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Nemastylis, or pleatleaf, is a genus of flowering plants in the family iridaceae, first described as a genus in 1835. It is native to Mexico, Central America and the southern United States. The genus name comes from the Greek words NEMA, meaning "thread", and stylos, meaning "pillar" or "core".

  • Nemastylis nuttallii Pickering ex p foster - Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri.
  • Nemastylis tenuis grass. S. Watson Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Texas, Arizona.
  • Nemastylis selidandra Ravenna - TX.
  • Tuitensis Nemastylis Aaron Rodriguez. & Ortiz-Cat. Ravenna - the state of Jalisco in Mexico.
  • Nemastylis geminiflora Nutt. - the South-Central United States.
  • Nemastylis floridana small FL.
formerly included
  • Nemastylis pearcei Baker = Tigridia pearcei Baker of Ravenna.
  • Nemastylis mcvaughii Molseed & Cruden = Tigridia convoluta Ravenna Goldblatt.
  • geminiflora is a perennial herb also known as the prairie celestial and prairie pleatleaf It is common on the black soil prairies in Texas, and can also be found
  • Nemastylis nuttallii, the Nuttall s pleatleaf Ozark celestial - lily or pine woods lily, is a plant species native to Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma in
  • Iridaceae known by the common names Florida celestial, fallflowering pleatleaf and fallflowering ixia. It is endemic to Florida in the United States
  • Polygonum tenue, the slender knotweed or pleat - leaf knotweed, is a North American species of plants in the buckwheat family. it is widespread across south - central

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