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Persian wildrye

★ Persian darnel

The Persian or Persian darnel ryegrass is an annual grass. It has an erect stem, branched, with a reddish base, up to 45 cm tall. Its leaves lower surface glossy, dark green, width 6 mm.

  • America, various islands Lolium persicum Boiss. Hohen. - Persian ryegrass or Persian darnel - from Socotra to China naturalized in scattered locations
  • cornflower Persian crocodile Persian cumin Persian cucumber Persian cyclamen Persian darnel Persian epimedium Persian fallow deer Persian fire Persian fritillaria
  • artistic scene by joining the Theatre de l Atelier directed by Jean Darnel As he learns the ropes and forms a group of aficionados, he eventually
  • Lake, Rain Raine, Sky Skye, Willow, Terra, River, Ocean, Juniper, Ash, Darnel Aspen, Linden, Winter, Cloud, Snow, Cedar, Sequoia, Lightning, Sorrel
  • cereale Cultivated wheat, Triticum aestivum Cusick s bluegrass, Poa cusickii Darnel ryegrass, Lolium temulentum Dense pine reedgrass, Calamagrostis koelerioides
  • unidentified. The Arabic word shaylam Ar. الش ي ل م is often used to refer to darnel Lolium temulentum but it is thought to have been a generic word for tares
  • Beaumont 2 2, 3 None Unknown Agent An elusive and mysterious past associate of Darnel Williams when he was an agent with CSIS Charlotte Bates was first known

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