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★ Island of the Fishmen - 1979 in film ..

Island of the Fishmen

★ Island of the Fishmen

Fishermens island is a 1979 Italian action horror film directed by Sergio Martino starring: Barbara Bach, Joseph Cotten, Richard Johnson.

In 1981, about 30 minutes the video was removed from the original film and replaced with new material for the international release. This version was called screamers.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

It is the year 1891 and a military doctor, Lieutenant Claude de Ross Claudio Ambassador survived not one, but two shipwrecks, nailed a mysterious, uncharted Caribbean island along with a bunch of convicts. When several of these convicts meet unfortunate ends at the hands of the titular Fishmen, Claude and the other survivors flee into the jungle, only to encounter the sadistic Edmond Rackham, Richard Johnson and his beautiful captive Amanda Marvin Barbara Bach.

Amandas father, Professor Ernest Marvin Joseph Cotten, once famed biologist, has discovered a way to turn people into amphibious creatures and controls their every move. Rackham manipulates Marvin into performing the procedure on willing and unwilling participants by assuring him that his work is purely scientific and humanitarian motives Marvin hopes to reduce the burden on the worlds food supply by creating a race of people that can live in resource-mastered ocean. Finding the lost city of Atlantis under the water, but surrounding the island, Rackham actually using half-human Monsters to plunder the lost city of its treasures.

Shakira beryl Cunningham, voodoo priestess in the service of Rackham foretells death and destruction descending on the island.

The priestess prophecy is fulfilled as the film ends with Claude and Amanda trying to escape from a gun-wielding Rackham, crazy Shakira, uncontrolled fishermen and the very volcano that doomed Atlantis which awakens and threatens to send what unsubmerged sushi remains in oblivion.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Beryl Cunningham as Shakira.
  • Joseph Cotten, as Professor Ernest Marvin.
  • Barbara Bach as Amanda Marvin.
  • Giuseppe Castellano as skip.
  • Franco Mazzieri as françois.
  • Claudio Ambassador as Lieutenant Claude de Ross.
  • Richard Johnson in the role of Edmond Rackham.
  • Franco Iavarone as josé.
  • Roberto posse as Peter.

3. Alternative versions. (Альтернативные версии)

After acquired a U.S. distributor new world pictures and United pictures, Miller Drake was hired to pen and helm a new opening for the film. This prologue presents Cameron Mitchell as a sea captain leads a gentleman Mel Ferrer, who squandered his family fortune in search of Atlantis treasures on the island.

This entry contained the dark special effects makeup Fishman-wounds author: Chris Walas. Changes in the film added music sandy Berman is not in the Italian cut, a new English dub track and a new title, something waits in the dark.

After this 1980 release was a success, Jim Uaynorski led by new world pictures re-release of the film. Uaynorski to rename the movie again for this new version, entitled screamers, a scene of a man being turned inside-out was filmed specifically for inclusion in a trailer designed to lure viewers who are unable to give something waits in the dark was noticed.

Both waiting for something in the dark and screamers, approximately 85 minutes. About half an hour of footage cut from Lisola degli known Hiking in order to make room for the above mentioned States add-ons.


4. Welcome

Gene Siskel of the "Chicago tribune" gave the film one half star out of four and said, "screamers is a fresh name for what appears to be an old movie never creates or shout."

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