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Day of the Animals

★ Day of the Animals

Day of the animals 1977 American horror film directed by William Girdler and based on a story written by Edward L. Montoro. Premiere 13 may 1977, the movie reunited stars Christopher George and Richard jaeckel, Director Girdler and producer Montoro from the previous years hit film Grizzly. Leslie Nielsen in the role of the main antagonist of Man. In 1978, the International movie companies re-released the film in theaters something.

Day of the animals tells the story of a psychosis caused by the depletion of the ozone layer of the Earth, affecting all the animals at high altitudes. A group of hapless tourists have to survive the onslaught of animals and make their way to safety, even as psychosis turns them against each other.

Reviews on release were generally negative.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The depletion of the earth ozone layer, CFCs aerosols causing increased ultraviolet radiation at high altitudes. Scientists say that animals are more than 5000 feet in height, became very aggressive towards people.

The Murphys hotel in the Alpine village somewhere in Northern California, Steve Christopher Buckner George prepares to Board a dozen tourists on Board a helicopter to fly up to the mountain to sugar meadow, where they will begin a multi-day camping trip. The local Ranger Chico Tucker Walter Barnes alone tells Steve that there were all kinds of accidents lately and maybe this trip is not a good idea, but Steve refuses to call it.

Steve and his group moved on, and, after a short rest, the group was represented by: Professor McGregor, Richard jaeckel, anthropologist, Frank and Mandy young John cedar and Susan Backlinie, a bickering married couple, a wealthy older woman, Shirley Goodwyn, Ruth Roman and her son, johnny, Bobby porter, Paul Jenson, Leslie Nielsen, Executive Director of the advertising Agency and a psychopath with an angry, scornful sense of humor, Bob Denning, Andrew Stevens and Beth Hughes, Kathleen bracken, teen, couple, Roy Moore, Paul Manty, a former professional footballer to miss from cancer Terry Marsh, Linda day George, TV reporter, and Daniel Santee: Michael ansara, a native American leadership and the steadiest man among them.

Meanwhile, in the restaurant, Mervis, Tucker sits down with Burt, the local Sheriff and tells him that an outbreak of rattlesnake bites. At this point, the reporter on the bars TV says the White houses fact sheet claims that chemical waste emitted into the atmosphere is dangerous to the ozone layer that protects all life from the suns rays.

On the mountain, the tourists will come across a camp where a fire is burning and coffee cups ready to be filled, but no one is around. Steve suggests that tourists will soon return and leads hikers to a nearby place to sleep for the night. They made a fire and although Daniel pulls Steve aside to tell him that something weird is going on in the woods, Steve asks him not to say anything to panic the others. The two decided to take turns to stand guard. That night, as Terry wonders why the other guys never came back, a few wolves attacked Mandy in her sleeping bag. Vacationers to pursue them, but the strength of holiday home mandys already bitten and she needs medical care.

At dawn, Mandy and Frank are gone from the other and hike to a nearby caretaker of the tower to call the helicopter but the various kinds of birds gather in the trees and circle overhead. Suddenly, hawk swoop down and attack her, and before Frank can chase them, Mandy falls from the cliff to his death.

Meanwhile, as the rest of the tourists continue down the mountain, johnny picks up snatches of radio messages about emergency ozone, as a result of chemical imbalance in the forest. When johnny signals from other hikers, Shirley yelling at him and accidentally knocked his radio into the Creek. When the travelers reached the place where food was left for them, they believe that the box was torn, attacking animals and nothing left. Jenson, challenging the competence of Steve, said that the group needs to stay here and wait for the helicopter to return, but Steve insists on pushing down the mountain.

Frank Wade across the Creek when he finds a little girl standing on the shore. Frank asks the girl where her parents are, but shes in shock and not acting on it until the hawk swoops in and makes her scream. Frank picks her up and carries her away.

In the camp, after the wolves again attack tourists to hurt Daniel Jenson, which are obviously more and more insane due to the radiation suffer now he says hes going to go back up the hill to the Ranger tower, which is closer than the village. He convinces Shirley, johnny, Bob and Beth to go with him as the others continued down the mountain. That night, as lightning flashes, rain pours, Jenson, now completely insane, violations of Shirley and threatens to kill johnny. Bob and Beth realize that they made a mistake in coming from the button, as he is the only person now affected by radiation from the Sun, Jenson kills Bob, stabbed him with his cane. As he pulls Beth away to rape her, there is a large grizzly bear. Jensen fights the bear that kills by biting a chunk of his neck, and then devouring it. Shirley and johnny Beth to grab and run.

That night in the city, Ranger Tucker was awakened by the phone. Bert tells him the National guard into the city to evacuate all above 5.000 feet, where the radiation is strongest, making all the animals aggressive and attack people. As Tucker hung up the phone, he hears something rattling and gnawing. He turns on the kitchen light and sees that the room is empty, and gets a plate of chicken from the fridge. But as Tucker goes in the drawer for knives, and some rats jump on the table. Tucker trying to stab them, but a few rats jump on him. Tucker runs upstairs to Wake his wife, Rita. They rush outside and get into their car and run to a few vicious dogs, they can bite.

In the morning, after a night walk, Frank and little girl to arrive in the abandoned village. From the outside the hotel Murphys, mad dog attacked them. Frank puts the girl in the car, grabbed a hammer from a Toolbox and runs to his car nearby. Once Frank reaches his car and opens the passenger door, a few rattlesnakes inside him to bite. The result of the dog attack on Frank and kill him.

Meanwhile, Shirley, johnny and Beth take shelter in a grounded Park Ranger, a helicopter pilot who was killed by a pack of dogs.

Steves group was attacked by another pack of wild dogs in the camp of the old houses. Professor McGregor and Roy are both dead dogs, like Steve, Terry and Daniel start Santi. Three rush to the nearby Creek and push the raft into the water, but as they pulled away, the dog jump onto the raft, forcing them overboard. Three hanging to the raft as the current catches it and pulls it downstream through the rapids, and dogs on the raft will sink.

Some time later, Shirley, johnny and Beth are still in a grounded helicopter. All is calm and all the dogs are dead. As johnny and Shirley coming out of the helicopter, they hear another helicopter coming in and screaming and waving their hands as it approaches.

In the city, army American soldiers in hazardous-material suits approach the Murphys hotel. Dead birds and animals were lying everywhere, killed by the same solar radiation that made them hostile in the first place. Four soldiers sees a little girl hiding inside the car, where Frank left her and rescue her.

Not far away, Steve, Terry and Daniel are sleeping on a drifting raft, when they hear voices and a distant siren. Looking up, they see a dozen people standing on the bridge, welcoming them back to the normal world.

In the final shot, the surviving eagle is flying into the camera.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Linda day George Terry Marsh.
  • Ruth Roman as Mrs. Shirley Goodwyn.
  • Andrew Stevens as Bob Denning.
  • Michael ansara as Daniel Santi.
  • Christopher George, Steve Buckner.
  • Walter Barnes as Ranger Tucker.
  • Leslie Nielsen Paul Jenson.
  • John SEDAR, as Frank Yang.
  • Susan Backlinie as Mandy young.
  • Paul Manty Roy Moore.
  • Richard jaeckel as Professor Taylor MacGregor.

3. Production. (Производство)

Production budget amounted to $ 1.2 million, and filming took place in long barn, CA, for Todd-AO 35 film with the cast Recalling that they had a good time.

Animals for the film was prepared by Monty Cox, a veteran of such productions as "Apocalypse now" and "the Incredible Hulk", which, together with the cast, Susan Backlinie, who also twice a day Linda George in some scenes. Leslie Nielsen later recalled being impressed by the bear.


4. Welcome

Animal day was mostly panned by critics for its bad special effects, dumb premise, predictable design derived from birds and nose environmental topics.

Some critics recommended the film for fans of the natural horror and disaster movies of the 1970-ies, comparing it with Twitter. Kingdom of the spiders and frogs. In addition, the film has a cult status among many who saw it at a young age.


5. Home video. (Домашнее видео)

The film was first released on VHS in pan-and-scan format. Media blasters released the film on DVD on 25 APR 2006 under his "Creek show" imprint, which includes interviews with actors Jon cedar and Paul manta rays are United into a short film. Scorpion releasing released on Blu-ray and DVD version in November 2013, in the extended version of the interview with media blasters, the soundtrack insulating Schifrins score and original movie. Katarina waters conducts introductory "Katarinas nightmare theater" segment.

On March 24, 2017, Rifftrax has released a recording film with Comedy commentary by Michael J. Nelson, Kevin Murphy and bill Corbett.

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