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One Week (2008 film)

★ One Week (2008 film)

One week 2008 canadian drama film directed by Michael McGowan starring: Joshua Jackson, Liane Balaban, and Campbell Scott. The film debuted at the International film festival in Toronto September 8, 2008 and was released to theater on March 6, 2009.

Jackson plays Ben Tyler, who was diagnosed with cancer. Requiring immediate treatment, he instead decides to take a motorcycle trip from Toronto, Canada, on Vancouver island. Along the way he meets several people who help him rethink his relationship with his bride Samantha played Balaban, his job and his dream of becoming a writer.

Against the picturesque backdrop of the canadian landscape, as well as all-canadian soundtrack to serve the common effects in the film.

Joshua Jackson won Best actor at the 2010 Genie awards for the role of Ben Tyler. Liane Balaban was nominated for Best actress.


1. The plot. (Сюжет)

Ben Tyler Joshua Jackson is a young primary school teacher, English, living in Toronto, Ontario. Ben said he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in its fourth and final phase.

On the way home, he meets an elderly man mark strange selling his 1973 Norton commando motorcycle. The narrator notes that the Bens fiancee Samantha pierce Liane Balaban despises motorcycles, but he buys it. Finish in Tim Hortons coffee, he raises the Cup rim to see if he won a prize, but sees only a message that reads: "go West young man."

He breaks the news of his cancer to Samantha, as well as his desire to take a two-day trip on a motorcycle. She objects, arguing that he must immediately start treatment, but he feels a need for adventure before "be patient." He asks Samantha to go with him but she refuses, and he ultimately determines from Toronto itself. At the beginning of the trip, he begins to question travel costs, and turns back. But he meets two young men on bicycles from Newfoundland to Vancouver on a bet a case of beer, and his adventures seem reasonable in comparison, so he resumes it.

He believes that Samantha was Packed a copy of the book that he wrote as a child, hoping that the extra entry about reading to his children someday will persuade him to return and start treatment. But the story, about a mythical creature named Grumpy, his father said to bring good luck to any child who has been found, it strengthens his resolve to symbolically renew his search Grumps.

Ben starts to question his future with Samantha: he recalls his discovery while planning the wedding, that their religious beliefs – Ben is no different, and they have a phone argument about the compromises she made for him. He meets a middle-aged man, Gord downie, residing in the same Motel, which was successfully cured cancer years ago, he tells Ben that if hes unsure if hes in love, hes not.

His motorcycle breaks down in rural Saskatchewan. Nearby, he finds a dead dog and phone numbers of the owner, a middle-aged farmer. In gratitude, she picks it up and his bike, takes him on a scenic ride, and eliminates a small problem with his bike. She is twice divorced, has a son and granddaughter she rarely sees, but the narrator explains that time with Ben inspires her to look for her son, accidentally encountering the new "love of her life".

Continuing the journey for the promised two days, he arrives in Banff National Park in Alberta, and checks into an expensive hotel room. Samantha told his family about his cancer, and flies after him. He goes for what he fears will be the last adventure in the woods where he gets lost and meets a tourist, Tracy EMM Gryner walks over rough terrain with my dog. In her camp, she accuses Ben give up too easily on his dreams about singing career has abolished teachers harsh comments, but the novel that he was unable to find a publisher. Ben spends the night with her. The next morning, Samantha arrived earlier than expected, and Ben admits he slept with Tracy. He also tells Samantha that he loves her, she loves him, she leaves him and returns home.

Ben makes his way to the West coast of Vancouver island. At the diner, he finds himself unable to eat his food, and in the meantime a truck hit his motorcycle in the Parking lot, destroying it. He rents a surfboard and takes it in the ocean, but instead of catching the wave to return, he continues to go, depression. He sees humpback whales breaking the surface dramatically. Ben recalls that his father told him as a child, that all who were looking for Grumps would "know it when you see it," Ben admits that he has and returns home. He and Samantha to discuss his prospects and the imminent parting, and he goes home to see his family.

The final sequence shows movies narrator Campbell Scott write the last Chapter of the audio book, opened one week Ben Tyler, a memoir of his ride.


2. Soundtrack. (Саундтрек)

"Very music-heavy film," as described by Director Michael McGowan, soundtrack and assessment provides an important role in one week. Making a concerted effort to have a soundtrack to reflect the canadian-heavy theme of the movie, McGowan gathered an ensemble of canadian artists, in particular, Sam Roberts, Great lake swimmers, Wintersleep, Patrick Watson, stars, Luke Doucet, at the Sunparlour players and the world. Joel Plaskett, Gordon downie, EMM Gryner, and also appear in the film as actors.



Performed by Hugh and Rosie courtesy of Noodily Wow records


Written by T. Dekker / great lake swimmers published by harbour songs / weewerk courtesy of great lake swimmers / weewerk performed by T. Dekker / great lake swimmers


Written and performed by Sam Roberts courtesy of universal music publishing group Canada

  • 20 miles. (20 миль)

Performed by Selina Martin song and music Selina Martin


Performed by stars courtesy of arts & crafts international written by Amy Millan, Chris Seligman, Torquil Campbell, Patrick McGee, Evan published a magnificent craft music

  • Dont disturb demo. (Не беспокоить демо)

Written by Bryan Lee omalley published by Bryan Lee omalley performed by Kupek


Performed by Hugh Oliver courtesy indie Joe records written by Jody Colero, Tim Tickner, Michael McGowan and Marco DiFelice

  • Reborn. (Реборн)

Written by Ged flood | PRS published by DBC creative elevation music | SESAC courtesy Personiphonic recorded Ged flood


Written by Scott L. D. Walker published by Scott L. D. Walker courtesy of endearing records performed Salteens


Performed by Joel Plaskett courtesy of songs for the gang


Written by Melissa McClelland published by Starcana songs have, so courtesy of orange record label performed by Melissa McClelland


Music and lyrics by Andrew Heintzman performed by fried up Fred and Co.


Music and lyrics by Andrew Heintzman performed by fried up Fred and Co.


Written by Paul Murphy, a shopping center Campbell, Tim D EON, JUD Haynes courtesy of Labworks / EMI performed by Wintersleep


Written by Patrick Watson published by intrigue music courtesy of Secret city records performed by Patrick Watson


Author Andrew Penner courtesy of the Baudelaire label and Carat music brokering services Sunparlour players


Written by EMM Gryner published by EMM Gryner songs courtesy of dead Daisy records and Carat music brokering services provided by EMM Gryner


Will be performed by Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet published by Einstein Bros music, Deloris music, Ellchris music, Melissa McClelland Melissa McClelland appears courtesy of Nettwerk management Luke Doucet appears courtesy of six shooter records arranged by Andrew Lockington produced by Andrew Lockington and Jody Colero recorded by Alex Bonenfant at the orange lounge


3. Cameos. (Камеи)

Cameo appearances are made by canadian musicians Gordon downie of the tragically hip as a cancer survivor, Joel plaskett, the Joel Plaskett emergency as a street performer EMM Gryner, and as a fellow tourist, who finds Ben in the woods in Banff. Veteran actor Chris Benson appears as mayor of the city.


4. Release date. (Дата выхода)

One week screened at International film festival in Toronto in September 2008 and in October at the International film festival in Edmonton. This discovery film festival Kingston canadian film. Its canadian theatrical release was on March 6, 2009.

Streaming. (Потоковое)

On December 2019, the film was released online in the Canada media Funds "encore" channel on YouTube.

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