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Short Style

Short style has 5 tracks, 4 originals and a cover of men at work song "overkill", originally written by Colin hay, who makes a guest appearance on the track. All tracks from the EP appeared on the bands debut album 11 transistor, which was releas ...


The Ultimate Collection (Whitney Houston album)

The ultimate collection-Whitney Houston greatest hits collection, released 29 Oct 2007. It was the first time a single CD of Houstons hit singles had been released. It debuted at number five in the UK, with sales of 37.228. He rose to number thre ...


Trechus rivularis

Trechus is a genus of ground beetle native to the Palearctic and the Near East. The name comes from the Greek word trecho, meaning "I run". It contains the following species:



Trepaxonemata is a subclass of helminths or worms. It includes all parasitic flatworms and some free-living species that were previously grouped in the outdated class of ciliated worms. Thus, it contains most of the types in the type of helminth, ...


Cystomastacoides nicolepeelerae

Cystomastacoides is a genus of parasitoid wasps belonging to the family Braconidae. It was named by a Dutch entomologist Kees van Achterberg in 1997 from one Cystomastacoides coxalis discovered in Yunnan province, China. There are only four speci ...



Ceratophyllidae is a family of fleas. Its members are parasites, mainly rodents and birds. It includes two subfamilies, containing over 40 genera, and the other only three.



Borophaginis hoard or tribe of the subfamily Borophaginae. This extinct group of terrestrial canids that were throughout North and Central America who lived during stage Geringian Oligocene epoch to the early Zanclean of the Pliocene living 30.8 ...


Introducing Lobo

Introducing Lobo is the debut album of Lobo, released in 1971 on large plates of wood. The album reached #178 on the Billboard 200 on its first version. It was re-released in 1973 and reached #163 on the specified chart. "Me and you and a dog nam ...


Im Good (Abby Anderson EP)

They are well-debut and first major release by American singer-songwriter Abby Anderson, it was released on 7 September 2018 through Black river entertainment. It spawned 2 singles, "make him wait" and "feeling." The album peaked at No. 42 on the ...



In Lecithoceridae, or Longhorn moths are a family of small butterflies, described by Simon Le Marchand, 1947. Although lecithocerids are found worldwide, the vast majority are in the Indomalayan realm and the southern part of the Palaearctic region.


The Everly Brothers Best

The Everly brothers best is the first compilation album by the rock n roll Duo the Everly brothers, released in 1959, their first record company, cadence records. The album contains both sides of their first six singles for the label in chronolog ...


Five on Eight

"At The Time" – 3:02. "Low tide" – 2:27. "Theme from the prize" – 4:00. "The secret" – 4:47. "Rollin" – 5:35. ("Роллина" – 5:35) "My Dreams" – 3:50. "I long for your love" – 3:12. "Aluminum Baby" – 4:27. "Bird Brains" – 3:45.


Breathe in Deep

The awarding of the EP three stars for CCM magazine, grace S. Aspinwall writes, is "a promising start for beginners." Sarah fine, the rating of EP three and a half stars in the new issue on Tuesday, said that music is "with a lyrical depth and mu ...


Introducing the Dame

Introducing the Dame is the debut EP by American singer ivy Levan released in United States June 4, 2013, as cherrytree records. It marks Levans first official musical release and is the first of two EP, which was released before her first full-l ...



In the Phalangeridae family of nocturnal marsupials native to Australia, New Guinea and Eastern Indonesia, including the cuscuses, brushtail possum, and their close relatives. Considered a type of possum, most species are arboreal, and they inhab ...


Brongniartella (trilobite)

Homalonotidae a family of trilobites that lived from the Ordovician to Devonian. They are characterized by a shovel-like head, and are closely associated with family Calymenidae. It contains the following genera:


Wild Child (Valerie Carter album)

Wild child is the second Studio album by Valerie Carter. Some well-known musicians on this album, Steve Porcaro, Jeff Porcaro, David Hungate and Steve Lukather of Toto, Mike Utley of Jimmy Buffetts coral reefer Band, Jay Graydon live, Davey Johns ...


Tristychius arcuatus

Tristychius is an extinct genus of shark from the Carboniferous period. Fossils have been found in Scotland. Tristychius was a little shark, about 60 centimeters 2 feet long. He had a well-developed inverted tail fin, similar to that of many mode ...



Plagiorchiida large order of trematodes, synonym Echinostomida. They belong to the Digenea, a large subclass of flukes. This order contains relatively few significant parasites of man. The following families are here, organized and a superfamily ...


Albunea groeningi

Albunea is a genus of mole crab in Albuneidae. Little is known about the biology of this group. A. groeningi named after Matt Groening, the Creator of the Simpsons. The genus Albunea contains the following types:


Life Down Here on Earth (album)

Life here on Earth is the third Studio album by Kevin Welch. This album marks the debut on the artist-owned-and-operated dead reckoning Records, which he founded in 1994 with musicians Kieran Kane, Mike Henderson, Tammy Rogers, and Harry Stinson.


Leucosphyrus subgroup

Mosquito Anopheles-genus of mosquitoes. Of about 484 recognised species, over 100 can transmit human malaria, but only 30-40 typically transmit parasites of the genus Plasmodium that cause malaria which affects humans in endemic areas. Mosquito A ...



Gryllinae, or field crickets, are a subfamily of insects of the order Orthoptera and the family Gryllidae. They hatch in spring and the young crickets called nymphs eat and grow rapidly. They molt shed their skin eight or more times before they b ...


Ucides occidentalis

Ucides is a genus of mangrove crabs in Ucididae monotypic family, containing two species: Ucides Western Ortman, 1897 – Pacific coast from Mexico to Peru. Ucides cordatus Linnaeus, 1763 – Atlantic coast from Florida to Uruguay.


Grammonota tabuna

As of may 2019 contains forty species and one subspecies, found in Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama and the United States: Grammonota Gigas banks, 1896 – USA. Grammonota coloradensis Dondale, 1959 – USA. Gram ...


Rhinosia fuliginella

Ligulella Dichomeris Hübner, 1818. Gausapa Dichomeris-Hodges, 1986. (Dichomeris-Ходжес Gausapa, 1986) Group ligulella types. (Группы типов ligulella) Warts groups of species. Nenia Dichomeris-Hodges, 1986. (Dichomeris-Ходжес Nenia, 1986) Dichomer ...


Pho (EP)

The EP is mainly produced by DJ grumble, with additional production from Felly, Hollywood JB, and Dave James. The only guest in this EP was from Label-mate Dreamville, Cozz, for the song "the seat".


List of ECM Records albums

Discography albums released on the ECM label. New albums of the series ESM are denoted by NS added to the ranks of the catalogue. Distributor catalogue numbers are not given here.


Rising Grace

Muthspiels first album for ECM-fin in 2014, recording a trio with bassist Larry Grenadier and drummer Brian Blade. For the growth of the grace of trumpeter Ambrose Akinmusire and pianist brad Mehldau has been added.



The Genus Anthopotamus Anthopotamus Myops Walsh, 1863. Anthopotamus distinctus Traver 1935. Anthopotamus neglectus Traver 1935. Address Anthopotamus verticis say, 1839. The Genus Potamanthus Potamanthus Yunnanensis. (Yunnanensis Potamanthus) Pota ...


Alope spinifrons

Alope is a genus of shrimp in the family Hippolytidae, which consists of two types: Alope orientalis is widely distributed in the Indo-West Pacific ocean. Alope spinifrons is endemic to New Zealand, and feel that the countrys coast.


Greatest Hits (The Shadows album)

Greatest hits-a compilation album 1963 British instrumental group the Shadows. The album spent 56 weeks in the British album chart, peaked at number 2.


Fat Club

The fat club is a series of twelve 7 inch singles released monthly by fat Wreck chords from March 2001 to February 2002. Of 1.300 of each single were pressed, they were not available for sale individually, but were distributed by mail for those w ...


Vespa simillima xanthoptera

Vespa simillima, including the subspecies known as the Japanese hornet or Japanese yellow hornet, the common types of hornets in the Eastern hemisphere. V. S. simillima darker and hairier than V. S. xanthoptera. V. S. simillima lives in Hokkaido, ...


Greatest Hitz (Limp Bizkit album)

Greatest Hitz is the first compilation album by American rap rock band limp Bizkit. Released in 2005, is a retrospective compiling material from the groups albums three dollar bill, Yall as$ half, chocolate starfish and the hot dog flavored water ...


Dioxeuta negaricus

Dioxeuta is a genus of aleocharine beetle tribe staphylina in Termitopaediini. Types include: Dioxeuta sinensis. (Dioxeuta синенсис) Dioxeuta yunnanensis. Dioxeuta negaricus.



Ruminantia is a taxon within the order Artiodactyla that includes many well-known large grazing or herbivorous mammals: among them cattle, goats, sheep, deer and antelopes. All members of the Ruminantia employ fermentation the gut and ruminants: ...


Emotional Education

Emotional education is the debut album by English singer and songwriter ider Duo, released on July 19, 2019 through Glassnote records. Emotional education should be the 2017 release of the debut EP of the group, to gut me like an animal. The entr ...



Jeneration is the sixth-greatest hits Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai. It was released on 27 February 2009 by gold Typhoon. The album contains 27 songs, released by Capitol and three previously unreleased songs, "pride", "run Run", and "regular treas ...


The Blind Shake

The blind shake is an American punk rock band formed in Minneapolis, the brothers Jim and Mike Blaha with Dave Roper on drums. They released four albums and starred as a backing group for a number of artists, including John rice and Michael Yonkers.


Bloo (EP)

The blood is the debut release from the American model, singer and songwriter Casey hill. It was released via good music, Def Jam record PMR on October 9, 2015.


Diphyllobothrium latum

Tver is a genus of tapeworm which can cause the difillobotrioz human through the consumption of raw or undercooked fish. Principal causes of difillobotrioz is Latum Tver, known as the broad or fish tapeworm, or broad fish tapeworm. D. Latum is a ...


List of Hillsong albums

Dizez Quem Que EU SOU 2019. Global Project Portuguese 2012. Quão Lindo Essays Nome 2018.


Waldo arthuri

Waldo is a genus of small sea mollusks in the family Galeommatidae. It includes five species that are obligate commensals of sea urchins. They are in the South Atlantic and Antarctic oceans, with the exception of Waldo arthuri, which is located i ...


GPS (band)

GPS was a progressive rock band formed in 2006 by John Payne, Guthrie Govan and Jay Schellen. These three worked together in Asia, in particular, the album was named architect of the time, when the fourth member of Asia, Geoff Downes, joined a re ...


Iron Wedding

Pianists Aki Takase and Alexander von Schlippenbach not recorded duets for 15 years. The previous album was piano duets: live in Berlin 93 / 94.


Two for Two

The album was recorded on 2-4 may 2011. Performances of the pianist Aki Takase and drummer Han Bennink. Most of the 16 tracks are credited to Takase as a composer.


Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass

Violet bent backwards over the grass is the debut book by American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey. A collection of poetry with "13 poems" and several short pieces, the collection will be Del-Reys first published work and will be independently ...


Disco (Grace Jones album)

Disco-a set of three grace Joness albums released in 2015. Set contains portfolio, fame and Muse, all of which were recorded on Philadelphias Sigma sound with disco pioneer Tom Moulton, as a producer, in their entirety. The albums were remastered ...


Nordic Giants

Nordic giants are an instrumental post-rock Duo from England, which include outstanding cinematic aspects in views and videos. The band released three EPs and one single on their own label before signing participated in 2014. Since then they have ...

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