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The Animal

★ The Animal

The animal in the 2001 American Comedy Directed by Luke Greenfield starring: Rob Schneider, Colleen Haskell, Michael Caton, and John C. McGinley.

Schneider plays Marvin mange, a man who is badly injured but unknown to him, he is put back together by a mad scientist who transplants animal parts, creating a weird permanent changes in his behavior.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Marvin mange Rob Schneider, awkward, clumsy nice guy who dreams of becoming a policeman like his father. He constantly tries to pass physical test to become a COP, but despite his repeated attempts, he fails to complete the obstacle course. Marvin is constantly cruel and heartless slippery Sergeant Sisk John C. McGinley. He works in a police station as evidence clerk.

One day, alone at the station, he receives a robbery. No other officers answering the call, he tries to take it, but end up driving off the road, tumbling down the mountain and seriously injuring himself. When the car finally stops, he comes out.

A few days later, Marvin returns to normal with no memory of what happened. Suddenly, he is full of life. He can outrun horses, mean dogs are now scared of him, and he doesnt need his asthma medication. He thinks its his night TV purchase of "badger milk", which is guaranteed in the ads to make him stronger.

A day in the Park, Marvin meets Rianna Colleen Haskell while she was walking her dogs. His animal-like tendencies are slowly taking him over. When a Frisbee is thrown in his direction, he cant control himself and he jumps to catch it in his mouth.

He goes to the airport to talk to his friend, miles the security guard guy Torry about his problem. While there, Marvin sniffs out a man trying to hide heroin in his rectum. For the disclosure of a drug smuggler, Marvin is declared a hero and becomes a police officer.

As the days go by, Marvins animal instincts become stronger. He often wakes up in strange places, and subsequently, hears about animal attacks that occurred in the middle of the night. Because of these attacks, Dr Michael Caton believes that Marvin is out of control. The mad scientist confronts him, takes him to his laboratory, and explains about the implants and transplant, which saved the lives of Marvins and gave him remarkable abilities of the animals With some unpleasant side effects.

Later, at a party thrown by mayor Scott Wilson, Marvin chases after a cat and destroys everything around him and was fired as a result. During his reprimand, he hears something, jumps into the lake and rescues his son with the help of the mayors powers derived from a sea-lion and Dolphin. He is rapidly recovering.

Main Wilson, ed Asner Marvin questions about the night attacks on domestic animals, because one of witnesses made a police sketch, and, it seems, Marvin.

Rihanna goes to Marvins house, where he barricaded himself. They spend the night together, but Marvin wants to be tied, so he cant harm anyone. In the morning he finds himself untied, courtesy of Rianna. Suddenly the police showed up outside. Another attack happened that night, and the police came to Marvin. Rianna convinces him to run.

Marvin escapes to the woods, where a huge chase ensues, the police have organized an angry mob, as the first team to capture Marvin. While running through the woods, Marvin finds Dr. Wilder. The scientist tells him that there was another "patient" of his that got out of control, and he to the woods to hunt.

Sergeant Sisk confronts Marvin, and is going to shoot. Suddenly, the other "animal" jumps from a tree and attacks Sisk. The beast is Rianna. Now, the crowd finds them both together, but there are miles and takes the blame for everything. He was arguing that the racism towards him because hes black concept he explained in the beginning of the movie, and to eat with Marvin and nobody wants to call him to account for everything. Of course, once the mob thinks a black man was responsible, they dont care anymore and leave.

Marvin and Rianna get married and have a brood of children that each look like Marvin. While watching television, they see Dr. Wilder win the Nobel prize. He says he owes it all to his bride, who is the same woman from the badger milk commercial. When she turns around to kiss him, there are large scars shown on his back, implying that Wilder was an experiment on her as well.


2. Cast. (Литые)

  • Sebastian Jude as the lost boy.
  • Ron Rogge as patrolman Jaworski.
  • Louis Lombardi as fatty.
  • Colleen Haskell as Rianna "Hummingbird" Holmes.
  • John Farley as other mob.
  • Adam Sandler as a citizen.
  • Norm MacDonald as a member of the mafia.
  • Philip Daniel Bolden as the evidence room kid #2.
  • John C. McGinley as Sergeant Doug Sisk.
  • Michael Caton as Dr. Wilder.
  • Guy Torry as miles.
  • Ed Asner as chief Wilson.
  • Charlie Stewart as the evidence room kid #1.
  • Rob Schneider as Marvin mange.

Wes Takahashi, a former animator and visual effects supervisor of industrial light & magic, makes a cameo appearance as a news reporter.


3.1. Welcome The checkout. (Кассе)

The animal debuted on June 1, 2001, cash 19.6 million U.S. dollars in the first weekend. With a production budget of $47 million, the film grossed $84.772.742 at the international level.


3.2. Welcome Critical response. (Критическая реакция)

This movie received negative reviews. Rotten tomatoes gave the film a score of 30% based on 83 reviews, with the consensus stating: "while less offensive and more charming than recent gross witty comedies, the animal is still rather mediocre". Metacritic gave the film a rating in the amount of 43% based on reviews from 22 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews". Spectators interviewed by the Agency CinemaScore gave the film a B grade.

Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles times called it "an outrageous and imaginative summer Comedy". Robert Koehler, Variety magazine wrote: "the animal is never more nor less than stupid, but stupid in ways that deliver goofiness, and not the rampant humiliation". Peter Travers of Rolling Stone described it as "Adam Sandler decline" and wondered how this "raunchy overtones, wrapped in a PG-13 rating", passed by the censors.

Rob Schneider was nominated for a Golden raspberry for worst actor of the decade for his performance in the film.


3.3. Welcome Disputes. (Споры)

Despite mostly negative critical reaction, one supporter of the film at the time of its release was film critic David manning who gave the film extremely positive reviews from critics. In late 2001, manning was revealed to be a fictional character created by Sony to fake publicity for the film. At the time, Sony said that the error was due to a layout artist who entered the dummy text in print advertisements during their design, which was accidentally replaced with a real text.

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