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Rabbit Without Ears

★ Rabbit Without Ears

Rabbit without ears, 2007 German romantic Comedy, writer, producer and Director til Schweiger. Co-written by Anika Decker, and starring Nora Tschirner and Schweiger himself the plot of the film revolves around yellow press reporter Ludo and his ex-classmate Anna, who again, after years, when he was sentenced to 300 hours of community service for her passing.

Produced by barefoot films and Warner Bros., the film premiered in theaters across Germany on 20 December 2007 and became an unexpected box office hit, eventually collecting $74.000.000, mostly from its domestic run. On April 20, 2008, Keinohrhasen had reached over six million viewers, finishing sixth there in the list of the most successful German films in Germany since the beginning of the audience census in 1968. Also a great success, the film was awarded the goldene Leinwand, a bogey award, the Deutscher Comedypreis and a Bambi and received a nomination for the audience award of the European film Academy 2008.

Was released on 3 December 2009, the sequel, entitled Rabbit without ears 2.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Ludo Decker Schweiger, the Berlin tabloid reporter. With photographer Moritz, his daily routine is to spy on celebrities for the tabloid Das Blatt. He also uses his work for frequent sexual encounters with objects of interest.

Ludo Moritz on stage at the party of heavyweight boxer and celebrity Wladimir Klitschko Yvonne Catterfeld. Klitschko raises his glass to toast his bride, Ludo breaks through the glass dome roof and fall into the cake, to the amazement of guests. For this crime he was sentenced to three hundred hours of community service in the local kindergarten.

There he meets the Director of the kindergarten Anna Gotzlowski Tschirner, who grew up in the same area that Ludo and often tolerated his antics and taunts. She avenges the childrens suffering, by assigning him to perform humiliating tasks. His parole is at stake, Ludo has no choice but to obey. However, he is still interested in one-night stands and an affair with Nina, the mother of Cheyenne blue, one of the children in his charge.

In the end, the tensions between Anna and Ludo to dissipate and the two become friends. When Annas date with another man goes awry, she appears at the top of the tower the apartment in search of comfort. Two of them end up in bed, but Anna hopes it will develop into something more serious destroyed as Ludo sees her only as a friend. Anna later meets actor jürgen Vogel in the Park and begins to see him. When she accompanies the Vogel award German film award, Ludo reports that she is the most beautiful woman in attendance, and coverage of celebrities female, his editor considers more informative. The editor unceremoniously fires him.

Ludo begins to realize that he feels more for Anna than he had previously thought. During the festival for children in local theatre, he falls in performance and professes his love for her, like sitting in the classroom with children. Losing his rag, he takes a job in a kindergarten.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Alwara Hofels as Miriam Steinfeld, colleague and friend Anna.
  • Armin Rohde as Bello.
  • Emma tiger Schweiger as Cheyenne-blue, a child in kindergarten.
  • Jürgen Vogel as himself.
  • Valentin Florian Schweiger as young Ludo.
  • Lilli Camille Schweiger as Sacha, another kid at daycare.
  • Wladimir Klitschko as himself.
  • Matthias saghier as Moritz the paparazzi, and friend Ludo.
  • Yvonne Catterfeld as herself.
  • Fahri Ogun background as Mucki.
  • Kai Lentrodt as taxi driver.
  • Rick Kavanian, as the choleric chief editor of the tabloid Das Blatt.
  • Luna Marie Schweiger as young Anna.
  • For Nora Tschirner as Anna Gotzlowski, try former classmate and head of the kindergarten for children who initially holds incredible resentment of Ludo, not to overcome his teasing over 20 years ago. Schweiger has created the role of Anne in particular, with Tschirner in mind, referring to her as "one of the best Actresses on screen in Germany.".
  • Nina Proll as Daniela Berg, partner has a balcony.
  • Barbara Rudnik as Lilli Decker, try the older sister.
  • Gregor Bloeb as MiCHi Nussbaumer, Cocle.
  • Christian Tramitz as Annas date.
  • Anne-Sophie Briest as Mandy, a loud "Ministerluder".
  • Brigitte Zeh as Nina, Cheyenne Blues mother.
  • Sonsee Neu as a judge.
  • Til Schweiger as Ludo Dekker, a well-known tabloid reporter and libertine, who was sentenced to three hundred hours of community service at a local child care administered by his ex-classmate Anna Gotzlowski. Ludo is Latin For "I play". His character is conceptualized as a "comedic Tour de force" in Schweiger.
  • Paul Maximilian schüller as Lollo, Lillis son.
  • Pasquale Aleardi as the task of the lawyer.
  • Wolfgang Stumph as taxi driver.
  • Elena Oligov as an employee of the hotel.

3. Soundtrack. (Саундтрек)

Music from the album Movie. (Музыка из фильма альбом)

Track listing

  • "Some Time" – 1:59.
  • "Mr. Brightside" Jacques Lu Cont Thin White Duke Mix The Killers – 8:48.
  • "Fluid" – 1:43. ("Жидкость" – 1:43)
  • "Deep Blue" Deep Blue- 3:24.
  • "In search of Atlantis" prefab sprout – 4:03.
  • "Lifeline" Angels & Airwaves – 4:16.
  • "Sad Song AU Revoir Simone" – 4:07.
  • "Springs" – 2:56. ("Родники" – 2:56)
  • "Everythings Changing" Keane – 3:35.
  • "Rainy day in Vancouver" – 1:38.
  • "Autumn Leaves" – 1:42.
  • "Cheyenne Blue" – 1:40.
  • "This Love" – 2:18.
  • "Der Zauberlehrling" Junge Dichter & Denker – 3:54.
  • "Anna & Ludo – Hold Me Now" Rea Garvey – 1:47.
  • "All The Magic" Angels & Airwaves – 3:51.
  • "I Still Remember The Party" Block – 4:20.
  • "Im sorry, the registrations are the best songs in 3:04.
  • "Rain" – 1:18. ("Дождь" – 1:18)
  • "A Perfect Circle" – 2:57.
  • "Rocket Brothers" Kashmir – 5:27.


4. Name. (Название)

While doing handicraft at the childrens centre, Ludo sews a stuffed rabbit without ears. As Anna criticises him for it, he points to the fact that another rabbit made by child Cheyenne blue is also no ears. Anna in this context argues that it is Keinohrhase, and no Bunny ears that can hear through its nose. This scene was also used for the first teaser trailer.

A rare earless rabbit born in February 2012 at the zoo in Limbach-Oberfrohna, Saxony was named "til", citing the name of the film and its Director. Baby rabbit was accidentally crushed when the operator of the television came on him, an event that was briefly the subject of international media.


5. The American remake. (Американский ремейк)

In January 2010, Schweiger sold the rights for a us remake of Keinohrhasen to Newmarket entertainment, he said, he hopes to direct the film and to engage Ben Affleck in the title role.


6. Awards. (Награды)

  • 2008: The Prize Of The Ernst Lubitsch.
  • 2008: goldene Leinwand MIT stern for more than 6 million viewers.
  • 2008: bogey award in gold for 3 million viewers for 30 days.
  • 2010: bronze palm award in Mexico international film festival.
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