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Cat People (1982 film)

★ Cat People (1982 film)

Cat people is 1982 American erotic horror film directed Paul Schrader. It stars Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowell John heard Annette OToole ruby Dee, ed Begley ml., Scott Paulin, Frankie Faison play a supporting role. Wilbur stark and Jerry Bruckheimer served as Executive producers. Alan Ormsby wrote the screenplay, based filmed on the story by DeWitt bodeen, screenwriter of the original "cat People". Giorgio Moroder composed the score of films, including a song, which includes lyrics and vocals by David Bowie.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The prologue is in an unknown, primitive human settlements shows a sacrificial virgin, being tied to a tree. The black Panther approaches and rests his paws on her, and the scene fades to black. Another girl with features of feline approaches the same big cat in the cave, without incurring his attack.

Close-up of her face announces that similar signs Irena Galliera who goes to modern New Orleans from Canada to reunite with his brother Paul. Irena was brought up in foster care after they were orphaned. Paul spent his childhood in psychiatry, is now involved in Church and lives with his Creole housekeeper female.

That night, a prostitute named Ruthie goes to a cheap Motel to meet a John, but instead finds the leopard-melanistic that cripples her legs. Police and zoologists Oliver, Alice and Joe capture the tiger. Meanwhile, Irena wakes up to find the floor missing. Womens guess he went to the mission and urged Irena to enjoy New Orleans on her own.

Irena visits the zoo, drawn to the newly captured leopard and remains after closure. She found Oliver, the zoos curator, who takes her to dinner and offers her a job in a gift shop. Irene shows that she is a virgin in conversation with Alice, who shares a romantic history and still in love with Oliver and sees her as a rival. Once the leopard tears Joes hand while cleaning the cage. Joes not going to bleed to death, and Oliver decides to euthanize the cat, only to find him missing. In the cell lying in a pool of molten flesh as found prostitutes at the Motel.

Paul turns around and makes sexual advances to Irene. She runs, waving his hand, stopping the police car and has second thoughts about the transformation of gender, but a police dog catches a strong smell out of the house, and the detective called. In the basement, the Pauls, the police will find the shackles, bones and the remains of dozens of corpses. They think Paul is a serial killer who fed the corpses of captured Panther, and call Oliver and Alice to check.

On the run from the floor, Irena takes refuge in a frustrated romance with Oliver, fearing the consequences of physical intimacy. Paul visited Irene again and due to their common heritage, the cat-shifter, thereby showing himself as the escaped killer leopard. Mating with human cat-werewolf turns into a leopard, and only by killing the man, he can regain human form. He tells her that their parents were brothers and sisters, because werecats are incestuous mother tongue and only sex between werecats prevents the transformation. He resumes his sexual advances, hoping that Irena will accept their predicament, but she didnt. Then Paul moves, attacks Oliver and shot Alice. Oliver begins the autopsy of the cat. Green gas comes from the surgical incision and the human arm hand reach out from under the corpse. Before he can confirm, leopard melts in a puddle of green slime.

Irena stalks and almost attacked Alice twice. She later has sex with Oliver and turns into a leopard, but it runs, not sparing their lives, and later trapped on the bridge by the police. Oliver arrives in time to see her jump from the bridge. Realizing where she was going, he confronts Irena at a secluded lake house. She regained her human form, killing the caretaker of the house. Irena tells Oliver that she didnt kill him because she loves him, and asks him to kill her. When he refuses, she begs him, then again to make love with her, so she could be transformed and "be with their own kind." Oliver ties Irena naked to the bedposts by his hands and legs to restrain her, and has sex with her.

Some time later, Oliver is back in a one-sided relationship with Alice. He stops holding cell "repelled Panther"--Irene, now trapped in her cat form. Oliver reaches out through the bars, casually hand-feeding and stroking the now-docile Panthers neck.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Lynn Lowry as Ruthie.
  • Ed Begley Jr. as Joe, you can see.
  • Nastassja Kinski as Irena Galliera.
  • Ruby Dee, as a woman.
  • Scott Paulin as bill Searle.
  • Tessa Richarde as Billie.
  • Ron diamond as det. Ron Diamond.
  • Malcolm McDowell as Paul, Galliera.
  • Not Gud as the train station.
  • John heard as Oliver Yates.
  • Berry Berenson as Sandra.
  • Frankie Faison as det. Brandt.
  • John Larroquette as Bronte Judson.
  • Annette OToole as Alice Perrin.

3. Production. (Производство)

Blu-ray includes an interview with Kinski, McDowell, heard and OToole, as well as Director Schrader and composer Moroder. McDowell noted that he was somewhat reluctant to see this film in the first place because he recalled the original film as "not very good", but was convinced by Schraders take on the material with its emphasis on the erotic elements of horror. McDowell also revealed that the scene where he jumps on the bed in a cat-like fashion was shot with him jumping off the bed. Then they ran the film Back. Heard, discussed how he almost turned down the role because he thought his porn film. He also said that he felt very uncomfortable, especially during the Nude scenes. OToole said that they used pumas, which were painted black, because leopards are impossible to train.


4. Topics. (Темы)

Director Schrader has said, in connection with the erotic and horror aspects of cat people that the film "contains more skin than blood". He described the film as being more about the mythical than realistic. He compared the relationship between Oliver and Irena Dante and Beatrice, by putting women on a pedestal.


5. Release. (Релиз)

The film was released theatrical in the US by Universal Studios on 2 APR 1982. He collected about $ 7 million in American theaters.

Home media. (Домашний медиа)

The film was released twice on DVD in the United States, once image Entertainment in 1997 and again by universal in 2002.

Scream! Department shops shout factory released the film in January 2014 on Blu-ray and when they announced on their Facebook page that they were releasing the films from the 1980-ies in early 2014.


6. Welcome

On rotten tomatoes the film holds a rating of 61% based on 46 reviews from critics, with an average of 6.18 / 10. Its consensus reads: "Paul Schraders strange reinterpretation of the" cat People "may be too terrible and alluring to some viewers, but his provocative style and Natassja Kinskis hypnotic performance should appeal to viewers who like a little gasoline with fire." On Metacritic the film has a score of 62% based on 16 reviews from critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews".

Roger Ebert of the "Chicago sun times" gave the film Three and a half out of four stars. He stated that cat People is a good movie in the old tradition, a fantasy-horror film that takes itself just seriously enough to work, and fun enough to be entertaining, contains elements of self-fascination in its magnificent black leopards, and ends just when we were afraid that it would end in another."

Variety also gave the film a positive rating, praising the performance of Nastassja Kinskis, saying: "Kinski is important to the film as conceived, and shes endlessly watchable."Leonard Maltin awarded the film Two out of four stars, calling it "sexy, bloody, technically well-crafted but uneven and ultimately unsatisfying." However, Nastassja Kinski said When, during an interview with her friend and actress jodie foster, in film comment that she disliked the film, describing it as "slick" and "manipulative". This surprised foster, who claimed that she thoroughly enjoyed the film.


6.1. Welcome Awards and nominations. (Награды и номинации)

The film was nominated for three prestigious awards:

  • Saturn Awards. (Сатурн Награды)
Best Actress Nastassja Kinski
  • Golden Globe Awards. (Награды Золотой Глобус)
Best Original Motion Picture Score Giorgio Moroder Best Original Motion Picture Song David Bowie

7. Soundtrack. (Саундтрек)

The album of the soundtrack was released on MCA Records during the same week as the film. The theme song "cat People putting out fire", sang David Bowie, who wrote the lyrics for music written by Giorgio Moroder. The song was released as a single in 1982, and Bowie included a re-recorded version of the song on his album lets dance 1983. Bowie performed the song regularly live during his 1983 "serious Moonlight" tour. The song was also used in Quentin Tarantinos film inglorious bastards 2009 and spy Charlize Theron Thriller the atomic blonde 2017.

Bowie to rewrite was guitar unknown Stevie ray Vaughan.

All songs by Moroder songs of David Bowie on "cat People putting out fire".


7.1. Soundtrack. Side. (Стороны)

  • "Cat People Putting Out Fire" – 6:43.
  • "The Night Of The Rabbit" – 1:58.
  • "Irenas Theme" – 4:20.
  • "Opening" – 1:31. ("Открытие" – 1:31)
  • "Leopard Tree Dream" – 4:01.

7.2. Soundtrack. The two sides. (Две стороны)

  • "Transformation Seduction" – 2:44.
  • "Myth" – 5:11. ("Миф" – 5:11)
  • "Bring the prod" – 1:57.
  • "Bridge" – 2:50. ("Мост" – 2:50)
  • "The Theme Of The Run Chase Pauls" – 3:51.

7.3. Soundtrack. Staff. (Персонал)

  • Stephanie Spruill – backing vocals.
  • Sylvester Levai – keyboards, arrangement.
  • Bob Badami – music editor.
  • Craig Huxley – Blaster beam.
  • Charles judge – Prophet 5 and Jupiter 8 Programming.
  • Giorgio Moroder – producer, guitar, bass, mixing.
  • Brian banks – keyboards, Synclavier Programming II.
  • Michael Landau – guitar.
  • Laurie Kanner – production coordinator.
  • Steve Bates – assistant engineer, mixing assistant.
  • Alexandra brown – backing vocals.
  • Trevor Veitch – musical contractor.
  • Lee Sklar – bass.
  • Brian Gardner – mastering.
  • Tim may – guitar.
  • Paulette MacWilliams – backing vocals.
  • David Bowie – vocals on "cat People putting out fires" & singing the vocals on "Myth".
  • Allen Zentz – mastering vocals by Bowie.
  • Keith Forsey – drums, percussion.
  • Brian Reeves – engineer, mixing.

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