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Point Reyes horkelia

★ Point Reyes horkelia

Horkelia marinensis-a rare species of flowering plant in the rose family known by the common name point Reyes horkelia. It is endemic to the coast of California, where it is known about Fort Bragg to near Santa Cruz. It grows on beaches and in other sandy coastal areas. This perennial plant grows in low, dense patches. Leaves up to 10 centimeters long and are composed of toothed, hairy, gray-green leaflets each about a centimeter long. Foliage glandular and strongly scented. The plant produces green to reddish-green stems up to 30 centimeters in length that carry the buds from a dense cluster of flowers. Each flower has minute bractlets under reddish green, downy sepals. The petals are typically white, narrow, with rounded ends. The center of the flower contains a ring of stamens around a Patch of 20 to 30 pistils.

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