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Crassula is a genus of succulent plants, containing nearly 200 accepted species, including the popular jade plant. They are members of the stonecrop family and are native to many parts of the globe, but cultivated varieties are almost exclusively from species of the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Crassulas are usually propagated by stem or leaf cuttings. Most cultivated forms will tolerate a small frost, but extremes of cold or heat will cause them to lose foliage and die.


1. Taxonomy. (Таксономия)

Crassula was first formally described by Carl Linnaeus in 1753 with 10 species.

Etymology. (Этимология)

In crassula the name derives from Latin, meaning thick, referring to the thickened succulent leaves.


1.1. Taxonomy. The list of separate types of. (Перечень отдельных видов)

  • Jade ausensis. (Джейд ausensis)
  • Jade ausensis MOP. titanopsis.
  • Crassula Aquatica common pigmyweed, water pygmyweed.
  • Crassula Alba. (Крассула Альба)
  • Crassula atropurpurea. (Толстянка atropurpurea)
  • Crassula Alata. (Толстянка Алата)
  • Jade tree silver dollar plant, beestebul.
  • Crassula alpestris sand coating, jade.
  • Crassula alstonii. (Толстянка alstonii)
  • Crassula capitella SSP. thyrsiflora aanteel-poprosie.
  • Jade biplanata. (Джейд biplanata)
  • Jade Azores. (Джейд Азорские Острова)
  • Crassula capitella. (Толстянка capitella)
  • Crassula barklyi rattlesnake tail, wurmplakkie.
  • Jade Barbat. (Джейд Барбат)
  • Colorata crassula, dense stonecrop.
  • Jade erosula. (Джейд erosula)
  • Jade of columnaris koesnaatjie.
  • Jade was offended. (Джейд обиделся)
  • Crassula exilis SSP on. sedifolia.
  • Crassula deltoidea silver beads, gruisplakkie.
  • Jade decidua norsveld plakkie.
  • Crassula cornuta. (Толстянка cornuta)
  • Crassula connata sand pygmyweed.
  • Crassula dubia. (Толстянка dubia)
  • Crassula decumbens Scilly pigmyweed.
  • Crassula exilis on. (Толстянка exilis на на)
  • Crassula cotyledonis. (Толстянка cotyledonis)
  • Crassula Corallina. (Толстянка Кораллина)
  • Crassula dejecta. (Толстянка экскрементов)
  • Crassula colligata. (Толстянка colligata)
  • Jade is a bright red.
  • The small-leaf pygmyweed crassula drummondii.
  • Jade closiana. (Джейд closiana)
  • Crassula clavata. (Толстянка clavata)
  • Crassula columella silinderplakkie. (Толстянка Колумелла silinderplakkie)
  • Crassula cultrata plakkiebos. (Толстянка cultrata plakkiebos)
  • Crassula elegans, the elegant.
  • Crassula namaquensis SSP. comptonii.
  • Crassula marnieriana. (Толстянка marnieriana)
  • Crassula multicava fairy. (Толстянка multicava фея)
  • Jade nutmeg musky stonecrop, shore stonecrop.
  • Jade globularioides. (Джейд globularioides)
  • Jade marchandii. (Джейд marchandii)
  • Crassula lanceolata. (Толстянка lanceolata)
  • Crassula mucosa. (Толстянка слизистая)
  • Crassula glomerata. (Толстянка glomerata)
  • Crassula gillii. (Толстянка gillii)
  • Jade mesembryanthemopsis. (Джейд mesembryanthemopsis)
  • Crassula grisea in. (Толстянка grisea в)
  • Crassula namaquensis. (Толстянка namaquensis)
  • Crassula milfordiae. (Толстянка milfordiae)
  • Jade garibina. (Джейд garibina)
  • Crassula longipes smallseed pygmyweed.
  • Crassula humbertii. (Толстянка humbertii)
  • Crassula herrei. (Толстянка herrei)
  • Crassula exserta. (Толстянка exserta)
  • Jade mesembryanthemoides. (Джейд mesembryanthemoides)
  • Crassula helmsii swamp stonecrop.
  • Crassula hirtipes. (Толстянка hirtipes)
  • Jade extrorsa. (Джейд extrorsa)
  • Jade falcata. (Джейд фалката)
  • Jade of Hystrix. (Нефритовое хистрикс)
  • Patch crassula lactea tailors, Knysna crassula.
  • Crassula Nudicaulis VAR. platyphylla.
  • Crassula nudicaulis. (Толстянка nudicaulis)
  • Crassula natans. (Толстянка натанс)
  • Jade nealeana. (Джейд nealeana)
  • Crassula Nudicaulis VAR. herrei.
  • Jade ate. (Джейд съела)
  • Ate crassula VAR. dregeana.
  • Jade mouth. (Джейд рот)
  • Crassula Ovata VAR. cristata.
  • Crassula Ovata VAR. monstruosa.
  • Plant crassula Ovata, SYN. S. silver, C. portulacea.
  • Crassula peduncularis purple stonecrop.
  • Jade parvisepala. (Джейд parvisepala)
  • Jade pedicellosa. (Джейд pedicellosa)
  • The crassula pellucida. (В крассула пеллюцида)
  • The crassula pellucida VAR. marginalis.
  • Crassula perforata string of buttons, sosatieplakkie.
  • Jade reddish MOP. rattrayi.
  • Crassula pruinosa skurwemannetjie. (Толстянка skurwemannetjie pruinosa)
  • Jade reddish MOP. radicans.
  • Crassula pentandra. (Толстянка пятитычинковая)
  • Jade reddish Jersey pigmyweed.
  • Jade plegmatoides. (Джейд plegmatoides)
  • Crassula picturata. (Толстянка picturata)
  • Crassula perfoliata. (Толстянка perfoliata)
  • Crassula radicans red carpet.
  • Krassula of rupestris MOP. marnierana.
  • Crassula pyramidalis. (Толстянка pyramidalis)
  • Krassula of rupestris. (Крассула рупестрис из)
  • Crassula rubricaulis. (Толстянка rubricaulis)
  • Crassula rogersii. (Толстянка rogersii)
  • Crassula sericea VAR. hottentotta.
  • Crassula Sarmentosa. (Sarmentosa Толстянка)
  • Crassula sarcocaulis bonsai crassula.
  • Crassula schmidtii. (Толстянка schmidtii)
  • Crassula sericea. (Толстянка sericea)
  • Crassula saginoides wrinkle seed pygmyweed.
  • Jade streyi. (Джейд streyi)
  • Crassula eat. (Толстянка съесть)
  • The solierii smoothseed pygmyweed crassula.
  • Crassula Subaphylla. (Subaphylla Толстянка)
  • Crassula umbella. (Толстянка "умбелла")
  • Crassula tillaea moss pygmyweed.
  • Crassula socialis. (Толстянка socialis)
  • Crassula volkensii. (Толстянка volkensii)
  • Jade turtle. (Нефритовая черепаха)
  • Crassula sieberiana Austral stonecrop.
  • Crassula tetragona. (Толстянка еще тетрадоны)
  • Crassula tetramera. (Толстянка tetramera)
  • Crassula thunbergiana. (Толстянка thunbergiana)
  • Crassula viridis pricklyseed pygmyweed.

1.2. Taxonomy. The list of selected varieties. (Список выбранных сортов)

  • Crassula Pagoda Cat. (Толстянка Пагода Кошка)
  • Crassula Fallwood. (Толстянка Fallwood)
  • Crassula Coralita. (Толстянка Coralita)
  • Crassula Morgan Beauty. (Крассула Морган Бьюти)
  • Crassula Tom Thumb. (Толстянка Пальчик)
  • Jade Buddha Temple. (Храм Нефритового Будды)
  • Crassula Dorothy. (Толстянка Дороти)
  • Crassula Justus Corderoy. (Толстянка Corderoy Юстус)
  • Jade Moonlight. (Джейд Лунный Свет)
  • Crassula Emerald. (Толстянка Изумруд)
  • Crassula connata is a succulent plant known by the common names sand pygmyweed and pygmy stonecrop. It is a very small plant which grows in patches on
  • a succulent plant known by its common names mossy stonecrop and moss pygmyweed It is a small fleshy plant growing only a few centimeters in height.
  • is rotavated to break up the hard clay and deter invasive New Zealand pygmyweed As a man - made site, Old Moor has a complex water - management system that
  • photosynthesis, vernal pool species like Howell s quillwort Isoetes howellii and pygmyweed Crassula aquatica collect carbon dioxide nocturnally using Crassulacean
  • cornuta - beaked hazelnut, beaked filbert Crassula - pygmyweeds Crassula aquatica - water pygmyweed Crataegus - hawthorns Crataegus apiomorpha Crataegus
  • Crassula helmsii, known as swamp stonecrop or New Zealand pigmyweed, is an aquatic or semiterrestrial species of succulent plant in the family Crassulaceae
  • Crassula multicava is a perennial succulent plant from the family Crassulaceae. It is also known under various common names including the fairy crassula
  • Crassula natans, commonly known as floating pigmyweed, is a herb in the Crassulaceae family. The annual herb is often found in an aquatic environment.

  • Crassula decumbens, commonly known as rufous stonecrop, cape crassula or spreading crassula, is a herb in the Crassulaceae family that is native to southern
  • Mountain leatherpetal Graptopetalum bartramii pricklyseed pygmyweed Crassula viridis sand pygmyweed Crassula connata San Francisco River leatherpetal Graptopetalum
  • bindweed, SCE Cuscuta coryli Hazel dodder, SCE Crassula aquatica E, Pygmyweed Thuja occidentalis Northern white cedar, native populations only, T
  • Crassula aquatica - water pygmyweed Crassula connata - sand pygmyweed Penthorum sedoides - ditch - stonecrop Rhodiola integrifolia - entire - leaf stonecrop

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