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★ Free online encyclopedia. Did you know? page 79


Glyphodes alboscapulalis


Glyphodes amethysta


Glyphodes amicalis


Glyphodes analagoalis


Glyphodes assimilis


Glyphodes athysanota


Glyphodes bipindalis


Glyphodes capensis


Glyphodes capriniodes


Glyphodes chlorochroalis


Glyphodes columbiana


Glyphodes confinis


Glyphodes consocialis


Glyphodes contactalis


Glyphodes decapitalis


Glyphodes deliciosa


Glyphodes dilectalis


Glyphodes dohrni


Glyphodes ectargyralis


Glyphodes equicincta


Glyphodes eurytusalis


Glyphodes euryzonalis


Glyphodes excelsalis


Glyphodes exquisitalis


Glyphodes gastralis


Glyphodes globulipedalis


Glyphodes hageni


Glyphodes holophaealis


Glyphodes impuralis


Glyphodes interpositalis


Glyphodes itysalis


Glyphodes ledereri


Glyphodes lineata


Glyphodes magdalenae


Glyphodes marginalis


Glyphodes mayottalis


Glyphodes mirabilis


Glyphodes nigricilialis


Glyphodes novicialis


Glyphodes ocellata


Glyphodes ocelliferalis


Glyphodes opalalis


Glyphodes orionalis


Glyphodes picticaudalis


Glyphodes picticostalis


Glyphodes piepersialis


Glyphodes polyzonalis


Glyphodes prasinophila


Glyphodes pudicalis


Glyphodes pyritalis

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