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★ Call of the Wild, 1935 film - 1935 in film ..

Call of the Wild (1935 film)

★ Call of the Wild (1935 film)

The call of the wild is a 1935 American adventure film based on the novel by Jack London call of the wild, directed by William A. Wellman, and stars Clark gable, Loretta young, and Jack Oakie. The film omits all but one of the books storyline.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

In Skagway in 1900 Jack Thornton announces a crowded bar that he was going home after getting rich in the Goldfields. However, he loses most of his money gambling in the first place. Then he runs into old PAL, "Shorty", "bully", just released from prison after serving time for a read mail of other people. Shorty tells Jack that the contents of a letter, which he read is worth a million dollars. It contains maps in a rich gold strike, Prospector Martin Blake died without his claim on him, but the letter was sent to his son John. Shorty was eating when he was arrested, but tried to reconstruct it as best I could from memory.

He smiled when he pays $250 for buck, a Saint Bernard savage to keep him from shooting the arrogant Englishman named Smith. Jack and Shorty head to the Yukon with a map, Beech and other dogs. Along the way they rescue Claire Blake from wolves. Her husband Martin, son of Blake and the original card, he went in search of food and never returned. She refuses to leave without determining the fate of Jones, but Jack drags her away. Sharing the hardships of the way on the way to Dawson, her original disgust Jack is gradually melting.

Once they reach Dawson, Jack invites her to join forces with them as she knows which part of the map Shortys are not right. She agrees. However, they are still interested. Smith puts a thousand dollars against a Buck that the dog cant pull a heavily loaded sled weighing a thousand pounds for a hundred yards. The tank manages the feat, allowing them to buy what they need.

After the trio went in search of Martin Blake to find, barely alive John Blake found and brought. He tells Smith to support him and join him on the trail to the place, but did not trust the Englishman and his two henchmen.

Three to achieve their goal and find it, all they had hoped. Shorty leaves to file the claim. Jack and Claire to wait and eventually admit their love to each other. The dollar, meanwhile, feels a strong desire to join a pack of wolves, he often goes to spend time with a she-wolf.

When Blake and Smith to get to the site, Smith and Blake was strangled, then hugs Jack and Claire at gunpoint. Attackers take the gold they have gathered and destroy all that will allow a couple to go. Then the villains leave in their canoes, but he capsizes and they drown, burdened with the stolen gold, in the eyes of Jack and Claire.

Buck said John Blake, is still alive, in bad shape. They nurse him back to health. Jack wants in any case to save Claire, but she didnt. Then Jack encourages John to go to get proper medical care before the weather makes it impossible. John and Claire are leaving.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • James Burke as Ole.
  • Clark gable as Jack Thornton.
  • Tank as himself. (Танк, как и сам)
  • Herman Bing as Sam.
  • Sidney Toler as Joe Groggins.
  • Loretta young as Claire Blake.
  • Thomas E. Jackson as Tex Rickard.
  • Jack Oakie as "Shorty" bully.
  • Lalo Encinas as Kali.
  • Frank Conroy as John Blake.
  • George Mcquarrie as mounted policeman.
  • Katherine DeMille as Marie.
  • Reginald Owen as Mr. Smith.
  • Charles Stevens as Francois.
  • Russ Powell bartender. (Русс Пауэлл бармен)

3. Production. (Производство)

During the filming of "the call of the wild" Clark gable impregnated Loretta young, resulting in youngs hushed-up pregnancy and the birth of their daughter Judy Lewis 1935-2011. Pregnancy is considered to be the result of the case, however, in 2015, Linda Lewis, youngs daughter-in-law, stated publicly that young told her before his death that Gabel raped her, and that, although these two were flirting on the set, there was no affair. This was the last film released as part of the twentieth century, pictures of the banner before it merged with Fox film Corporation to create 20th Century-Fox, now renamed in the 20th century studios. By the way, a remake of 2020 will be the first film released under the title 20th century studios.

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