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Don Chedi District

Neighboring districts are from North clockwise: Nong Ya SAI, Sam Chuk, Prachan si Mueang Suphan Buri U Thong, and in Kanchanaburi province the district Lao Kwan.


Mueang Suphan Buri District

Suphan Buri is an Old city. In the era of Ankorian king Jayavarman VII, inscription called Prasat Phra Khan จารึกปราสาทพระขรรค์ and who mentions the name Suvarnapura. Later Suphan Buri become important city of Ayutthaya Kingdom. According to Chin ...


Sam Chuk District

Originally the area was Nang Buat. In 1911 when the government separated a part of Nang Buat district and established shall reach the explosion area, she also moved the district office to ban Sam Pheng, Tambon Sam Chuk. In 1939 the district name ...


U Thong District

Heim States, "u-Thong was occupied for many centuries before the development of the state of Dvaravati. Definition of radiocarbon from the sites of U-Thong and Chansen to assume that the transition to the complex state societies in the basin of t ...


Ban Na Doem District

Ban na doem is located in the centre of Surat Thani province. Neighboring districts are from North clockwise: Muang Surat Thani, ban na San, its SA, and district. The river TAPI is part of the Western border of the district. A smaller river in th ...


Ban Na San District

Neighboring districts are from the East clockwise: Nopphitam and Phipun in Nakhon si Thammarat, and Wiang Sa, its Sa, ban na doem, Mueang Surat Thani, and Malda town Surat Thani. In the Eastern part of the district is located in the Nakhon si Tha ...


Ban Ta Khun District

Ban tha Khun is amfam in the Western province of Surat Thani in southern Thailand. It is the largest district of the province and has the lowest population density.


Chaiya District

Chaiya is a district and town in Surat Thani province in southern Thailand. The city has a population 13.133, while the whole district with a population of 47.750.


Don Sak District

Don Sak is a district in Eastern Surat Thani province. Two principal ferry companies offering service to Samui island leave from piers in the area. Neighboring districts are from the East clockwise: khanom and Sichon, province Nakhon si Thammarat ...


Kanchanadit District

Originally the city was named tha Thong ท่าทอง and was on the banks of the Klong Mae tha Thong, Khlong name-pet at this time. During the reign of king Rama III, Nangklao, the city was moved because he was infected with malaria, and renamed the to ...


Khian Sa District

HiAN SA is a district in Surat Thani province, Thailand. Neighboring districts are from North clockwise Khiri Rat Khon Kaen district, ban na doem, ban na San, Wiang Sa, Phrasaeng and Phanom. HiAN Sa is located about 60 kilometers from Surat Thani.


Khiri Rat Nikhom District

In the Western part of the area on the hills of the mountain range of Phuket, and to the East the terrain is mostly flat. The main rivers are the Phum of Doing and the river Janja. Part of Klong Saeng sanctuary is in the district. Neighboring dis ...


Phanom District

The district is located in the mountain range of Phuket, about 60 percent of its area consisting of mountains and forests. In the North-Western part of the area protected in the National Park Khao SOK, in the South-West national Park, Klong Phano ...


Phrasaeng District

The area is located in the southern part of the province. Neighboring districts are from North clockwise: Phanom, HiAN Sa, Wiang Sa of Surat Thani province, Tham Phannara, Thung Yai, Nakhon si Thammarat, Chai Buri of Surat Thani, Krabi and Plai P ...


Phunphin District

District is a district in the Surat Thani province, southern Thailand. Tha Kham is the main town of the district. In 2014, the population was 73.067.


Tha Chana District

The district is quite old. Originally named Prasong ประสงค์, he was a subordinate of Mueang lang Suan. In 1906 it was reassigned to Mueang chaiya, which is now Surat Thani province. Place in the area of current-day ban tha Krachai. In 1909, in th ...


Vibhavadi District

Neighboring districts are from North clockwise: tha Chang district, Khiri Rat Khon Kaen and ban TA Khun. The district is in the hills of the mountain range of Phuket, with part of the area is provided in the sanctuary, Khlong Yan wildlife and nat ...


Wiang Sa District, Surat Thani

Wiang Sa is located in the South-Eastern province of Surat Thani. Neighboring districts are from West clockwise Phrasaeng, HiAN SA and ban na San of Surat Thani, and Phipun, Chawang and Tham Phannara of the province of Nakhon si Thammarat. The TA ...


Mueang Surin District

Neighboring districts are from North clockwise: Chom Phra, Khwao Sinarin, Sikhoraphum, Lamduan and Prasat of Surin province, Krasang and Satuek of buriram province.


Mueang Tak District

In Sukhothai era, Mueang tak was the Western border of the city. The old location of the city in Tambon Ko Taphao, now the ban tak district. It was moved because its old location was not strategically good. Another old city of RA-Haeng. So Muang ...


Umphang District

Umphang is the southernmost district of tak province, Thailand, established by Royal decree on the creation of Ampam Umphang, be 2502, which came into force on 6 may 1959. The area is located on the Thai-Burmese border. It is also the name of the ...


Mueang Trang District

Muang Trang district, also Mueang Thap rods, is the capital of Trang province, Thailand. The city has a population 59.637 and covers the Tambon Thap Thiang of Mueang Trang district.


Nam Yuen District

A group of people from det udom moved to ban Cenla home in Champassak during the reign of king Mongkut. Later in 1881 the king of Champassak proposed to king Chulalongkorn to upgraded ban Chenla on a house in Mueang si Racha house, under the cont ...


Ban Dung District

Neighboring districts are from North clockwise Thung background, Phibun Cancer, phen, and sang Khom province of Udon Thani, phon Lange and FAO Rai of Nong Khai province, and ban Muang, Charoen sin and Sawang, Pets allowed Dean the province of Sak ...


Laplae District

Laplae means hidden from sight. One guess as to the origin of the name lies in the fact that the way back is so unclear that uninitiated to get lost. Another idea is that in ancient times the inhabitants of the city of Nan and Phrae were looking ...


Kho Wang District

Ho Wang was once called the village of Ho, but came to a monk named Wang from Kanthararom district of Sisaket province to live and teach in the area. The monk so inspired faith in the people of the region and many have moved into the village, and ...


Kut Chum District

The village of Kut Chum was established in 1912. The minor district king Amphoe, Kut Chum was established on August 1, 1961. It consists of four districts: the rooms Pueai, Phai in 1978 transferred to SAI mun district, phon Ngan, and Kammaet, all ...


Loeng Nok Tha District

Nang LEng NOK tha is a district of Yasothon province in northeastern Thailand. Nang LEng NOK tha town, the administrative center of the district is located 69 km from Mueang Yasothon, and approximately 600 km from Bangkok.


Maha Chana Chai District

In 1859 Prince Tao Puttakhamphun ท้าวปุตตะคำพูน ราชบุตร founded a new city in the vicinity of the village of Woen tea บ้านเวินชัย on the banks of the river Chi, which he named the city Muang Khan tea Cham for เมืองหันชัยชำนะ translation is unknow ...


Mueang Yasothon District

Mueang Yasothon is the capital district of the province of Yasothon in northeastern Thailand on the Chi river. Sub-district Nai Mueang determines the city limits in the city Yasothon.


Pa Tio District

Around 1889 there was an influx of Lao settlers into the Isan region after a large area of Thailand East of the Mekong river was ceded to the French. Among the settlements established in this migration was the ban PA Tio. In 1933 the highway Depa ...


Sai Mun District

The village of SAI mun earlier in the village of Yasothon district, when he was still part of the province of Ubon Ratchathani. The village has changed places in the time of king Rama V, when an epidemic caused the inhabitants to leave their home ...


Thai Charoen District

Thai Charoen, formerly a sub-district of Tambon Nang LEng NOK tha, was established as a minor district king Amphoe of April 1, 1992, consisting of five districts, previously lang Nang NOK tha. October 11, 1997, Thai Charoen was raised to the stat ...


Pattaya Thai-Tech Futsal Club

Pattaya Thai technology Futsal club is a Thai Futsal club based in Pattaya, Chonburi province. The club plays in the Thai League Futsal.


Nakhon Ratchasima V-One Fustal Club

Nakhon Ratchasima V-one Futsal club is a Thailand football club based in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima. The club plays in the Thailand Futsal League.


Buildings and structures in Prachinburi Province


Sport in Prachinburi Province


Sisaket Futsal Club


Ubon Ratchathani

Ubon Ratchathani is both a city and a province in Thailand. For the province, see Ubon Ratchathani province. Ubon Ratchathani is one of the four major cities of Isan, also known as the "big four of Isan".The city is located on the mun river in th ...


Udon Thani

Udon Thani is one of the four major cities of Isan, Thailand. It is the capital of the province Udon Thani.


Non Charoen Subdistrict



Yothaka to separate from don Ko ka and Mon Thong Subdistricts in 1937. It is named after the river Yothaka, better known as Nakhon Nayok, which flows through the area. Yothaka means Orchid tree Bauhinia monandra as in the past, along with Nakhon ...


Ban Sahakon

Ban Sahakon is Tambon Mae on district, Chiang Mai province, Thailand. In 2018 she was a total population of 3.365 people.


Hot Subdistrict

Hot is the Tambon hot district, in Chiang Mai province, Thailand. In 2005 it had a population of 3.313 people. The Tambon contains six villages.


Tha Ton

Tha ton, and well-written Thaton, is a sub-district of Mahe district of MA in the far North Chiang Mai province, Thailand. In 2014 it had a population 19.902. Sub-district is situated on the Kok river, near the border with Myanmar, about a three- ...



Salokbat is the Tambon Amphoe Khanu Woralaksaburi, kamphangphet province, upper Central Thailand. In 2018 she was a total population of 11.789 people. It is important as a recreation area for buses that travel between Bangkok and many provinces i ...


Mae Sariang Subdistrict

Mae Sariang sub-district is a sub-district in SAI sariang district, in the province of Mae Hong son, Thailand. In 2005 it had a population of 9.968 people. The Tambon contains nine villages. Part of the district CY sariang and the neighbouring su ...


Sop Pong

SOP pong, sometimes erroneously pronounced "Sappong", is a village and Tambon of pang Mapha district, in the province of Mae Hong son, Thailand. It had a population of 7.398 in 2005. The Tambon contains eight villages.


Khlong Yong

Khlong Yong is one of the three tambons of Phutthamonthon district, province of Nakhon Pathom on the outskirts of Bangkok, in Central Thailand.


Salaya, Thailand

Is a Tambon Salaya Phutthamonthon district of the province Nakhon Pathom, Central Thailand, West of Bangkok and part of the Metropolitan area of Bangkok. In 2017, it had a population of 9.784 people, salaya contains six mubans.

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