Топ-100 ★ Free online encyclopedia. Did you know? page 8

★ Free online encyclopedia. Did you know? page 8


Lechner A-390 class Olympic sailors


Mistral One Design class Olympic sailors


RS: X class Olympic sailors


Windglider class Olympic sailors


African-American diaspora in the Caribbean


Reginald Cooper

Cooper began his career in the Buenos Aires Football Club. He made his international debut in a test match against the British Lions in 1927., when the team toured on Argentina for second time. In 1928, Cooper was appointed captain of the Argenti ...


Colombian people of English-Jewish descent


French people of English-Jewish descent


Israeli people of English-Jewish descent


Mexican people of English-Jewish descent


New Zealand people of English-Jewish descent


Pakistani people of English-Jewish descent


South African people of English-Jewish descent


Ancient Egyptian overseers of fields


Ancient Egyptian overseers of foreign lands


Ancient Egyptian overseers of royal works


Ancient Egyptian overseers of sealers


Ancient Egyptian overseers of the cattle


Ancient Egyptian overseers of the city


Ancient Egyptian overseers of the granaries


Ancient Egyptian overseers of the troops


Ancient Egyptian Royal Seal-bearer


Ancient Egyptian royal sealers


Chancellors of Lower Egypt


Ancient Egyptian high stewards


14th-century Dukes of Normandy


15th-century Dukes of Normandy


Scottish people of African-American descent


Albanian emigrants to England


KF Rinia 98

KF Rinia 98 is a football club based in the village of Dolno Svilare, Saraj Municipality, North Macedonia. They are currently competing in the Macedonian Third League.


KF Bashkimi


KF Milano Kumanove


KF Shkupi


Jim Henson (escaped slave)

Jim Henson was an African man who was enslaved, in Maryland, USA. Henson escaped slavery, and made his way to Canada, where his slave narrative, entitled Broken Shackles, was published in 1889.


Richard Lemm

Richard Lemm is an award-winning poet and professor based in Prince Edward Island. He was born is Seattle, immigrated to Canada in 1967, and moved to Atlantic Canada in 1979. He has an MA in English from Queen’s University and a PhD from Dalhousi ...


American emigrants to Wales


Avi (Captain Flamingo)


Andy Larkin (Whats with Andy)


Tyrone Ty Washington


Puerto Rican emigrants to England


Patricia Martin (Lucky Star)


Momoko Asuka


Nigerian families of Native American ancestry


American Samoan expatriate sportspeople in Austria


American Samoan expatriate sportspeople in France


American Samoan expatriate sportspeople in Germany


American Samoan expatriates in England


American Samoan expatriate sportspeople in the United Kingdom


Anguillan expatriates in England


Antigua and Barbuda emigrants to England

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