues of 1.444 billion Norwegian kroner in 2005. ...


Ovrevoll Galoppbane

Ovrevoll Galoppbane is the only gallop racecourse in Norway It is located at Ovrevoll between Osterås the West, South and North Bank Eiksmarka in bærum. It has a land area of trails and all-weather track. It was officially opened in 1932 by king ...


Posthuset (building)

Posthuset is a commercial building located at Biskop Gunnerus gate 14 in the city center of Oslo, Norway. The building was designed by Norwegian architect Rolf Christian Krognes and constructed for the first time in 1975. It has 26 floors and 111 ...


Sandvika Storsenter

Sandvika Storsenter is a super-regional mall located in Sandvika outside of Oslo, Norway. It is owned by the Olav Thon Group which in turn is owned by the Olav Thon Foundation. The Mall was opened on October 14, 1993, and then was 24.000 square m ...

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