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Parkinsonia, also Cercidium, is a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae. It contains about 12 species that grow in semi-arid areas of Africa and America. The genus name honors English Apothecary and botanist John Parkinson.

It is a large shrubs or small trees growing to 5-12 m 16-39 feet tall, dry season deciduous, with sparse, open, thorny crowns and green bark. The leaves are pinnate, sometimes bipinnate, with numerous small leaflets, they fall only on a relatively short time after rains, with much of the photosynthesis is carried out green shoots and the branches. Flowers symmetrical or nearly so, with five yellow or white petals. The fruit is a pod containing several seeds.

Most American species known under the common name of Palo Verde or paloverde, from the Spanish word meaning "green pole" or "green stick". This name comes from the characteristic green trunk. In Palo Verde is not species specific state tree of Arizona.


1. Ecology. (Экология)

The main pollinator for species Parkinsonia in the southwest US and Western Mexico Centris pale, solitary bee, known as excavator or steppe bees. S. pale gets nectar and pollen from this plant to fill the brood pot, so that their larvae will have food when they hatch. The nectar and pollen to give it pollen strong orange color.


2. Certain types. (Определенные типы)

  • Parkinsonia scioana Chiov. Brenna.
  • Parkinsonia Florida Benth. A. Gray ex S. Watson Sin. Cercidium Floridum – blue Palo Verde.
  • Parkinsonia carterae Western Mexico South to Ecuador.
  • Texana Parkinsonia VAR. texana.
  • Texana Parkinsonia VAR. Makra I. M. Johnst. Isely.
  • Parkinsonia anacantha Brenna Kenya.
  • L. Parkinsonia aculeata Mexican Palo Verde, Sonora and Chihuahua deserts of Mexico and the United States of America and South to Argentina, Galapagos Islands.
  • Parkinsonia andicola Griseb. S. Watson Sin. Cercidium Andicola.
  • Parkinsonia Africana Song. (Parkinsonia Песню Африкана)
  • Parkinsonia texana A. Gray and S. Watson Sin. Cercidium Texanum – Texas Palo Verde, Texas, northeast Mexico.
  • Parkinsonia microphylla Torr. SYN. Cercidium Microphyllum foothill Palo Verde.
  • Parkinsonia raimondoi Brenna Somalia.
  • Parkinsonia praecox Ruiz & PAV. Jay Hawkins The Blues. Cercidium praecox – Brea, Verde Olivo, the North West of Mexico and South America South to Argentina.
  • Paloverde is the Americanized name of Parkinsonia, a genus of flowering plants in the pea family, Fabaceae. Paloverde may also refer to: USS Paloverde
  • States Navy built near the end of World War II. Originally laid down as Paloverde YN - 86 a net tender of the Ailanthus class, she was redesignated as
  • years. Compared to the closely related Parkinsonia microphylla foothill paloverde it appears more decumbent in overall form, is taller, and matures more
  • Parkinsonia microphylla, the yellow paloverde foothill paloverde or little - leaved palo verde syn. Cercidium microphyllum is a species of palo verde
  • Palo Verde Hanyomalivah in Mojave formerly, Paloverde is a census - designated place CDP in Imperial County, California. Its name comes from the native
  • supporting vegetation. Blue paloverde trees Parkinsonia florida with smooth blue - green photosynthetic bark, and yellow paloverde Parkinsonia microphylla
  • steep, rocky slopes alongside cacti such as the saguaro and paloverde such as the yellow paloverde Other plants in the habitat include condalia, ocotillo
  • Some of the common flora in the Coyote Mountains and wilderness are the paloverde tree, and the saguaro cactus. Some oak woodlands are present. List of
  • desert trees found are restricted to dry watercourses these include paloverde Parkinsonia the desert willow Chilopsis linearis desert ironwood
  • at the origin of vein 2. The larvae mainly feed on mesquite, acacia, paloverde and other desert plants. They are light green with black and white stripes

  • 1991 - about World War II The Crimson Palace 1995 Rich Friends 1976 Paloverde 1978 The Onyx 1982 David Colker 2 January 2015 Jacqueline Briskin
  • Magical Dilemma of Mondesir from Century no. 2, May Jun. 1995 The Paloverde Lodge from Fear no. 28, Win. 1990 Those of the Air from Cthulhu s
  • NV Greatschools.net. Retrieved 2013 - 10 - 25. Palo Verde High School Paloverde org. Retrieved 2013 - 10 - 25. Palo Verde Athletics Archived January 18, 2008
  • Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa Opuntia basilaris Parkinsonia florida - Blue Paloverde Peucephyllum schottii Phacelia spp. - Scorpionweed Phacelia crenulata
  • Havasu Wilderness is dominated by creosote bush, ocotillo, blue - green paloverde and pockets of saguaro. A variety of trees grow in washes with willows
  • is covered by Sonoran desert shrub vegetation such as saguaro cactus, paloverde barrel cactus, ocotillo, and various desert grasses. Popular recreational
  • Wilderness: Seasons, Plants and Wildlife: ocotillo, creosote bush, brittlebush, blue paloverde Desert Ironwood, and Smoketree Psorothamnus p. 265.
  • 1987 Seeing Them from The Horror Show v. 7, no. 1, Spr. 1989 The Paloverde Lodge with Jason Van Hollander from Fear no. 21, Sep. 1990 The Spirit
  • local plant species such as saguaro cactus Carnegiea gigantea yellow paloverde Parkinsonia microphylla brittlebush Encelia farinosa foxtail brome
  • Seasons, Plants and Wildlife: ocotillo, creosote bush, brittlebush, paloverde Desert ironwood Smoketree Psorothamnus p. 265. The city of Yuma
  • particularly prickly - pear and cholla Cylindropuntia spp. catclaw acacia, and paloverde These plants provide cover and succulent plant food 50 water by weight
  • High Ridge Range 1983 The Witness Tree 1983 writing as John Armour Paloverde 1983 writing as John Armour America and the Americans 1984 The War
  • desert fan palms, saguaro, barrel cactus, cholla cactus, mesquite, and paloverde Flowering plants such as penstemon, verbena, fleabane, lupine, poppies
  • bird s - foot trefoil, hairy lotus, Mojave lupine, ironwood, Foothills paloverde and Velvet Mesquite. Examples of Boraginaceae include: Common fiddleneck
  • USS Paloma SP - 533 USS Palomas IX - 91 USS Palos 1865, PG - 16 PR - 1 USS Paloverde ATA - 215 USS Pamanset AO - 85 T - AO - 85 USS Pamina AKA - 34, AKL - 41 USS Pampanga
  • rights. Mexican federal troops inflicted another defeat on rebels near Paloverde southwest of Penjamo. The Computing - Tabulating - Recording Company CTR
  • Welcome to Mt. San Jacinto College Msjc.edu. Palo Verde College Paloverde edu. Riverside Community College District Archived from the original
  • zones ranging from thornscrub, ocotillo - mesquite - creosote bush, saguaro - paloverde mesquite grassland, and chaparral to tropical deciduous forest southern
  • pipe cactus and pancake prickly pear cactus can be found. Furthermore, paloverde saguaro cactus, soaptree yucca, cholla guera, triangle - leaf bursage
  • Parkinsonia texana is a species of perennial flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, native to Texas and the Mexican states of Coahuila, Nuevo Leon

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