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★ Ghost Cat - melodrama ..

Ghost Cat

★ Ghost Cat

Ghost cat, also released as Mrs. Ashboros the cat or the cat that came back, in 2003, the planet television film the Beast starring Ellen page and Nigel Bennett. It was directed don McBrearty and written by Larry Ketron. The film is based on the novel by Beverly Butler. The film is rated PG for "mild thematic elements and some danger."


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

And Ontkean widower and his teenage daughter page is moving to a house that was once owned by the friendly Mrs. Ashboro and her pet cat, Margaret. Strange things start to happen, and it soon becomes clear that the Ghost Ashboros Mrs. cat Margaret, who died the same day as its owner, is haunting the house.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Ellen page as Natalie Merritt.
  • Nigel Bennett as Ted Riker.
  • Shirley knight as Mrs. Ruth Ashboro.
  • DiCaprio as Margaret. (ДиКаприо как Маргарет)
  • Sean Roberts, Kurt Shawn.
  • Wade Lynch as Terry.
  • Kelti Macmillan Ian. (Келти Иэн Макмиллан)
  • Evan monk, as Uncle Tom.
  • Harley as comfort. (Харли как комфорт)
  • Tom Barnett, Boyd Ashboro.
  • Lori Hale like Brenda Yancey.
  • Mark Randall, Sean Pearson.
  • Michael Ontkean as Wes Merritt.
  • Pam Stevenson as Sandra.
  • Jacob KerL as Franny.

3. Welcome

At the time of its airing, critic Gail Pennington writes, the Ghost cat is not a Mysterious river, but it is sweet and suitable for the whole family."

Awards. (Награды)

Ellen page received a Gemini award for best performance in a childrens or youth program or series for her role.

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