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Weald Moors

A vast swamp located in the ceremonial County of Shropshire to the North of Telford, stretches from the North and West of Newport in the direction of Wellington, with the Kynnersley village lying approximately at their center.


Extremities of Shropshire


Geography of Newport, Shropshire


Places formerly in Shropshire


Geography of Somerset

In the County of Somerset in southwest England, bordering the Bristol channel and Bristol and Gloucestershire to the North and East Wiltshire, Dorset to the South, and Devon to the West. The climate, influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic oc ...


Bishopswood Meadows

Bishopswood meadows is a nature reserve situated on the Blackdown hills areas of outstanding natural beauty in Somerset, England. The reserve consists of five fields, for a total of 9.3 hectares, all fields are on a gentle Northern slope of the r ...


Geology of Somerset

Somerset County is rural in the South West of England covering 4.171 square kilometers. It is bounded on the North-West the Bristol channel in the North of Bristol and County of Gloucestershire, in the South-East of Wiltshire, in the South-East D ...


Geology of Somerset


Places formerly in Somerset


Geography of the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham


Geography of the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley


Geography of the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster


Parks and open spaces in South Yorkshire


Tillington, Staffordshire

Tillington ancient geographical area about 1½ miles North from the centre of Stafford, Staffordshire, England. In fact, the area lying within a triangle formed by Alshall road, stone road and crab lane that narrows southward to a point where the ...


Areas of Stoke-on-Trent


Geology of Staffordshire


Parks and open spaces in Staffordshire


Rough Sands


Downlands Countryside Management Project

The countryside management project established in 1988 is a partnership between the six London and Surrey local authorities set up to manage the rural area of 130 km2 in the southern part of London. The main tasks are the management of the rare c ...


Weybridge Heath

Weybridge Heath is a part of Weybridge common, in South-East England. The Heath comprises 47 acres 190.200 square metres of lowland heathland that runs from the deep cutting of the South Western main line railway eastwards to Cobbetts hill. To th ...



The following is a residential area in the city of Gateshead is approximately 3.5 km from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 11 miles from Sunderland and 17 miles from Durham. In 2011, census data for the municipal Council Gateshead district ward and close to ...


Geography of Newcastle upon Tyne


Parks and open spaces in Tyne and Wear


Arden, Warwickshire

Arden is an area, mainly located in Warwickshire, England, and part of the Staffordshire and Worcestershire are traditionally considered to be stretched from the river Avon to the river tame. It was once in a dense forest, giving the name of the ...


Environment of Warwickshire


Geology of Warwickshire


Parks and open spaces in Warwickshire


Geology of the West Midlands (county)


Compton Down, Compton

Compton down is an extent of hills near Compton, West Sussex, where was The metro station Admiralty. A semaphore station was built at Compton in 1821 and operated on the Semaphore line from London to Portsmouth between 1822 and 1847. On a hill to ...


Geology of West Sussex

Geology of West Sussex in the South East of England consists of a series of sedimentary rocks of Cretaceous age are overlain in the South sediments of Paleogene age. The layer sequence of the two periods consists of diverse sandstones, shales, si ...


Worthing Downland Estate

In Worthing Downland property, Worthing downs or Worthing Downland is a plot of land in a National Park South downs in West Sussex, England, near the town of Worthing. It was bought to the public after threats picturesque fortress of cissbury Rin ...


Parks and open spaces in West Sussex


Geography of the City of Bradford


Geography of Calderdale


Civil parishes in West Yorkshire


Geography of Kirklees


Geography of Leeds


Parks and open spaces in West Yorkshire


Geography of the City of Wakefield


Cottles Park


Civil parishes in Wiltshire


Geology of Wiltshire


Parks and open spaces in Wiltshire


Places formerly in Wiltshire


Geography of Salisbury


Malvern Link

Malvern link is an area of Malvern, Worcestershire, England, to the North and East of great Malvern. The centres of Malvern link and great Malvern shared a common bond, the area of open land which is protected by law from the Malvern hills conser ...


North Malvern

North Malvern is a suburb of Malvern, Worcestershire, England. It is located on the Northern slopes of the Malvern hills. Is a continuous extension in the cities of the upper link and the other neighbouring settlements are of great Malvern link, ...


Parks and open spaces in Worcestershire



Cromar, in Aberdeenshire, North East Scotland thirty miles from Aberdeen. It is also known as Howe of cromar. Surrounded by a sweep of hills, dominated by Morven 871m 2858 legs, this bottom lying is a mixture of crops, forestry and settlements, p ...


Places and place names on Mar Lodge Estate

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