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Pinewoods horkelia

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Horkelia fusca is a species of flowering plants in the rose family known by several common names, including horkelia pine trees, dusky horkelia. It is native to the Western United States from California to Wyoming, where it is commonly found in mountain forests and meadows. This perennial herb forms a dense bunch of leaves, each growing erect up to 15 cm. Each sheet consists of a wedge-shaped or rounded leaves with toothed or lobed edges. These are often gray-green and slightly hairy. Brown or reddish-pubescent, the stem reaches a maximum height of about 60 inches and has an inflorescence of several flowers. Each flower has a small, pointed bractlets under the large green, red or purple sepals and five white to pinkish petals. The center of the flower has a ring of ten stamens around a bunch of 10 to 20 small pistils.

There are several subspecies, including:

  • H. f. subsp. parviflora smallflower horkelia (Х. ф. специализа. parviflora smallflower horkelia) - throughout the species range.
  • H. f. subsp. fusca is a native of Oregon and Washington.
  • H. f. subsp. tenella (Х. ф. специализа. tenella) - only occurs in California.
  • H. f. subsp. filicoides (Х. ф. специализа. filicoides) - endemic to Oregon.
  • H. f. subsp. lived horkelia white (Х. ф. специализа. жили horkelia белый) - originally from the Pacific Northwest.
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