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★ Painter’s fumitory

Rutka bastardii, as a rule, tall ramping fumitory or bastard fumitory, a branched herbaceous plant native to Western Europe including the British Isles and the Northern Mediterranean. The species is a weed of arable and disturbed ground, and is presented as alien in many regions of the world with a suitable climate, including South-Western Australia and North America.

  • Fumaria painteri or Painter s Fumitory This flower has only been found twice, in 1905 and 1907, and in both cases it was found by Painter Plants of this
  • Journal of Botany. Gregory is credited with the discovery of the Cornish fumitory Fumaria occidentalis. She reported that she found it on the edge of a
  • raspberry juice, or pomegranate juice, liquid chicory extract Kasni and fumitory extract Shahtareh as well as flixweed. Such people should avoid direct

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