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Splinter (2008 film)

★ Splinter (2008 film)

Splinter is a 2008 American horror film Director Toby Wilkins starring: Shea Whigham, Paulo Costanzo, Jill Wagner and. It was filmed near Oklahoma city, Oklahoma. It had a limited theatrical release 31 October 2008. HDNet movies and shows film Two days before its theatrical release.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

The film opens on a sleepy gas station, where the slack-jawed pump attendant Charles Baker attacked by a seemingly rabid animal. Through a series of glimpses of a body of attendants begins to contort after the attack. Meanwhile, a young couple, Seth Belzer Paulo Costanzo and Polly Watt Jill Wagner, retreat to the desert for a romantic hike in the ancient forests of Oklahoma, but their plans fall apart when their car is hijacked by an escaped convict, Dennis Farell Shea Whigham, and his drug-addict girlfriend, Lacey belisle the Rachel borders. As the foursome travel the backroads together, they have a flat tire when they run over a small splinter-infected animal on the road. Eventually, they find shelter in an abandoned gas station.

Shortly after their arrival at the gas station, Lacey learns the infected still-living body resulting from the first stage. Lacey is attacked and killed almost immediately, but her body slowly recovers and becomes a new creature that is attacking a survivor. While fighting this creature, Seth, Polly and Dennis find that the severed pieces of infected capable of attacking on their own. Later, Sheriff Terry Frankel, Laurel Whitsett arrived on the scene and attempts to arrest Dennis, but shes torn in half corpse of the Laceys. The creature takes the top half of the body of the officers on the roof and slowly bonds with it, creating a larger creature. Seth formulates a plan to call for help using the cops radio was left behind when her body was torn in half. However, during the execution of this plan, the rebuilt creature attacks and occupies the lower half of the COP. The trio hides in the gas station to walk to the refrigerator, his hands when he manages to make and attack them. It is then discovered that Dennis has been infected, as his left hand strongly twists and twitches on its own. Seth and Polly amputate to prevent the spread of infection. Dennis later explains that he was pricked by a thorn of the dead creature they had encountered on the road. Seth discovers that these creatures are actually just a mold or fungus taking control of the corpses they infect and it takes a lot of blood, and because it is a mere creature, they hunt depending on the temperature, to attack a warm thing they can find.

By lowering his body temperature with bags of ice, Seth is able to sneak past the creature to the police car, while Polly and Pharrell to distract him with fireworks. Seth makes it in the police car but discovers that without the keys, the car, and the police radio inside are useless. Meanwhile, Sethow body temperature rose, forcing Denis to leave the dressing in order to lure the creature away from him. As a result, the creature manages to enter the gas station and Dennis and Polly are forced to hide in the fridge. Meanwhile, discarded fireworks ignites a trail of flammable liquid left before the petrol station and caught fire. Seth can remove the shotgun from the police car and helps Polly and Dennis escape. Dennis offers to keep the creature in fear, while Seth and Polly escape, and infected in the process. He shoots one of the gas pumps with a gun and the creature was engulfed in flames. When the smoke clears, the creature is dead, but Dennis is still infected. Seth and Polly approach of Denis, who gives them the key to the Bank account, telling them to give his wife the person he shot and paralyzed who later died. Dennis shoots directly into a stack of propane tanks, destroying themselves, gas stations, and any remaining infected corpses.

Seth and Polly to leave at dawn, but the final scene shows that there are other infected creature corpses in a latent state in the forest.


2.1. Welcome Critical reception. (Критический прием)

On the review aggregator rotten tomatoes, splinter got the approval rating of the customers 74% based on 35 reviews, rating 6.3 / 10. Its consensus States: "Never take yourself too seriously, splinter scores as a fast-paced, exciting Thriller with more than enough scares." On Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating reviews, the film has a weighted average rating is 58 points out of 100, based on 13 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".

Claudia Puig of USA today gave the film 2.5 out of 4 stars, writing, "this is a classic game with plenty of thrills and chills, surprisingly believable performances, and healthy doses of humor." Chuck Wilson of the "village voice" wrote: "backed by solid ensemble work, some yuckily effective special effects, and a script that subverts genre Convention by having its characters do smart things instead of stupid basically, splinter earns our respect, delivering 82 minutes of lean, mean fun."

The film is not without its detractors. Marc Savlov in the Austin Chronicle awarded the film 1.5 out 5 stars, stating that the film "would have made a far more effective short than the feature-length drag it."


2.2. Welcome Awards. (Награды)

Splinter won the festival Screamfest horror film six awards: Best editing, best music, Best special effects, Best makeup, best Director and Best film. Splinter was nominated for Best horror film at the 35th annual award "Saturn", but he lost Hellboy II: the Golden army. He was also nominated for spike TVs 2009 scream awards for most memorable mutilation at the site of removal but lost the saw against the trap of the pendulum.

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  • A list of horror films released in 2008 Buchanan, Jason. 4bia Allmovie. Retrieved November 16, 2011. The 13th Alley Allmovie. Retrieved November
  • Theory, a 2002 album by Jumpsteady Chaos Theory Splinter Cell 3 Soundtrack Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, a 2005 video game Chaos Theory
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  • book, Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell was published in 2004 followed by Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell: Operation Barracuda in 2005. In 2008 Benson wrote A Hard
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  • oddly warm and instantly memorable In 2008 the song was featured in the award - winning indie horror film Splinter by director Toby Wilkins. JoDee Purkeypile:
  • produced the musical scores to critically acclaimed video games Tom Clancy s Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory by Ubisoft in 2005, and Sucker Punch s Infamous in 2009
  • direct - to - video sequel of Walking Tall. In 2008, he was cast in the horror film Splinter He was cast in Terrence Malick s To the Wonder in 2011. He was cast in
  • brother Leonardo. This film focuses more so on his feeling of isolation from his brothers and sense of regret and anger when Splinter is eventually captured
  • but two - dimensional planes. In 1977, as the film was scheduled to premiere in the United States, a splinter group of the black nationalist Nation of Islam

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