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Catch and Release (film)

★ Catch and Release (film)

Catch and release is an American romantic Comedy 2006 Film written and directed by Susannah grant, in her directorial debut, and starring Jennifer garner, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Smith, Sam Jaeger and Juliette Lewis. In the film, after the womens fiance dies, she seeks solace in his friends after learning his secrets, and fall in love with his best friend. The film was shot in 2005 in Vancouver and boulder, Colorado. Catch and release premiere at the festival, Austin film in October 2006 and was released in USA on 26 Jan 2007. The film was panned by critics and a failure at the box office, earning a million vs a million.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In boulder, gray Wheeler attended the funeral of her fiancé, Grady Douglas, on the day they were to be married. Gray looking for privacy behind the curtain where she was involuntarily listening togradys best friend, Fritz, sex with the maid.

Eva, gradys lawyer, confirmed that the gray because they were not married, grey you get nothing. The attorney reveals that Grady had an investment account with a million dollars in that gray knew nothing.

Gray realizes that she can no longer afford to rent the house that they chose. Usinggradys other two friends, Dennis and Sam, she puts her things in storage and moves with them. Fritz, at the present time between directing commercials in California also comes to stay, which causes tension between him and gray.

Grey discovers that Grady transferred the $3.000 every month for an unknown person. Later, gray findsgradys cell phone and listens to the message string from a Woman asking for money. Gray asks Fritz for answers, as this number in Los Angeles, and he reveals that Grady had a son, a massage therapist whose mother depended on the money he sent. Fritz tells Gray that a boy of eight and that he was conceived before she met Grady.

Gray is even more concerned when Mrs. Douglas asked her to return the heirloom engagement ring. She refuses and keeps the ring. Another woman, Maureen, and her son, Matty, to find Grady. Grey finds out that Matty actually 3 years and understands that Grady was cheating on her. Gray confronts Fritz, but they end up in a passionate kiss.

Gray did not want to have anything to do with Maureen, but the guys are reluctant to send the son of a deceased friend so quickly, and they all know each other. Over dinner, trying to figure out how Grady could change it, gray blurts out that she equally concealed from it that "catch and release" fishing is cruel and just eat the fish.

Sam and Maureen, with similar scattered individuals, to develop relations, but Sam stops her when she starts having sex with him, while Matty was in the room. Gray and Fritz became intimate. On a day trip to the river, Sam teaches Matty to fly fish, while Dennis acknowledges that Gray that he has feelings for her. Denis upset to find out that gray and Fritzs something there, but gray later tells him that her relationship with Fritz is "less than nothing", not realizing that Fritz can hear her. He believes that she loves him and returns to Malibu.

Mrs. Douglas insisted that Mattie take a DNA test before allowing him to inheritgradys money. The test shows that Matty is a strange child. Maureen has no idea how to find a man named Raphael that she had sex a few days before having sex with Grady, and doesnt know how she can support her child withoutgradys money. Gray says Mrs. Douglas that either she must give her name and money to this child that Grady loved as his own, or gray will sell the engagement heirloom ring to help maintaingradys mistress of an innocent child.

The group gathers at the dedication of the peace garden, Dennis was built to memorialize Grady. Mrs. Douglas gives Maureen a cashiers check for $ 1 million. She then tells gray to keep the ring, saying that she wanted her boy back. Denis leaves the house, and Maureen and Matty live with Sam, to find new support, but still retaining the family of Douglas of money. Gray goes to Malibu and finds Fritz playing with his dog on the beach - they embrace and kiss.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Juliette Lewis as Maureen Monette.
  • Sam Jaeger as Dennis.
  • Jennifer garner as gray Wheeler.
  • Timothy Olyphant as Fritz messing.
  • Fiona Ellen Douglas. (Фиона Эллен Дуглас)
  • Tina Lifford as eve.
  • Kevin Smith as Sam.

3. Production. (Производство)

"Catch and release" was shot in spring / summer 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, with a Reprise in December 2005. In July 2005, a few scenes were filmed in boulder, Colorado, where the story takes place.

Kevin Smith said that during the filming of this movie, he and Lewis went to the Uwe Boll film In the name of the king, because Smith heard they have Krispy Kreme donuts, which were delivered to Burt Reynolds, who appears in this film. They took boxes of donuts back to catch and release, and someone on the set asked if they were stolen doughnuts from the set in the name. because Reynolds saw someone running away with them.


4. Soundtrack. (Саундтрек)

Original score of the film is Brian Wayne Transeau BT and Tommy Stinson.

The song used in the official trailer for the film included "just a ride" by JEM and "breathe 2am" by Anna Nalick.

Music catch and release is:

  • Gary Jules – Pills.
  • Joshua Radin – "what if".
  • Andrew Rodriguez – "What Have I Done".
  • Gomez – "These 3 Sins".
  • Peter Maclaggan – "take-off".
  • Doves – "there goes the fear".
  • Steve Durand – "electrified and ripe".
  • New Radiant Storm King – "The Winding Staircase".
  • Blinker the Star "nest for two".
  • Alaska! – "Resistance". (Аляска! – "Сопротивление")
  • In Lemonheads – "My Drug Buddy".
  • Swallow – "Turn Blue".
  • Audible – "Sky Signal".
  • "Masha And The Bear" – "Razor".
  • Death cab for cutie – "soul meets body".
  • Paul Westerberg – "let the bad times roll".
  • The Magic Numbers – "Mornings Eleven".


5.1. Welcome The checkout. (Кассе)

Box office Mojo predicted catch and release would earn in its first weekend and $4.6 million of sites 1.622, with Leesmovieinfo.com assessment of $ 5 million. The film edged above these expectations and grossed $7.658.898 during the first three days, with Sony indicating that 75% of the audience was female, 58% were older than 25. Picture movies that depend heavily on its leading ladies, mostly female audience can also be seen in the photo, like her, just like heaven and because I said so, the other medium-grossing success.

The film ended with a final gross of $15.539.051 in the US and $456.458 in other areas, making it bomb at the box office.


5.2. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

The film was universally panned by critics and viewers. On rotten tomatoes the movie has a approval rating of 21% based on 132 reviews, with an average rating of 4.5 / 10. The websites consensus reads: "a romantic dramedy with boring, stock characters and contrived situations." Metacritic gave a rating of 43 out of 100 based on 28 reviews, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Spectators interviewed by the Agency CinemaScore gave the film a grade of B.

The film received "two thumbs up" from Richard Roeper and guest rating critic Govindini murty at the movies with Ebert & Roper. Even with most of the negative reviews, some critics praised the performance of Smith.

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