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Plumeless saw-wort

★ Plumeless saw-wort

Serratula is a genus of plants in the Thistle tribe in the Daisy family native to Eurasia. Plumeless Saussurea is the common name for plants in this genus. Serratula as traditionally defined contains at least two groups: one of which is the base to potrebu Centaureinae and one of which is a derivative of the first group can be moved to the genus Klasea.

Various species contain apigenin, luteolin, quercetin, other flavonoids and ecdysteroids.

Species Formerly included

Numerous species are now considered members of other genera:

  • Scrobicaria.
  • Saussurea.
  • Goniocaulon.
  • Liatris. (Лиатрис)
  • Oligochaeta. (Олигохет)
  • Hemistepta.
  • Stemmacantha.
  • Hololepis.
  • Heterocoma.
  • Jurinea.
  • Laggera.
  • Leuzea. (Левзея)
  • Lucilla. (Люсилла)
  • Crupina.
  • Ptilostemon.
  • Vernonia.
  • Cyanthillium.
  • Thistle. (Чертополох)
  • Olgaea.
  • Baccharoides.
  • Klasea.
  • Carphephorus.
  • Syreitschikovia.
  • Acilepis.
  • Synurus.
  • Chronopappus.
  • Serratula tinctoria, commonly known as dyer s plumeless saw - wort or saw - wort is a species in the genus Serratula. It is a native of Europe and a thistle
  • coneflower Saussurea americana, American saw - wort Saussurea densa, dwarf saw - wort Saussurea weberi, Weber s saw - wort Scorzonera laciniata, mediterranean serpent - root
  • Nees - whitetop aster Seriphidium Besser Poljak. Serratula L. - plumeless saw - wort Shafera Greenm. Sheareria S.Moore Shinnersia R.M.King H.Rob. Shinnersoseris

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