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It grows as a prostrate little-branched shrub, the stems densely covered with thin, pointed leaves from seven to 30 mm long and 0.5 to 0.8 millimeters. While in prostration, it has erect stalks which give it a height of meters. The flowers are white or grey, and occur in elongated panicles.


1. Taxonomy. (Таксономия)

It was first published in 1839 John Lindleys sketch of the vegetation of the colony of Swan river, based on indeterminate material. Its taxonomic history since that time was completely without incident, no synonyms, no intrapartum taxa publication. In 1995, Eleanor Bennett has published Conospermum treatment for the flora of Australia series of monographs, embed C. incurvum in subg; it Conospermum. Conospermum, sect. Eriostachya, subsection. Multibracteata. This kind of topic. Its close relative S. brachyphyllum, from which it can be distinguished by its more densely clustered leaves.


2. Distribution and habitat. (Распространение и места обитания)

It occurs in undulating sandplains white, grey or yellow / brown sand over laterite, from Eneabba South to Perth. Thus, it primarily occurs in the Swan coastal plain and Geraldton Sandplains biogeographic regions. There are also some outlying populations in the Avon Wheatbelt and Jarrah forest regions, and one population in the Esperance plains to the North of Albany.

  • syn. Rhus cotinus, the European smoketree, Eurasian smoketree, smoke tree, smoke bush Venetian sumach, or dyer s sumach is a species of flowering plant
  • Sea Spray and Smoke Drift 1867 is the first collection of poems by Australian poet Adam Lindsay Gordon. It was released in hardback by George Robertson
  • Assiniboine from Copper Mountain, he saw a plume of clouds trailing away from the top. This reminded him of the plumes of smoke emanating from the teepees of Assiniboine
  • members of the genus Conospermum, especially the Western Australian smoke bushes are particularly attractive. The western species are difficult to propagate
  • event for the Snowy Valleys as a result of extreme local conditions. The smoke plume rose to an estimated 8, 000 metres 26, 000 ft and developed a pyro - cumulonimbus
  • scenic Mount Stromlo. At 13: 31 three of our four fire towers reported a smoke plume from the northwest corner of the pines in the vicinity of the Huntly
  • November 28, 2002. On March 17, 2003, a gray plume was observed above Kanlaon Volcano. Small eruptions produced plumes that rose 100 m above the crater of the
  • 000 ft over wildfires. Satellite observation of smoke plumes from wildfires revealed that the plumes could be traced intact for distances exceeding 1
  • and the Delta breezes. However, air quality in Oregon degraded as plumes of smoke drifted northward instead of concentrating in the Central Valley. Hazy
  • Flowers are followed by long pods which produce numerous seeds with silky plumes that aid in wind dispersal. The environmental range of the species is very

  • began to fill with smoke 1: 00 approximately Jets are scrambled from Elmendorf Air Force Base to shadow Flight 85. 1: 04: President Bush puts the U.S. military
  • necessary sarin smoke plume as persons were seen in the video material live at the site, without appropriate protection gear. A sarin smoke plume would have
  • photography of the firestorm exists. Note the ambient wind blowing the fire s smoke plume inland. The firebombing of Tokyo on the night of 9 10 March 1945 was
  • dioxide By Wednesday the third day of the thick haze of smoke air quality in Calgary scored 17. Smoke from the Chelan Complex fire was pushed westward over
  • She was defeated in the 1994 Texas gubernatorial election by George W. Bush She remained active in public life until her death in 2006. To date, Richards
  • atmospheric effects remaining limited to the Persian Gulf region, with smoke plumes in general, lofting to about 10, 000 feet 3, 000 m and a few times as
  • such a harebrained activity. A US Coast Guard helicopter notices the smoke plume and investigates, positively identifying the lost castaways from the
  • amidships, the second exploded in the stern, sending an immense plume of fire and smoke bursting into the sky. The impact of the torpedoes was so great
  • cheer on Charlie, suddenly, someone sees a plume of smoke in the distance. Charlie runs toward the smoke and finds that Eliza s house is on fire. He
  • due to the resulting smoke hazard. In 2012 a fire was burning for three days near Madura Station covering the Eyre Highway in smoke Over 300 hectares 741
  • Flowerdale. 6: 00 pm Beechworth fire commenced. 6: 00 pm Kilmore East fire smoke plume and pyrocumulus cloud reached 15 km 9.3 mi high. 6: 45 pm Murrindindi
  • filbert Corymbia Corynocarpus Corypha Coryphantha Cosmos Costus Cotinus smoke bush Cotoneaster Cotula brass buttons Cotyledon Couroupita cannonball tree
  • Johnny Reb Gaming Society. Mosgrove, George Dallas, Following Morgan s Plume in Indiana and Ohio, Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XXXV. January December
  • samples and in the lungs of several 9 11 responders. The understanding of the smoke and dust in the air was not fully understood at the time the World Trade
  • seven California counties where fires were burning. President George W. Bush concurred, and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response
  • acres with a 64 kilometres 40 mi perimeter. The fire caused large plumes of toxic smoke when it burned through over 30, 000 tyres on a private property.
  • marketing, among other things, as a tool to get around smoke - free policies by allowing users to smoke anywhere. Assertions of effectiveness for giving up
  • seven California counties where fires were burning. President George W. Bush concurred, and ordered federal aid to supplement state and local response
  • 25 August 1986, she was christened on 21 July 1990 by First Lady Barbara Bush and she was commissioned at Naval Station Norfolk on 4 July 1992. In 2006
  • flight. At T 58.788, a tracking film camera captured the beginnings of a plume near the aft attach strut on the right SRB. Unknown to those on Challenger

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