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Balga was a medieval castle of the Teutonic order in the Kaliningrad region, Russia. The ruins of the castle located on the shore of the Vistula lagoon, to the North of Mamonovo in the border of the municipal formation of Bagrationovsky district, about 30 km southwest of Kaliningrad.


1. History. (История)

The hill of Balga had been the site of an old Prussian fortress Honed Warmian called. The fortress was unsuccessfully besieged by the Wettin Margrave Henry III of Meissen on his 1237 Prussian crusade, but was ultimately conquered in 1239 by the troops of the Teutonic order under the leadership of the great Marshal Dietrich von Bernheim. Balga was the oldest Ordensburg constructed by the Teutonic order in the field of modern Kaliningrad region was built from 1239 to control naval traffic on the Vistula lagoon. With the assistance of Duke Otto I of Brunswick-lüneburg, the Teutonic knights defeated the old Prussians along the coastline of Warmia and Natangia. The conquest of these pagan peoples brought the Duke Swietopelk II of Pomerania to declare war against the Teutonic order in 1242 Prussian uprising, although he was eventually forced to abandon his participation in the uprising. From 1250, Balga was the administrative centre of Kommende Balga and the residence of the commander of the Teutonic order. Many Komturs in Balga like Winrich von Kniprode or Ulrich von jungingen, later rose to the office of the Grand Master, the highest office in the Teutonic order.

In 1499 Grand Master Friedrich von Sachsen had Kommende dissolved, and the Prussian homage, Balga was part of the Polish Duchy of Prussia in 1525 the castle became the residence of George of Polentz, Bishop of Samland.

From 1627, parts of the castle were broken by order of king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden during the Polish–Swedish war in order to obtain building material for the construction of the star Fort at Pillau, now Baltiysk, the strategically important port city was occupied by the Swedes. Balga was located in the Duchy of Prussia from 1525 and the Kingdom of Prussia in 1701, where from 1772 1829 he belonged to the province of East Prussia. The province was United with West Prussia to the province of Prussia until 1878, when he again separated and Balga remained in East Prussia until 1945.

During the Second world war the castle ruins were the site of one of the final battles between the German Wehrmacht and the Soviet red Army, with the recent advance in the East Prussian offensive. The German defenders had destroyed many ships, sinking them in the lagoon near the ruins, and battle, greatly damaged the castle remains. After the Total war was in that part of East Prussia, allocated to the Soviet Union at the Potsdam conference and is in the zone, which was organized in Kaliningrad oblast of the Russian SFSR. In the area of Balga has become a popular place for robbers and treasure hunters hoping to dig up valuables left in the locks of the previous occupants and the German and Soviet soldiers killed in world war II.

Balga was also the name of a nearby village, which after the Soviet sovereignty over the area was renamed the fun, but now abandoned.

  • Balga was an electoral district of the Legislative Assembly in the Australian state of Western Australia from 1974 to 1977 and again from 1983 to 1989
  • Balga is a suburb of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, 13 kilometres 8 mi north of Perth city s central business district CBD Its local
  • Balga has several possible meanings, including: Balga a ruined fortress and abandoned village in Russia Balga a common name for the western Australian
  • Balga Senior High School is a public co - educational high day school, located on Markham Way in the suburb of Balga 13 kilometres 8.1 mi north of Perth
  • This is a list of electoral results for the Electoral district of Balga in Western Australian state elections. Prescott, David Black with the assistance
  • Balgha Arabic: البلغة romanized: l - bəlga also spelled balga belgha, or belga, are heelless slippers made from leather. They are part of traditional
  • Labor strongholds of Balga Western Australia, Mirrabooka and Westminster which had previously been in the abolished seat of Balga while losing the northern
  • and Joondanna, while a new district of Balga was created to take in the other areas. Burke transferred into Balga while the member for the abolished seat
  • Xanthorrhoea drummondii, commonly known as blackboy, grasstree or Drummond s balga is a species of grasstree of the genus Xanthorrhoea native to Western Australia
  • Hamersley, Girrawheen and Balga Princess Road and Girrahween Avenue - Girrawheen and Balga Mirrabooka Avenue - Girrawheen, Balga Koondoola and Mirrabooka
  • terms was Labor MP Ted Cunningham. Cunningham was previously the member for Balga which was abolished when Marangaroo was created. He went on to represent
  • Xanthorrhoea preissii, known as balga is a widespread species of perennial monocot in Southwest Australia. The form of the plant resembles a tree, with
  • among the councillors. Balga Ward Coastal Ward Doubleview Ward Hamersley Ward Inglewood Ward Lawley Ward Osborne Ward Balcatta Balga Carine Churchlands Coolbinia
  • Australian Legislative Assembly in a by - election as the Labor member for Balga he moved to the new seat of Marangaroo in 1989 and to Girrawheen in 1996
  • Hepburn Avenue. The districts includes the suburbs of Girrawheen, Marangaroo, Balga Warwick and a large section of Hamersley. Girrawheen was first created
  • is the City of Stirling. Westminster was formerly the southern part of Balga but was renamed in 1994 at the request of residents. This was the name of
  • Minister for Environment and Disability Services. Whitby was raised in Balga and was a journalist before entering politics. He was a newsreader and
  • Honeda, a Warmian castle, and built Balga their own brick fortress. Using their tested tactics, the Knights used Balga as a base for further expansion.
  • aviation across its eight campuses in Bentley, Carlisle, Midland, Thornlie, Balga Jandakot and two Armadale campuses. Polytechnic West had existed under
  • BC as ordered by the Shanyu Kherlen Tsagaan Aral Terelj Hasar Balgas Bayanbulag Balgas Tsenkher Gol Kherem Shuvuutiin Gol Kherem Mume, capital of the
  • based in the northern suburbs of Perth. It includes Alexander Heights, Balga Koondoola, Mirrabooka, Westminster and parts of Ballajura and Dianella

  • to form North Metropolitan TAFE. At the beginning of 2017, two campuses Balga and Midland that were formerly part of Polytechnic West also joined North
  • College of TAFE began as two campuses in the Perth suburbs of Carine and Balga Land for Carine Technical School was reserved on 19 March 1976 and an Order
  • am Rhein near Cologne. He served as the Komtur of Danzig 1338 1341 and Balga 1341 1343 In 1341 he was promoted to the Grand Marshal. Von Kniprode
  • by - election on 24 October 1987. 8 On 17 February 1988, the Labor member for Balga and Premier, Brian Burke, resigned. Labor candidate Ted Cunningham won the
  • 13th century. Marshal Heinrich Botel gathered men from Kulm, Elbing, and Balga for an expeditionary attack deeper into Prussia. They traveled into the
  • two - party - preferred count. He would hold this seat, renamed Balga in 1974, Balcatta again in 1977, and Balga again in 1983, until his retirement from politics in
  • north - eastern Burkina Faso. Its capital lies at the town of Diapangou. Balga Bandiabgou Bardiadeni Bassabliga Bianargou Boaka Bossongri Comboari Diangaïe
  • Prussian regions of Natangia and Bartia. The castle was part of the Komturei Balga It was first composed of block houses, palisades, and earthworks and later
  • suburbs and included the suburbs of Yokine and Coolbinia, as well as parts of Balga Westminster, Mirrabooka, Nollamara, Dianella and Inglewood. Electoral

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