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According to apocryphal Christian and Islamic tradition, Saint Anne was the mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus. Mother Mary is not named in the canonical Gospels. In writing, the name of Anna and her husband Joachim come only from New Testament Apocrypha, of which the gospel of James, it seems, the earliest that mentions them. Mentioned about mother Mary but not named in the Koran.


1. Church tradition. (Церковная традиция)

The story has similarities with the birth of Samuel, whose mother Hannah Hebrew: חַנָּה Hannāh "mercy, grace", etymologically the same name as Anna was childless. Although Anne receives little attention in the Latin Church until the end of the 12th century, says Anna in Eastern Christianity to occur in the 6th century. In the Eastern Orthodox tradition, Hanna, is credited with the title of the ancestor of God, and both of the Nativity and the presentation in the temple of the blessed virgin Mary is celebrated as two of the twelve great feasts of the Orthodox Church. The assumption Hanna is also a minor feast in Eastern Christianity. In Lutheran Protestantism, it is believed that Martin Luther chose to enter religious life as an Augustinian monk after crying out to St. Annes while under threat of lightning strike.


2. In Islam. (В Исламе)

Anna Arabic: حنة, romanized: Hannah is also revered in Islam, recognized as a highly spiritual woman and as the mother Mary. She is not named in the Koran, where she is called "wife of Imran. The Quran describes her childless until old age. Once, Hannah saw a feeding of cubs sitting in the shade of a tree, which awakened her desire to have children of their own bird. She prayed for a child and eventually conceived, her husband, Imran, died before the birth of the child. Expect child is a masculine child, Anna vowed to dedicate him to isolation and service in the Second Temple.

However, Hannah bore a daughter and called her Mary. Her words after delivering Mary reflect her status as a great mystic, realising that while she wanted a son, this Daughter of the gods gift for her:

Then, when she brought forth she said: my Lord! Indeed, I brought her here, woman. And God is greater in knowledge about what she did. And male is not like female.


3. Beliefs. (Убеждения)

Although the canonical books of the New Testament, not to mention the mother of the blessed virgin Mary, traditions about her family, childhood, upbringing and subsequent betrothal to Joseph developed very early in Church history. The oldest and most influential source is the apocryphal gospel of James, the first was written in Koine Greek around the middle of the second century of our era. In the West, the gospel of James came under a cloud in the fourth and fifth centuries when it was accused of "absurdities" of Jerome and condemned as untrustworthy dad Damase I, Pope innocent I and Pope Gelasius I.

Ancient belief, attested to the preaching of John Damascene, was that Anne married. In the late middle Ages, legend held that Anne was married three times: First to Joachim, then to Clopas and finally to a man named Solomas and that each marriage produced one daughter: Mary, mother of Jesus, Mary Cleopas and Mary Salome, respectively. Sister of St Anne was sobe, the mother of Elizabeth. In the fifteenth century, Catholic cleric Johann Eck in a sermon that Annes parents were named Stollanus and Emerentia. Catholic encyclopedia 1907 sees the genealogy as false.

In the 4th century and then much later, in the 15th century, there was a belief that Mary was conceived without original sin Anna. This belief in the immaculate conception States that God preserved Marys body and soul intact and sinless from her first moment of existence, through the merits of Jesus Christ. Immaculate conception is often confused with the Annunciation to Mary of the incarnation the virgin birth of Jesus, the dogma in the Catholic Church, Pope Pius IXS successfully the papal bull, Ineffabilis Deus, in 1854.


4. Honoring. (Чествование)

In the Eastern Church the cult of Anne can go back as far as C. 550, when Justinian built a Church in Constantinople in her honor.

The earliest visual sign of her veneration in the West is an 8th-century fresco in the Church of Santa Maria Antiqua in Rome.

Virginia Nixon sees the economic incentive in the local promotion of the cult of the SV. Anna in order to attract pilgrims. Identification of Sepphoris as the birthplace of Mary may reflect competition with the same place in Jerusalem. The temple in Douai, in Northern France, was one of the early centers of devotion to St. Anne in the West.

Two famous shrines of St. Anne, that STE. DAuray Ann in Brittany, France, and STE. Anne-de-beaupré, near québec city. The number of visitors to the Basilica of Sant. Anne de beaupré is greatest on the-Annes day, July 26, and Sunday, on the eve of the Nativity of Mary, September 8. In 1892 Pope Leo XIII sent a relic of St. Anne in the Church.

In Maltese, the milky Way galaxy is called shes the one away from Anna, literally "the way of Saint Anne".

In tsarist Russia, the Order of St. Anna was one of the leading state awards.

In the United States, the daughters of the Holy Spirit named former Annhurst College in her honor.


4.1. Honoring. Power. (Мощность)

Alleged relics of St. Anne were brought from the Holy Land to Constantinople in 710 and stored in the Church of Hagia Sophia as 1333.

During the twelfth and thirteenth centuries returning crusaders and pilgrims from the East brought relics of Anne to a number of churches, including the most famous venue in the apt, in Provence, Ghent, and Chartres. SV. the power of Anna was preserved and venerated in the many cathedrals and monasteries dedicated to her name, such as Austria, Canada, Germany, Italy, Greece and on the Holy Mountain and the town of Katerini. Medieval and Baroque craftsmanship is evident, for example, in metal life-size reliquaries containing the bones of her forearm. Examples of the use of folk art also known.

Düren has been the main place of pilgrimage for Anne since 1506, when Pope Julius II decided that her relics should be kept there.


5. Patronage. (Шефство)

Church of St Anne in the national Park of Beit Guvrin was built by the Byzantines and the crusaders in the 12th century, known in Arabic as Khirbet lit. "ruin" Sandahanna, Mareshah mound called tell Sandahanna.

Saint Anne is patroness of unmarried women, Housewives, women in labor or who wants to be pregnant, grandmothers and carers. She is also the patron of riders, Cabinet-makers and miners. As mother Mary, this devotion to St. Anne as the patron of miners arises from the medieval comparison between the virgin Mary and Christ and precious metals silver and gold. Annes womb was considered the source from which these precious metals were mined. Saint Anne is also say, the patron Saint of sailors and a protector from storms.

She is also the patron Saint of: Brittany France, Chinandega, Nicaragua, tribe of micmac people of Canada, Castelbuono Sicily, province of Quebec, Canada, Santa Ana, CA, Norwich CT, Detroit, mi, Adjuntas, Puerto Rico, Santa Ana and Jucuaran El Salvador, Berlin, new Hampshire, Santa Ana Pueblo, and Taos, new Mexico, Chiclana de La Frontera, in the city of Tudela and Fasnia Spain, Santa Ana, Pampanga province, Hagonoy, Santa Ana, Taguig city, Saint Anne Shrine, Malicboy, Pagbilao and Quezon and proximity to Malinao, Albay, Philippines, Santana, Brazil, Saint Anne, Illinois, the Isle of Sainte-Anne, baie-St. Anne and Praslin island, Seychelles, Bukit Mertajam and Klang port of Malaysia, Klucove Slovakia and South Vietnam. The parish Church of Vatican city Anna dei Palafrenieri. There is a Church dedicated to St. Anne in the woods in Bristol, UK.


6.1. In art Christ in the house of his parents. (Христос в доме своих родителей)

In John Everett Millaiss works 1849-50 Christ in the house of her parents, Anna is shown in her brother-in-law Josephs carpentry workshop the care for the young Jesus, who cut his hand on a nail. She joins her daughter, Mary, Joseph and the little boy, who would later be known as John the Baptist in the care of injured hand of Jesus.


6.2. In art Iconography. (Иконография)

The subject of Joachim and Anne meeting at the Golden gate was a regular component of artistic cycles of the life of the virgin. The pair will meet at the Golden gate of Jerusalem and embrace. They are known of Annes pregnancy, of which they were separately announced by the Archangel. This point was the conception of Mary, and the feast was celebrated on the same Day of the Immaculate Conception. Art works representing the Golden gate and the events leading up to it, was under the influence of the narrative in the widely read Golden Legend of Jacobus de Voragine. The birth of Mary, the blessed virgin and the marriage of the virgin were usual components of cycles of the life of the virgin in which Anne is normally shown here.

Her emblem is a door. She is often depicted in red and green, representing love and life.

Anne is never shown as present at Christmas, but often shown with the infant Christ in various subjects. It is sometimes believed to be depicted in scenes of the presentation of Jesus in the temple and circumcision of Christ, but in the first case, it probably reflects a mistaken identification for the confusion with Anna the Prophetess. There is a tradition that Anne went alone to Egypt and returned to Holy Family after fleeing to Egypt. Anne is not seen with the adult Christ, therefore, died during Jesus youth. Anne is also shown as the matriarch of the Holy kinship, of the large family of Jesus, a popular subject in late medieval Germany, some versions of these pictorial and sculptural images include Emerentia who was known in the 15th century, to be Annes mother. Modern prayers, Ann and her husband are invoked for protection of the unborn.


6.3. In art Virgin and child with St. Anne. (Девы и ребенок с Святой Анны)

The role of the Messiahs grandparents in salvation history was commonly depicted in early medieval devotional art in a vertical double-Madonna of the agreement, known as the virgin and child with Saint Anne. Another common theme of Anne teaching the virgin Mary the Scriptures, see In the gallery below.

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