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Chateau de Valençay

★ Chateau de Valençay

Château de valençay was the residence dEstampes and Talleyrand-périgord families in the commune of valençay, in the Indre in France. Although it is part of the province of berry, its architecture invites comparison with the Renaissance castles in the Loire Valley, in particular, the château de Chambord. The manor was praised as "one of the most beautiful on earth" George sand, who also noted that "no king has a more picturesque Park". It is situated at altitude 135 m.


1. History. (История)

Chateau de Valencay is located on the edge of the plateau overlooking the river Nahon. In ancient times the site was a Gallo-Roman Villa of Valencia us domain valence. On the 10th or 11th century, "heavy and massive tower" was built between 1026 and 1047, a donation Charter transferred to valence his first recorded Lord Bertrand. In 1220, then the Lord valance, Gauthier reportedly built a feudal castle or a house on the website, but it is unclear if this addition or extension to the earlier tower. There are remnants of the original structure buried under the yard.

The modern castle was built on a Royal scale dEstampes family of financiers for about 200 years. Construction was started in 1540 by order dEstampes Jacques on the site of the demolished castle of the 12th century and was completed only in the 18th century, when the South tower was added.

The 18th century saw a rapid succession of owners, including the notorious Scottish banker John law, who bought the estate in 1719. Almost a century later, in 1803, Napoleon ordered his foreign Minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand to acquire the property as a place particularly appropriate for reception of foreign dignitaries, particularly of Ferdinand VII of Spain, his brother Infante Carlos, Count of Molina, and his uncle the Infante Antonio Pascual, who would spend six years in captivity at valence Napoleon. Took a contract stipulating their liberation in 1813 by the name of estates.

Period, the location of the Talleyrands was the Golden age in the history of valence, with twenty-three municipalities supposedly run by the ruling Prince. Undoubtedly the most famous of the servants of the Talleyrands, working in valence was his chef, Marie-Antoine careme. After the death of Talleyrands in 1838 the great statesman was buried in a small chapel in the Park. His collateral descendants retained ownership of the estate until 1952, when the male line ended. The last Prince bequeathed his property to his stepson, who sold his Association historic castles in 1979.

The princes of Talleyrand-périgord ranked among mediatisierung German nobility, by virtue of their nominal control of the Duchy of Sagan in Prussian Silesia in Poland. On this technicality, the castle was freed from German occupation during the Second world war. Having established his personal neutrality, the Duke of Sagan saw treasures from the Louvre, the victory of Samothrace and the Venus de Milo safely tucked in valence.


2. Features. (Особенности)

Relics of the 16th century include the huge round tower in the West corner surmounted by a dome à limperiale, and the Central unit in the form of donjon, with a slender tower on each corner, grouped around the raking roof. His feigned battlements reminiscent of the middle Ages, the retrospective formula is stylistically derived from Chambord, but somewhat distorted wide fenestration, including the characteristics of the Renaissance dormers.

The exterior has withstood time and the elements remarkably well. It is clothed in classical orders: Doric on the ground floor, Ionic order on the first floor, and Corinthian on the second. This innovative feature, in anticipation of French classicism. Arcade gallery rings the yard. The West wing with the mansard roof dates from the 17th century.

Talleyrands, the Chateau boasts one of the most advanced interiors of the Empire style anywhere. There are a hundred rooms, of which a quarter are flat Talleyrands. Room of king Ferdinand, too, is shown to tourists. The Western wing contains the Talleyrand Museum, formerly housed in outbuildings.

Formal French gardens, Dating from the early 20th century, covering about forty hectares, not counting the region Talleyrands vineyards. Llamas, peacocks and other exotic animals in the Park to provide entertainment for tourists.

  • de Valençay The Chateau de Valençay was constructed for the d Etampes de Valençay family. D Etampes - Valençay D Estampes de Valençay D Estampes Stamp
  • Leonore d Etampes de Valençay 6 February 1589, Chateau de Valençay 8 April 1651, Paris was Bishop of Chartres from June 1620 to November 1641, and
  • Jacques d Etampes de Valençay born c. 1585, Chateau de Valençay died ? held the French honorific titles Lord of Valençay and Grand Marshal of the Dwelling
  • Valençay is a commune in the Indre department in central France. Valençay is situated in the Loire Valley on a hillside overlooking the River Nahon. The
  • The Treaty of Valençay 11 December 1813 after the chateau of the same name belonging to former French foreign minister Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
  • Angers Chateau de Valençay Chateau de Serrant The bell tower of Saint - Maurice d Angers Cathedral Cathedrale Saint - Maurice Le chateau de Valençay L hotel
  • conseiller d Etat, Jacques d Etampes de Valençay ordered construction of the family residence, Chateau de Valençay in the Loire Valley on a hillside overlooking
  • chateau de Valençay et au premier plan des promeneurs Vue du chateau de Valençay prise des terrasses, et couple de promeneurs Miniatures Le Parc de
  • police supervision, and on Talleyrand s fall he accompanied him to Chateau de Valençay and continued to help with his intrigues. He followed Talleyrand
  • Chateau de Montsoreau, Chateau d Amboise, Chateau d Azay - le - Rideau, Chateau de Chambord, Chateau de Chinon, Chateau du Rivau, Chateau d Usse, Chateau

  • prompted small further revivals. Table with lion heads, in the Chateau de Valençay Valençay France Pair of British six - light candelabrums with stands
  • lived with the rest of the Royal Family under house arrest at the Chateau de Valençay After the war he served in several high functions. He was a fervent
  • Comte Mathurin de Laforêt. He returned to France in 1813 and was given the mission of negotiating with Ferdinand VII of Spain, at Valençay the treaty that
  • Chatillon - sur - Indre Ecueille Levroux Valençay Arrondissement de Chateauroux 362 INSEE. Retrieved 2019 - 09 - 30. Comparateur de territoire, geographie au 01 01 2019
  • Montauban. The Winged Victory of Samothrace and Venus de Milo were kept at Chateau de Valençay which was spared the German occupation on a technicality
  • 1867 1952 duc de Valençay x 1 Helen Stuyvesant Morton 1876 - x 2 Silvia Victoria Rodriguez de Rivas de Castilleja de Guzman 1909
  • Louvre 1546 - 1556 Place des Vosges 1605 - 1612 Palais ducal de Nevers Chateau de Valençay Chateau du Clos Luce, the official residence of Leonardo da Vinci
  • Bouges - le - Chateau is a commune in the Indre department in central France. Communes of the Indre department INSEE Chateau de Bouges in Google Cultural
  • they went into a comfortable, if forced, exile in France, at the Chateau de Valençay In an attempt to conform at least mildly to the tradition of legal
  • guard in France for six years at the Chateau de Valençay Historian Charles Oman records that the choice of Valençay was a practical joke by Napoleon on
  • safely in the Chateau de Valençay along with the Winged Victory of Samothrace and Michelangelo s Slaves. The great fame of the Venus de Milo during the
  • 47 23 16 N 1 57 27 E 47.38778 N 1.95750 E 47.38778 1.95750 The Chateau de La Ferte - Imbault Loir - et - Cher is a stately home in the Loire Valley
  • his grave at Valençay she was buried in the Kreuzkirche at Sagan, with her sister Wilhelmine and son Napoleon Louis. Napoleon Louis de Talleyrand - Perigord
  • 1804, he gave money to Talleyrand to purchase Chateau de Valençay a large estate outside Paris. The chateau was intended to act as a kind of diplomatic
  • siblings were Louis de Talleyrand - Perigord, 3rd Duke of Talleyrand, Duke of Valençay father of Boson de Talleyrand - Perigord Dorothee de Talleyrand - Perigord
  • near Valencay in a chateau in the provinces. Later in the Warhe joined the armed Resistance and became a major in the French units under General de Lattre
  • Sainte - Lizaigne Valençay Varennes - sur - Fouzon Amboise Azay - le - Rideau Azay - sur - Cher Ballan Blere - la - Croix Chambourg La Chapelle - sur - Loire Chateau - Renault Chenonceaux - Chisseaux
  • castles in France, arranged by Region and Department. Notes The French word chateau has a wider meaning than the English castle: it includes architectural
  • duc de Sagan. The double title, both Prussian and French, served to render the duc de Sagan a neutral party in World War II: his Chateau de Valençay provided
  • with unpleasant issues in London caused by his relatives, Louis, duc de Valençay and his father Edmond, duca di Dino, who had become addicted to gambling

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