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Fallen (1998 film)

★ Fallen (1998 film)

Fell in 1998 American supernatural detective Thriller directed by Gregory Hoblit, was created by Charles Roven and Dawn steel screenplay by Nicholas Kazan. The film tells the story of John Hobbes, in Philadelphia police detective who investigates the murders committed obvious copycat. Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Donald Sutherland, Embeth Davidtz, my goodness gracious. and Elias Koteas star. Fallen, was released on 16 January 1998, the company "Warner brothers", the film has collected.2 million against a budget of millions. He has an approval rating of 40% on rotten tomatoes, which calls it "not all that concerned about."


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The opening VoiceOver declares: "I want to tell you about how I almost died".

Philadelphia police detective John Hobbes visits a serial killer Edgar Reese, Elias Koteas, whom he helped capture the bombers. Reese is in high spirits, which seems strange in light of the fate that awaits him, and while talking he grabbed Hobbs power and delivers an evil monologue in an unknown language, it is assumed that the delusions, but later identified as Aramaic. Him executed in the gas chamber, Reese mocks the audience and sings "time is on my side" by the rolling stones.

Some time later, Hobbes and his partner Jonesy John Goodman investigation of new murders that have begun and are eerily reminiscent of every style, and it is expected that the work of a copycat, because Reese had committed the crimes alone and had no connections. Hobbes, through hints initially given to Reese, and then and the apparent copycat killer, tracks down a woman named Gretta Milano. Gretta explains that her father, a former detective, has committed suicide in an isolated cabin in the woods after he accused a number of demonic themes present in the time of the murders, similar to those of Hobbes and Jonesy are investigating. Hobbes goes to Milano, the Lake is the home of a family that has been left neglected for 30 years. In the basement he finds a few books with many illustrations relating to demonic possession. He also discovers that the name "Azazel" written on the wall, hidden under layers of grime.

Hobbes meets again with Gretta and mentions her name, but she urges him to drop the case to protect their lives and the lives of their friends and family. However, she reconsiders after a terrible personal meeting with Azazel, who confronts her in the guise of several strangers on the street and trying to master it. Asylum in the Church, Gretta explains to Hobbes that Azazel is a fallen angel with the power to possess human beings to the touch. Hobbes realizes that Azazel, possessing Edgar Reese, shook hands with him before his execution, but could not master it. Gretta explains that the demon tries to ruin his life in every way, and warns him about the inevitability of the victory of Azazels. Azazel comes to visit Hobbes in his area and has his friend Lou my goodness gracious., asking him to investigate and tease him, singing "time is on my side" and then go from person to person, to continue the text after each transmission. Hobbes asks Lou and a few others, why they sang the songs, but they have no memories of their actions during the time Azazel had used their bodies. Hobbs goes outside and calls Azazel in Aramaic. The demon, now moving rapidly among the people on the street, the praises Hobbes for his cleverness. Hobbes acknowledges that he knows about Azazels identity, to which the demon replied: "beware my wrath" and disappears.

To provoke Hobbes, Azazel possesses his nephew Sam, and attacks mentally retarded brother art Jones at his home. He again runs into strangers on the street to get to the teacher. As a teacher, Azazel draws a gun and forces Hobbes to remove his master in front of a group. Azazel boasts to Hobbes that even if his current host is killed, he can translate any other owner in the vicinity without even having to touch them, as he did in the run time All.

Lieutenant Stanton Donald Sutherland informs Hobbes that his fingerprints were found on one of the murder scenes, and in light of the strange circumstances of the execution of the master, he became a suspect in the killings. Azazel inhabits several of the witnesses and gives false accounts that the shooting was unprovoked, throwing more suspicion on Hobbes. He also comes to his house and kills his brother, and the name Sam. Hobbes takes his nephew to the house Grettas to keep it safe. Gretta explains that, if forced to leave the host body, Azazel can only travel in spirit form as "one breath" can support it. If he has no other owner within a certain amount of time, it expires permanently.

Hobbes goes to the Milano cockpit and calls Jonesy, knowing that he will trace the call. Stanton and Jonesy arrive to arrest, however, of Hobbess, Jonesy kills Stanton, showing himself to be possessed by Azazel. Azazel prepares to kill himself, allowing him to possess Hobbes, the only person for miles around. Hobbes and Jonesy fighting for the gun and Jonesy accidentally shot in the struggle. Then Hobbs smokes cigarettes, which he explains was impregnated with poison, the same poison that Azazel used to kill his brother, which will leave Azazel stranded in the desert without a master. Enraged Azazel spits insults as Hobbes taunts him, saying that "time is on my side" before shooting and killing Jonesy. Then Azazel possesses Hobbess body and frantically tries to escape but dies from the poison and dies. The opening VoiceOver, the voice of Hobbes, reminds the viewer-this is a story about how he almost died, showing that he is actually Azazel. The cat, who was possessed by Azazel, coming out of the cabin and begins to return to civilization.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Donald Sutherland as Lieutenant Stanton.
  • My goodness gracious. as Lou.
  • Denzel Washington as detective John Hobbes.
  • John Goodman in the role of detective Jonesy.
  • Embeth Davidtz as Gretta Milano.
  • Renee spice as Azazels voice.
  • Gabriel Casseus as Arthur "art" Hobbes.
  • Elias Koteas as Edgar Reese.
  • Michael J. pagan as Sam Hobbes.
  • Robert joy as Charles Olomu.

3. Release. (Релиз)

Fallen was released in theaters 2.448 16 January 1998. He landed on #3 at the box office and made the first weekend of 10.4 million. In its second weekend, it made $ 4.9 million. After being in theaters for four weeks, the film 23.3 million $In the US and 981.2 thousand dollars abroad totaling $ 25.2 million.


4. Welcome

The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reports that 40% of critics gave the film a positive review, based on 57 reviews. The sites consensus reads: "There is an interesting background. Unfortunately, it just recycling old materials, and not all that worried." Janet Maslin, new York times called it "a stylish if seriously far-fetched nightmare," but variety wrote that "Washington has the almost impossible task of holding a complicated picture thats only intermittently suspenseful and not very interesting, emotionally or intellectually." Roger Ebert gave the film a mixed review, writing "idea better than the execution, and by the end, the surprises become too mechanical and inevitable.” The Chicago reader praised the speech by Washington, but when it comes to movies continuous use of the rolling stones song "time is on my side", wrote "in the first half of this movie gives some hope, but time is not on his side."

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