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Dubno Castle

★ Dubno Castle

Dubno castle was founded in 1492 by Prince Konstantin ostrogski on a promontory overlooking the Ikva river, not far from the ancient Ruthenian Fort of Dubno, Volhynia.

Ostroh castle was rebuilt in stone in the early 16th century under the rule of Lithuania when the city was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. It was a Church, two-story Palace, and an impressive array of 73 cannons. It was there that the Treasury of the ostrogski family was saved. These fabulous treasures brought the predatory Crimean Tatars to the castle several times, at least, two only in 1577.

Prince Janusz ostrogski, the last of his family, undertook major reconstruction of the castle in the early 17th century. He used to trail itallienne, or "Italian style" of fortification, to transform Dubno into the most advanced Fort in the region. It is the only Volhynian castle, with a hornwork. Prince Palace Januszs still stands in Dubno.

During the Khmelnytsky uprising, in the vicinity of Dubno castle was the scene of heavy fighting between the poles and the Cossacks, some of it described by Nikolai Gogol novel Taras Bulba, 1835. The castle passed to the Polish Prince Wladyslaw Dominik Zaslawski as part of Ostrog inheritance and survivor of the Russian blockade in 1660.

In the 18th century Dubno had largely lost its military value. Some fortifications gave way to a simple rectangular Palace of two stories, commissioned in 1780-ies, Prince Stanislaw Lubomirski from architects Henryk Hyacynt Ittar and Domenico Merlini. Palaces interior layout and design did not survive the First world war.

After Lubomirski Dubno has sold his residence of Princess Boryatinsky in 1871, the castle was subjected to a new campaign of remodelling. He spent a significant military garrison of the border defence corps. The old Barbican was converted in the 1920-ies in the prison where about 550 prisoners were executed by the NKVD in 1941.

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  • musical transition from the death of Andriy to the triumphalist conquest of Dubno the final scene, which involves no singing is evident and uncomfortable

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